How to Style Your Everyday Dresses

I’ve uploaded plenty of #ootd on my instagram and Facebook but I realized I’ve never done a lookbook kind of thing, so here’s one today! I have 3 pieces from Tobi and I will be showing you how to style all of them.

A black dress is a must have in a lady’s wardrobe, and this piece can easily be worn as a casual piece or even to a wedding dinner if you like It all depends on what other accompanying pieces you put together with.

wearing black dress from

black dress from

I really love the back detailing. Very intricate and this piece is so versatile and stretchable plus the tie back lace for you to decide how tight you want the dress to be, it can fit from a size XS to M easily.

black lace dress from

black lace dress from

While the entire piece in front is just black, what you can do to change the look is to layer on accessories.

how to accessorize a black dress

Dress: Tobi Melania Black Maxi Dress


Chopard necklace

Mango necklace

Agnes B bangle

Tiffany ring

Cartier ring

Disney ring


Coach x Disney

sneakers and dress



How to change the entire look?

You may put on a sleek black pair of heels, have an updo for your hair, and wear a statement dangling pair of earrings to glam up the entire look and pucker up with red lipstick which will essentially bring this dress from day to night.

Spring summer dress look. I love floral designs so when it comes to dresses, anything with floral always catches my eye. Since I just came back from Korea, I am a little inspired by the fashion over there from people on the streets as well as Korean celebrities.

spring summer dress lookbook

Dress: Tobi Margot Ivory Floral Print Day Dress 

Earrings: Kieram (Korea)

Bag: Trash Candy (Hong Kong)

Watch: Coup De Coeur (Singapore)

Heels: Stuart Weitzman (New York)

spring summer dress lookbook

spring summer dress lookbook

I like the light material of the dress and it is super flowy. A dainty piece indeed! To add some pump into it, throwing on a denim jacket works 100%.

This structured denim jacket is from La Bella Vita, an online store from Singapore but they are not in operations anymore.

spring summer dress lookbook

spring summer dress lookbook

I took this denim dress to Korea with me on my recent trip and I’m so glad I brought it! While the weather is really nice and cool, it was still essential to cover up my legs as the night will be much colder. Even on rainy days in Singapore, you can consider wearing this dress with knee length boots or you can change the look as well by wearing a pair of heels or sneakers. It is really up to you and what occasion you’re wearing this dress for. I brought along my jacket in case the night turns cold. 🙂

how to style denim dress

Dress: Tobi Jessa Blue Chambray Shift Dress

Boots: Bershka

Bag: Versace Jeans

Bracelet: Tiffany

Watch: Tissot

how to style denim dress

how to style denim dress

I hope you’ve learnt some styling tips and if you like, do show some love! You can also follow me on my instagram here. Have a great week ahead lovelies! 🙂



Birthday Celebration at South Beach Hotel (Review) + Fleet Flight Float, Flowers & Jars and Merry SG

Get ready for a super massive entry because I have painstakingly took many hours to photoshop all my pictures to the instagram feed colours which I’m using currently and a long, long post of my birthday celebration at South Beach hotel. I have close to 100 pictures ahead, so yea, enjoy!

My birthday celebration kick started on 20th February where my husband and I checked in to South Beach. This staycation happened with a heavy heart because my dad went through a surgery to remove a tumour which was very fortunately, somewhat an early stage of cancer and he didn’t need to go for chemotherapy nor having to take medication. During his hospitalization days, I’ve been visiting him daily without fail and was truly contemplating whether to celebrate my birthday at all. My in-laws though, suggested that dinner still needs to be eaten anyway, so they tried to cheer me up by asking me to plan a birthday dinner so that we can all eat together. My dad was recovering and I was truly hoping that he will be well enough to come and celebrate my birthday. This birthday celebration was really a last minute kinda thing which was planned a couple of days before my actual day of my birthday. The hotel was booked because my company had a corporate deal and I’ve been wanting to stay at this hotel.

Some time back, my husband and I ever checked out the hotel. He didn’t like the lobby because he thought it was too artsy for him and he found it strange not to have a proper reception area where hotel guests checked in. When I suggested to stay in South Beach, initially he had his doubts, but trust me, after staying here for 2 nights, he had a change of heart.

Upon arriving at the hotel, someone will attend  to your check-in while all you need to do is to sit and relax. It pretty much sums up the 5 stars service the hotel is able to provide. You need not wait in line for your turn to be served. It’s like you’re staying in a suite or something. This is point number one where little by little, South Beach won my husband’s heart.

The pretty looking lobby.

Usually, my husband will request for high floor, non-smoking room, king bed. They gave us room 914, which was really an awesome room. When we opened the door, we’re led into this long corridor.

Then we passed the mini bar area.

That’s our room facing Suntec City. Fussy husband thought that he might be able to get a better view, so he requested to see another room. The next best available room they could give us was on the 10th floor because some of the higher floors were not opened to public yet. South Beach is a new hotel and it is still in the midst of checking all the rooms, making sure everything is ok before their official launch. Right now, it’s only their soft launch and I guess in a way it was good for us because the hotel is less crowded, so we get more privacy.

The one which they showed us on the 10th floor was nice, but room 914 was alot nicer. The one on the 10th floor looks too empty although it seems more spacious. They didn’t have the long corridor either, so we stick to room 914. I believe they have already given us the best room available for the class of room we are staying in.

It’s a family friendly hotel because they even have kids toys in the room!

The bathtub with a view if you like, when you draw open the blind.

This toilet bowl is da bomb. You can actually find Japan’s technology because this toilet bowl is warm when you sit, and it automatically opens when it detects motion. I love it!

Their amenities.

So, the room blinds and lights can actually be controlled using the remote controller, where it will be shown on the tv.

You can actually watch my video of the room and the pool.

The room provides TWG tea.

And the mini bar is free!

Some reads for you…

Even the phone has my husband’s name. Cool.

When I saw these bedroom slippers, I couldn’t help it but exclaimed to the husband. So cute and it is one of the softest bedroom slippers I’ve ever worn! Kisses and mustache!

The lady needs to catch up on lost time. Reading a magazine provided by the hotel. The one on the 10th floor didn’t have this long sofa.

My beloved husband already prepared for me the first surprise. The hotel gave me an entire orange cake for my birthday! He had specifically asked them not to give chocolate and cheese cake because I don’t take these flavours. Thank you South Beach for being caring enough to listen to your guests requests and of course my husband for the surprise.

Prior to checking-in, we visited dad in the hospital and by the time we wanted to check-in, we were kinda hungry, so we went to grab some Old Chang Kee to eat as well as gorging ourselves down with the very delicious orange cake. So yummy!

After food, we just slacked around a little, before going over to Suntec City for dinner. While thinking of what to eat for dinner, we walked past La Senza and I wanted to get some stuffs. Ended up my hubby bought them for me, as part of my birthday present. Teehee!

When we reached back hotel, it was around 8pm? This is what it looks like outside of the hotel.

A mandatory #ootd.

Dress: MDS Collections

Clutch: Charlotte Olympia

Watch: Tissot

Necklace: Thomas Sabo

Hubby wanted to go for a night swim, so it was time for my Pegasus to make an appearance. I wanted to shoot it in the day but my hubby was saying everyone’s doing the same thing so why not you do a night one?

Makes sense.

Night view from the 18th floor, where the infinity pool is.

We were so lucky to even catch a glimpse of the fireworks because it was Chingay.

This Pegasus is just too awesome! The float was sponsored by Fleet Flight Float, where we did a collaboration. They had a lucky draw for my followers on Instagram where one party won a free float rental. The contest is already over, so congratulations Cheryl for winning! May you have a fabulous time, just like I did with the float. You can find them on instagram @fleetflightfloat.

Initially I thought I wanted to get a Unicorn float instead since I love unicorns, but this black, white and gold Pegasus suit my Great Gatsby theme birthday dinner more, so I chose the Pegasus instead.

The view that’s drop dead gorgeous. Thank you Rui from Fleet Flight Float for your service and the extra birthday present which you gave me. It was such a nice surprise!!!

Did you know that South Beach hotel pool offers floats for guests to use too? They have a huge pretzel currently and previously they had a donut as well. There are smaller floats for kids, yoga mats are also available for use at the gym. While my hubby was trying to inflate this huge Pegasus, a staff name Sue was around to help us. They had their own pump so she helped us pump up the Pegasus. Sue is a really friendly and young lady, and you can tell she loves her job very much. Thank you Sue for your help and your service!

The next morning, we woke up for breakfast. Breakfast was a delightful affair at ADHD (All Day Hotel Dining).

This isn’t the first time I’m here. Last Christmas, I had dinner here with my friends and thought that the food was really good, and relatively affordable. Therefore, this time round, I decided to make my birthday dinner here.

Their breakfast variety was alright, and given for me, I have a small appetite in the morning, so it was more than sufficient. I didn’t really like their har gao because the skin was abit too tough and rubbery and my hubby said the noodles wasn’t nice. Other than that, the rest of the food wasn’t too bad. I love their prata though.

The pool in the day. I have to say that the bad thing about having a pool so high up is that the water is always so cold! I didn’t swim because it was too cold for me, so I just laze on the Pegasus and daydream.

My husband is very protective of me and what I post on the internet. He wanted me to be covered for my bottom because he deemed that as too revealing. Being a good wife, I listen to my husband. 😛

Swim wear: Wild Fox

Scarf: Bebe

The hubs managed to jump into the water to swim.

After the pool session, we saw Sue again, and she was sharing with us about the gym. She brought us for a tour in the gym. They had a huge tv where they were playing a video on yoga. I honestly wanted to go to the gym for a workout but I guess due to time constraint, we had to give it up.

This bicycle apparently costs $20,000! If I were to stay at South Beach again, I must make it to the gym the next time round.

Their treadmill is awesome or what. It is wifi linked so while you run/jog, you can watch your YouTube or even go to your Facebook. Although I don’t know how you surf and run at the same time, but ya.

Sunday night was my birthday dinner. Daddy managed to be discharged. You have no idea how happy I was and thought that he will be able to join us for the dinner. However, upon reaching home, he felt feverish and wasn’t well enough to be out and about and staying in an air-conditioned place, so instead, I made a trip back home after the pool session.

Prior to leaving the hotel to go back to my place to visit my dad, I managed to meet Fiona from Flowers & Jars, who kindly sponsored me a bouquet of flowers, in Gatsby theme.

Flowers & Jars provide a personal, friendly and customized service for all occasions, be it big or small. they cater for parties but specializes in arrangements for weddings, business functions, celebratory events and seasonal holidays.

Be sure to follow Flowers & Jars on their Instagram @flowersandjars and Facebook. Their online shop is here.

Fiona is incredibly sweet. I was sharing with her the bouquet which I like from her shop, and she took the liberty to search the flowers and colours used in the movie, The Great Gatsby. Eventually, she came up with this because I told her I wanted a touch of dusty pink.

I love the flowers so much I can’t even. Thank you for delivering to me as well!!

I was actually disappointed that my own family couldn’t come to the dinner that night but I know daddy really wanted to make it. As I’m working with some sponsors, work still needs to be done and my extended family were all invited, so I went ahead with the dinner.

In the hospital, while my dad was alseep, I had lots of time so I re-edited this invitation which I plucked from the internet.

Oh crap, now the whole world knows my age. Lol..

Initially I was contemplating of throwing a birthday party this year because when I was 21, I never threw any party of sort. I had wanted a suite at Capella or W Sentosa and to invite my families, friends and colleagues. Unfortunately my dad had to go for his op, so this birthday dinner was just a small affair. It’s more of a bonding time actually.

My time was very tight after having to head back to my parents place in the east, and when my sponsor reached ADHD at 6pm, which was the time I told them to reach, I didn’t know they will be waiting for me, even though I mentioned to them to leave the balloons with the staffs will do. Their service is so good that they waited for me to reach to check with me if the decorations were alright.

I was actually kinda flustered because while coming back to the hotel, the hubs got angry with some driver on the road and as you know an angry driver is not to be trifled with. Moreover, knowing that my own family not being here with me for the celebration made me sad, so it was all emotions build up.

Nonethless, did a great job in the balloons decor and they gave me a special big balloon that’s super pretty. I name it the happy balloon because my emotions were kinda going up and down because of my dad’s hospitalisation and the following days whenever I’m home and see the balloon, it actually made me happy. is a startup and they do offer something different as compared to the other local baloon companies. They specialise in luxury balloons decor such as the tassel/confetti balloons, customising unique balloons to each individual’s likes. Usually clients will go to them for designs less commonly seen in Singapore. I think that is the reason why I fell in love with the happy balloon because it is really super pretty.

What sets them apart from the rest is that they often combine craft works with balloons to create designs that fit the theme.

So pretty that eventually it did lift my spirits up. Thank you Jingyi!

As mentioned before, the food at ADHD is really good. All of us enjoyed the meal which we ordered. Special thanks to Muru, the Assistant Restaurant Manager who helped me with my reservations, giving me a a slice of birthday cake, 15% off birthday discount using UOB JCB card, and to kindly waive off corkage charges and, liaising with his colleagues because I had to send the balloons to ADHD and I told them I may not make it back on time at 6pm. Lastly, the staffs also gave me a plate of complimentary fruits.

I’ll never say no to a burger. Needless to say, this is my main course.

This cake was ordered 2 days before my birthday. Hubs helped me to find one because all other cakes are vey mainstream and I wanted one that is more unique. A fondant cake wasn’t possible because my dad’s situation was a little uncertain over the past week before my  birthday and I wasn’t really sure if the dinner will proceed. At the ame time, I wasn’t able to find someone who could do the cake within such short notice.

I made the cake bunting myself though! Spent an hour doing it. All materials from Daiso. The twirling rose cake fits in well with the Gatsby Theme.

The instagrammer birthday girl just had to take her own photos. I think Michie is secretly laughing at me. 😛

Two birthday cakes!

Thank you my dear family for celebrating my birthday, and being sporting enough to come dressed in the theme or colour.

Yes to free fruits!

After the dinner, we brought our families to the 18th floor to soak in the view.

They even have a pool table, a table soccer and a ping pong table for your leisure.

Who’s winning?

I find this photo below very romantic somehow. Good thing is, only guests can come up to this floor so is very exclusive. Bad thing is, if you’re not a guest and you’re dying to come up here, I’m sorry but you can’t. Just like how I’m missing this place now.

After sending the guests off, I realised the day zipped by too quickly, I didn’t have time for an outfit photo. This is my rendition of the Gatsby outfit.

Ended the night by soaking in the tub. The tv system is able to connect the sound to the bathroom. They even have a set of songs for you to listen to like lounge, pop, jazz etc playlists to choose from. After the hotel stay, I went to search some songs on Spotify, and realise that South Beach has its own Spotify account and playlists. How cool!

The next morning, another round of breakfast at ADHD.

Gazing upon my ceiling, I have these.

Special thanks to many people who’ve made my birthday a happy one.

My family and my extended families gave me red packets, on the far right there’s a necklace too from my sister, my hubs gave me a Charlotte Olympia clutch for V-day & birthday combined, but went on to get a Lucien elements angel wing ring and stuffs from La Senza; my colleagues for the Tiffany & Co bracelet; for the happy balloon; Flowers & Jars for the bouquet; FleetflightFloat for the Pegasus and a lip tint from Berrisom; Sephora for the eye shadow palette; South Beach for the awesome service staffs you have, the birthday card and the cake, and lastly, a colleague who told me she has vouchers to Face Shop but she doesn’t use anything from there, so she got me a body mist and a hair treatment mist. Even though that wasn’t meant as a birthday present, but since it’s near my birthday I take it that it’s a present anyway. Ha.

Last 2 photos before I end off this post.

My overall experience at South Beach is beyond awesome. It’s by far one of the best staycation my husband and I ever had. The staffs also made it very pleasant as they are all very accommodating, friendly and nice, like Sue & Muru. I have zero complaints except that the second night a bulb blew and certain parts of the room was dark but someone came to fix it and all was good.

Thanks for reading and if you like my review of South Beach, do share my post! 🙂