Pantheon Silver Orchard Central Singapore

Designers from our shore will always be one I truly support because in the ever competitive industry lies many talented people undiscovered. Pantheon Silver is a newly minted branded and their flagship store is located in the heart of Orchard Road. If you look at each piece of jewellery, you will see that they are all very fine and elegant.

pantheon silver

I was invited to their opening launch on 7 May. Congrats on your new shop!

The hustle and bustle.

pantheon silver

pantheon silver review

Here’s me, checking out the pieces. I love how each stone they used, there’s an explanation of what the stone means.

Me, in awe over the pieces. 😛

This is a very lovely piece. In fact, there are so many petty pieces, it is really difficult to decide which one should I get.

pantheon silver

pantheon silver review

pantheon silver review

I specially like the meaning being garnet. Garnet is the red stone you see.

pantheon silver review

pantheon silver review

pantheon silver

The lighting there is really beautiful, bright and each piece really shines. My pictures don’t exactly do them justice so you need to go down to their shop to have a look. Alternatively, they also have an online site to buy some of thee pieces, so do check them out.

With the lady boss of Pantheon Silver Carrie and her husband Nicholas. Such a cute couple and they even wore the same colour. So sweet!

AUC is just beside Pantheon Silver and AUC belongs to Carrie’s sister. AUC does more of fine jewellery so when you’re over at Pantheon, you can check out AUC too.

pantheon silver

When I said “Let’s do a fun pic,” and these 2 are indeed really game on!

pantheon silver

Out of the many pieces, eventually, I picked this piece with the Garnet stone because I really like the meaning behind garnet. There were other pieces with moonstone that looked just as attractive, so it was really tough having to choose one. My husband helped me out too. Teehee! It is made of 18K gold plated over 925 silver. You can also customize what you like and Carrie will be most happy to help you. Prices are also within the affordable range. The necklace which you see here is just slightly above $100.

pantheon silver review

pantheon silver review

pantheon silver review

pantheon silver review

pantheon silver review

One piece but many ways to pair it with. I’ve been wearing this almost daily and somehow, perhaps it’s my own shift in mindset or the meaning of garnet has now been rooted deep inside me, I’m feeling all things really positive! I guess that’s a really good thing!

Do head over to Pantheon Silver at

Orchard Central

181 Orchard Road


Singapore 238896


Good news! Head over to their flagship store at Orchard Central and quote my name “Sharon” for an exclusive 10% discount. If you’re looking for a beautiful and elegant piece of accessory for yourself or for a gift, this is one of the place you can source for.

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The Hubs 33rd Birthday Part 1- Lawry’s The Prime Rib

A couple of weeks back was my husband’s birthday. Each year, I will have to crack my head to think of a nice and special place to bring him to. As his birthday always falls on the F1 weekend, we had to avoid the Marina Bay area as he drives and there are road closures. Initially I wanted somewhere at Resorts World Sentosa but it was a shame that the restaurantt was closed for a private event. That was 4 days before his birthday and I kinda panicked. In the end, I chose Lawry’s ass I think it is a pretty nice place and food reviews were pretty good.

This is my outfit. Thank you so much Off Duty The Brand for sponsoring me this very nice crocodile print silk blend playsuit which retails at Euro 495, which is approximately S$784. It’s a new piece that’s not even up  on the website so I’m really lucky to get to wear this first!! Kat is the designer behind the brand and she’s based in Bali and she sources the materials from Europe.  She’s actually Finnish and I’m glad I had the chance t o meet up with her when she came over to Singapore.

Playsuit: Off Duty The Brand

Inner bralet: Shop La Bella Vita

Clutch: Miu Miu

Heels: Stuart Weitzman

As Lawry’s is located at Mandarin Gallery, I brought hubby to Mandarin Orchard first and I told him we will be going to our favorite Chatterbox to eat and I think he believed me. 😛 Then as we walked to Chatterbox, there’s an escalator down which leads to Lawry’s. So, yup, birthday dinner at Lawry’s! I’m actually very excited myself because I’ve not been to Lawry’s before and I’m dying to try their food.

Of course, the place doesn’t disappoint with its interior designing and their very polite and service oriented staffs.

His actual birthday is actually on a Monday, but because it can be quite boring not to be able to stay out late and thinking the next day having to go back to work, I decided to have the dinner on Saturday.

The chef cutting the prime ribs, which is what Lawry’s is famous for. However, both my hubby and I are steak lovers more than ribs lovers, therefore we ordered their steak instead.

Our window seat, overlooking Shibuya crossing. Opps, I meant Orchard Road crossing.

This is their signature salad.

We ordered their pan seared goose foie gras $35. Which is I keep thinking about this after eating it. I want a foie gras now!!!!

I ordered the single cut ribeye 250g which is $78 while my hubby ordered the single cut fillet mignon 200g which is also $78. I don’t know why there’s no photo of his steakk, maybe I forgot to ask him to take. Lol… In addition, we also ordered 2 dinner sets which includes a glass of Chardonay and dessert at $22 each.

The presentation of the steak is kinda quirky but interesting.

We ordered one additional mash potato as well at $7.

This is their dessert pairing. Black forest cake. So yums!

The team at Lawry’s also gave a complimentary chocolate cake (which by the way tastes even better than the black forest cake) and sang him a birthday song. That night, there were at least 7 birthdays going on in the house.

They also printed out a photo they took of us. A couple of days later, I received an email with the soft copy. A nice touch Lawry’s!

Another table having a birthday celebration.

Enjoying the view and soaking in the ambiance of the place.

Kinda like this candid shot because sometimes my hubby likes to anyhow take my ugly pics but this turn out pretty well….

As we were leaving, we spotted the chef and we asked if it’s ok to take a photo of him. He gamely posed for us! Thank you!

Lawry’s and F1 craze.

Thank you for the enjoyable night Lawry’s and everything was really good. The steak was done well to our liking (we ordered medium-well) which in my opinion is very important because I hate to have my steak re-cooked and I don’t expect it from a fine dining restaurant, and there were no service hiccups and even I got a surprise when they just came out of nowhere to sing a birthday song for my husband, even though I did inform them that it is my hubby’s birthday, but more often than not, most places will wait for the ‘organizer’s’ cue before coming out to give the birthday cake. They made it a pleasant experience throughout and I am most happy to recommend this place to anyone seeking a good dinner.

After the dinner we were really full, so the single cut steak is sufficient for both of us apaprently even though initially when the food came we thought it was a little small. Haha… My total damage was $242 excluding taxes, so with taxes added in, it would have been $284.83 but thankfully, I hold a UOB Privilege Banking card which gives a 25% off total bill. Normal UOB cards get 20% off. If you’re there for a birthday, they give a 50% off for the 2nd main course ordered. If we had only ordered main course, it would have been more worth it to get the birthday discount but because we ordered additional items, so the 25% was a better option to go for.

In all, I paid $231.90 for the meal which is still quite ok for a once a year occasion. Stay tuned to the rest of the birthday celebration I had with the hubs!