Home Ideas: Art For Deco

Moving into a new place means lots of carpentry works, furnishings and decorations. What better way than to get some personalized pieces that are unique to you and no one else has it?

As all of you know by now, I love taking photos. And for your photo to become an artwork, it seems pretty cool isn’t it?

If you’re on my Instagram, you would have probably seen some of the pictures already. Here are the very high quality ones and on prints, and they are all ready to be hung up somewhere in my new home.

art for deco

I sat beside all the pieces to show you how big they are. 😛

When I was first contacted by Art For Deco, they asked me to pick a few of my Korea pictures for prints. I sent more than 10 actually because I couldn’t really choose (I like too many), so eventually, they chose the pictures for me. Haha..

art for deco

art for deco

art for deco

The quality of the art pieces are excellent! It is made of acrylic canvas, and even if it gets dusty, you can dust it off or use a damp cloth to wipe it easily. I wish I’m able to show you a better pic but I don’t have a place to hang them up yet, so this is the best I could do for now. I will probably be doing a blog entry on my house decor once my place is ready so do stay tuned to that. I’m already very excited about it because everything I’ve ever wanted in a home are more or less bought already, and my ID seems to be super in tune with our ideas, which is great!

So anyway, this pic above is Petite France in Korea and yes, I am the photographer of this picture, as well as the person who edited it. Pretty proud to say that it looks really good as an art piece.

Art for Deco also have ready made pieces which you can browse them online. They have different categories like celebrities, Star Wars, Marvel, DC Comic, Football, Cartoon & Anime and more. These are some of my favorites.

art for deco

art for deco

art for deco

art for deco

art for deco

art for deco

For a 10″ by 10″, it is retailing at S$22.00 and 20″ by 20″ is S$88.00. They courier to you within 2 working days in Singapore and they also do international shipping. Customization, just like the ones I received, is possible. If you are looking at printing out your own artwork, you’re in luck! As long as you’re able to provide a HD photo for them, be rest assured they will be able to do an awesome job for you.

Thank you Art for Deco for sending my pics in these gorgeous prints to me. Much love!

Visit Art for Deco for more and follow them on their Facebook page here. 🙂

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Trash Candy x Heatwave Shoes Sponsored Post

I did a fashion shoot just yesterday so this is really quite fresh. I was kinda worried initially because it was raining before the shoot, and I wanted to capture natural light. Thankfully the rain stopped and the sun was setting pretty nicely.

Big thanks to my trusty photographer aka husband @markjonathanlai for braving the heat with me and shooting these nice pictures.

It’s awesome to be working together with Trash Candy once again. They are a brand from Hong Kong and this was what I did for them previously. Click here to have a read. I will blog more about the visit to Trash Candy real soon but I’m so excited to share these images with all of you now.

At the same time, one of my all time favourite shoe brands Heatwave Shoes sponsored my pair of heels which is so pretty. It is at least 4 inches high but it is very comfortable! I like their shoes because it is comfortable and durable. Best of all, it is very affordable. Most of my work shoes I buy from Heatwave and even for occasion shoes as well because I trust that their shoes will not bite my feet!

This beautiful chain tassel clutch is sponsored by Trash Candy. I love its chic style, and a clutch big enough to put all my essentials. It is made of leather.

Pairing my outfit is my beautiful glitter heels. You can shop online at Heatwave Shoes.  This design is exclusively online only and the model number I got was 7519 in navy blue glitter.

Full outfit details:

Dress: H&M x Alexander Wang

Heels: Heatwave

Clutch: Trash Candy Hong Kong

Accessories: Wedding band- Cartier

Engagement ring- Tiffany & Co

Star, ribbon, heart rings- Lovisa

Honeycomb ring- Chaumet

Black bracelet- Montrose Desires

Black bangle- Victoria’s Secret

Watch- Tissot

Beret- Asos

Hair & nail: Branche

You can also shop Heatwave shoes at the the outlets here.

Trash Candy can be found in Hong Kong at

18 Hanoi Road,

Tsim Sha Tsui,


Hong Kong

B229A, K11

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