SOIGNÉ The Label By Jessica Tham @tippytapp & Off The Hooq Launch at Monochrome Bistro

A couple of weeks back I attended the launch of  Soigne The Label launch together with Off The Hooq at Monochrome Bistro by a popular blogger in Singapore, Jessica or better known as Tippytapp. Her designs were minimalist, elegant and classy. The setting of the place and her clothes pretty much gelled together.  

The food from Monochrome Bistro was really delicious. I’m waiting for the chance to go back to the bistro to dine proper.

With my partner in crime.

This one below is oh so good.

While guests entertained themselves with food and mingling, finally the show started. This top pretty much caught my eye and I knew I had to get it. Her designs are exactly the clothes Jessica would wear herself.

The designs below are from Off The Hooq.

I like this jumpsuit! It’s elegant, edgy yet a touch of class and sexiness entwined together.

Pic below is from Off The Hooq. Can you spot me trying to take a picture?


You have to check out the model’s earcuffs. So pretty!

This playsuit is also very elegant and I’m loving the sleeve. Apologies I couldn’t capture a very good close up.

The ladies who made the event possible.

Then, it was time to start shopping as there was a special 20% off for all guests that night.

Bumped into Tricia. I was kinda sad that I couldn’t make it to Tricia’s launch for the media invite for her label as I was in Japan, but I’m looking forward to your next launch!

A pic with the lovely lady boss. Can you see I’ve already started shopping? :p

Spot Jemma!

Goodies bag from the event. They gave us vouchers to Monochrome Bistro, so I told the hubs let’s go back there to eat some time.

What I wore to the launch that night. The Geek top was a huge thing some time ago but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear it again just cause it may not be in trend anymore. Personally, while going for trend may not be a bad thing, don’t be a blind follower. What you have in your wardrobe can still be worn if you really like it. Don’t worry too much about trends really. Wear what you love and be comfortable. 🙂10658744_10153037934680683_1926922323575110233_o

To showcase the top I bought from Soigne The Label, here it is. I wore it last week to Digital Fashion Week. I’m loving its unique and wearable design.

Sorry, took me a while to put up a new entry. Blogging while holding a full time job ain’t easy but I will persevere, because I really do love blogging!

Have a wonderful Deepavali!