Trash Candy Hong Kong

Headed over to Hong Kong for a holiday and I was very fortunate to get a sponsor from Hong Kong!

Here’s presenting you Trash Candy.

Trash Candy is a sister brand of Amdacious. If you’re a local, you might have seen Amdacious for quite some time now as they’ve been in the market for 4 years and counting. Trash Candy by Amdacious is a fashion brand for all ages that transcends generations. It is for those with a vibrant spirit who dare to dream and want to be different. (That sounds so me!!!)

The brand presents a range of minimalism, yet sophisticated leather bags and accessories design with complete inspiring packaging. Each collection entices a ray of vibrant and fun pastel candy colors for its palette.

With each store beautifully created to reminiscent an old fashion candy store and merchandise display, you are never too old for a childhood memory.

I really love the entire branding Trash Candy has because it does invoke nice memories of childhood. I did a lookbook for them while I was in Hong Kong. Here are some photos first before I show you their store.






I was sponsored this pink clutch. It retails at HKD 1190, which is approximately S$210.44. The quality of the leather bag is really good and the logo is so cute! It’s a push cart.

Checkout my short video of Trash Candy Store.

Look at the concept of the store. In fact, when I spoke to Liz, the marketing lady in charge of Trash Candy, she said they are slowly shifting into the vintage look for the entire store.


Can you see my pink clutch? They have 2 other colors available but I chose the pink since I already have a black clutch and pink is a nice color.




They also sell leather jackets which are extremely popular especially during the winter season in Hong Kong. In Singapore some times it might get a little too hot, but our air con can be freezing cold too! I’ve always wanted a real leather jacket because mine are all synthetic. Ha! Perhaps the next time I’m in Hong Kong during winter I will get one!








Check out their packaging!!! It’s so unique and pretty.



They even have a life sized push cart in the store.


Here’s a photo with Liz. She’s really nice, pretty and friendly. Liz, if you are reading this, I hope you do come to Singapore some day and I’ll be happy to host you!!! 🙂



While I’m back in Singapore, there were occasions where I could use the bag. Contrary to what people think where a pink bag is difficult to match, here are some ideas.



I paired it in the monochrome style and pink really pops and it instantly makes your outfit shine! I also paired it with a floral dress. Too many colors? Nope, not to me. There’s no right or wrong in fashion, just dress as you like and be different!

Apart from Trash Candy, I had the chance to visit Amdacious too, which is in the same mall as Trash Candy. Amdacious embodies British spirits and the dynamic rock and roll vibe of London. The brand offers authentic, and urban street wear pieces. Its focus on styling, details and exquisite workmanship makes each piece unique and timeless.


The concept of the store is very different from Trash Candy. It’s very rock chic and it has a rugged vintage feel to it.


The photo below looks super nice and I’m considering to use this as my phone’s wallpaper or something. Haha!


Do check out both Trash Candy and Amdacious from Hong Kong at

K11 (Name of Shopping Mall)

Trash Candy

18 Hanoi Road

Tsim Sha Tsui

Hong Kong

Level B229A


18 Hanoi Road

Tsim Sha Tsui

Hong Kong

Level 2, #215

Their online store is in the midst of setting up and they will also be partnering with Zalora really soon! Stay tuned and even if you don’t travel to Hong Kong but would really like to get your hands on something from Trash Candy, email me at and I will check with them at this juncture how are you able to get your products.

You may also like to get updates from them by ‘liking’ them on their Facebook page & ‘follow’ their instagram @trashcandy_store.

Thanks for reading!