Luxury Event- Simone Jewels

I don’t always write a blog post on events I attend because I attend way too many events but I thought this is worth posting because it isn’t one that many bloggers are invited down for, and secondly, I find that Simone Jewels designs are truly unique and it is worth sharing.

A couple of months back, I had the honour of being invited down to Simone Jewels event, held at the prestigious Four Seasons Hotel. As I was early, I waited for my babe Desiree at the lobby and I was secretly enjoying my alone time because the place is so pretty.

#homegoals much.

And while waiting, a selfie please.

The theme for their Christmas tea was to dress up in gold.

Simone Jewels is a Singapore based private jeweller with a cult following of stylish women from Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, United States and Singapore. At the event, there were so many socialites whom I recognize from frequent appearances at those chi-chi events and on Prestige and Tatler magazines.

Her designs are one of a kind and her latest works were inspired by the Arabian and Aladdin. I nearly roll with excitement because these pieces are not those which you normally see in retail shops.

A statement ring bound to attract attention.

So intricate.

The ring you see below with the pegasus…. It can actually move. Soooooooooooo cool!!!

This murano glass reminds me of the good times in Venice.

You can hide a gem within a gem. I want one please!

This pearl ring is dope. Simple yet very classy.

Matches my outfit!

The ones below were sold at Singapore Jewel Festival 2015, retailing at $3000+. I’m in love!

A bangle in rectangular shape so it doesnt move round and round your wrist.

Thanks for coming to the event with me Desiree!

Lastly, a photo with the owner and designer, Ms Simone Ng. Thank you so much for the jewellery box. I’ve always wanted one to hold all my jewelleries. Convenient and clean.