Tiffany & Co Something Blue & Engagement Rings

I believe every girl loves the blue box. When your loved one presents you with one, it’s always a thrill to open the box up. At least that’s how I feel.

I’m very privileged to receive the invitation from The Wedding Scoop people for Tiffany & Co Something Blue event. It was held at Flutes- Singapore National Museum. The talk was about What makes a Tiffany diamond. It was very insightful and I have to say I did learn alot more about diamonds even though I already have basic knowledge of them.


Top: Montrose Desires

Skirt: Runway Bandits

Heels: DMK

Bag: Chanel


Singapore National Museum is a very beautiful place. I shot my pre-wedding photoshoot here too, so this place is truly memorable for my husband and I.

When we arrived at Flutes, the staffs of Tifffany & Co were really friendly and greeted us at the door. They made us feel extremely welcome and when we stepped in, I was in awe.

Flutes was decorated with all the flowers and the place look too pretty!



These are not real by the way but too pretty not to take photos.



I told my husband in the future we need to buy this type of champagne glasses. We can use them when we have guests over at our place.


The flowers were just too pretty I had to take many shots of them. Later on, I realized that the flowers were actually decorated by a friend. Such a coincidence!




Our very delectable canapes to start off.



Presentation by the speaker. She’s actually not from Tiffany but a diamond expert engaged by Tiffany.



Was waiting for a while for the main course to come so I took the opportunity to take my solitaire out for a picture.


Side track a little, while we’re talking about my solitaire, my husband proposed to me back in 2013, 30 October. It was the most romantic proposal (at least in my opinion) because it was in Venice. My husband’s theory was to set it a place where it’s known to be the City of Love. Although one can argue, no there’s Verona, Paris, Rome that’s the true City of Love etc, but then again, there are alot of people out there that deems Venice as one of the City of Love too.

Background story, he knew I wanted flowers as part of the proposal. It was not an easy task to liaise with the hotel staffs in Venice to let them know what type of flowers he wanted. In the end, big red roses were the most commonly seen flower in Venice, so he got that for me.

He booked Hilton Molino Stucky. It was the most beautiful room I’ve ever stayed in. Can you see the window?



That’s the view from our window. He proposed to me the next day (30th Oct) at a quiet walkway along the waters. A lady saw the proposal and she clapped for us. It was such a happy moment! The then fiance job was an easy one. He knew that my dream ring is the Tiffany Setting engagement ring. I like it for its simple yet classy look.








Some background of the ring he got for me. It is the Tiffany setting, its cut is brilliant, 0.71 carat, color grade G, clarity grade VS1. Because Tiffany is very stringent in its classification of the respective Cs, they usually downgrade each C if eg. grade is an in-between of F & G, they will grade is as G instead as compared to normal retailers out there, who pushes up the grading.

Ok, back to the Now.



Our mini mains was served. The cod fish was super good!


After which we took a walk again (first round I didn’t take any photo) and I snapped these rings.


The night was about to end with sweet treats. 028


Photos snapped by the official photographer were printed out and given to guests. He took a few of my candid shots which turn out rather well!030

Special thanks to The Wedding Scoop and Tiffany & Co for the great event.


Th next day, I was too over the moon on Tiffany, I had to drop by the boutique. Yes, I did grab something from Tiffany.


PS: Check out the ‘Spring’ we have in Singapore. Pink blooms was an awesome view outside our room’s window.033

I picked up the Atlas range earrings. Prices were set to go up on 1st April so it was a good time to give myself an excuse to buy something.

034If you have the budget and would like to get a diamond ring, Tiffany is the way to go.