Expat Living- LIV Magazine Reader Panel

2 Thursdays back, I had the honour of being one of the 10 out of 73 respondents of The Expat Living- LIV magazine to be selected as their reader panel. The event was held at the very beautiful Fullerton Bay Hotel. It was a great event and getting to know one another from all walks of life. I made friends with ladies from UK, Belgium, Fance, Philippines, and Australia and they are all really nice and very vocal.

In case you’re new to Expat Living, the name speaks for itself- expats living in Singapore. It’s basically Singapore’s leading guide to living here, daily life, travel, kids, going out, fashion, wine and dine. LIV, is a sister magazine of Expat Living, where it focuses more of inspiring expat women, beauty and fashion. It’s a refreshing twist as compared to some magazines we’ve been reading since erm forever.

The things to expect from the reader panel was to give your most honest opinion of the magazine and what can be done to improve it. Also, our faces will be appearing on the magazine and I’m looking forward to see and read LIV! On top of that, we were given full sized samples of beauty related products for review.

The next question you might wanna ask is, what am I, a Singaporean doing at Expat Living. Well, I guess it’s because they needed some locals to give insights of what locals do which the expats can also do! đŸ™‚ We know sneaky corners where there’s good food, where to get affordable clothing, what online stores there are to buy your clothes from. At the same time, I also learnt from them where do they normally shop and why do they go there. It was indeed a fruitful session.

Some canapes for us to munch on which was really delicious.





These 3 ladies are from LIV magazine.


Part of the panel. From left to right, we have Miss France, Miss Singapore and Miss Belgium.


Here’s  photo with the ever lovely Miss Susannah Jaffer, editor of LIV magazine. There was a lady fom the panel who commented that in her perspective, ladies who work in a magazine are all snooty and high and mighty, but the team from LIV proved her wrong. They were all very down to eartth and really friendly. Being around them makes people feel happy too. Thank you for having us Susannah!


With some of  the other ladies from the panel.



We were given full sized products to review. I took a week to try all the products consistently so that I can give a better review.


1) Biotherm Aquasource Total Eye Revitalizer


I’ll be really honest, I tried to use Biotherm’s products when I was in my early twenties, to get rid of zits but it never really worked for me. Ever since then, I didn’t bother to try their products. Well, this was a good chance to give Biotherm another go. When I apply the products to my eye area, it was ultra cooling and it keeps my tired eyes awake for a while. This product is suppose to keep the eyes area hydrated and smoothes dehydation lines. So far so good and I’m rating it a 3.5/5. Some skin care products you need to use it for a longer period of time in order to see the effects.

2) Coloron Professional

I’ve always been intrigued to know how this works when I first saw similar products selling in Sasa. It’s like a girls cheat sheet- place the piece properly on your eyelid, smooth, peel, blend and set. There’s really not much for you to do! I completed my eye shadow in 1 minute. Just like that. How awesome it is???!!!

Each packet comes with 4 different colors of eye shadows. From left to right, I have Envy, Laguna, Pink Lemonade and Sunset Beach.


I decided to use Sunset Beach for the day.






Place it on your eyelid. Pardon my wet hair. Usually I do my makeup after my bath and before I blow dry my hair.


Check out the pretty colors! The photo might not be able to showcase properly, but there’s a tinge of peachy nude at the top of the lid while the bottom has a more pinkish tone to it. It’s cream base actually, so it does feel a tad sticky if you happen to use your finger to touch it but if not, it’s all good. I might have placed the piece a little too low, so part of it has touched my lower lid but that’s ok. It’s easy to clean it off.

Next, I drew my eyeliner and applied my falsies.



Makeup’s all done and I’m good to head out!


I don’t have oily eyelids (thank God) and the eye shadow color stays on from as early as 6.45 am all the way to at least 11 pm. And no, I didn’t use any eye makeup primer. Rating 4.5/5.

Next, introducing Nila, a local based company. They use natural active ingredients free of paraben, chemical fragrance, artificial color and mineral oils.


3) Nila Miracle Foot Cream

Let’s face it, most of us have dry feet and our feet looks highly dehydrated. That’s the part where we care about the least, but it is all still important because it is part of us. If w bother to go for pedicure and cut our nails, shouldn’t we take good care of our feet as well?

I love products that are paraben-free and the Nila Miracle Foot Cream is one. Paraben has been linked to breast cancer but there were also critics to say that paraben’s presence does not mean that paraben is the cause of cancer.

It is good to be mindful but the truth is there are so many things out there that are cancer causing. It is difficult to abstain from all. So anyway, being a paraben-free product is a plus point yes?

I like that it really does moisturize my very dry feet very well, after just one application overnight. There’s no scent to it so that’s good for people who likes fragrance free products. I’ll definitely continue to use it every day. Rating 4/5.

4) Nila Hand Cream with UV Protection

Anything with UV protection is a yes. With the ozone layer thinning and harmful sun rays are beaming with glee, it’s wise to always put sunscreen whenever you are out and about. Again, this is fragrance free, so it’s great for people who are sensitive to fragrance or prefer to have a no scent product on you. The texture is thick and not exactly lightweight, but it works fine. Perhaps I’m more attracted to products with scent, for this, with its benefits, I shall give it a 4/5.

5) Nila Essence Tranquil Body Wash

I love, love, love this! Yes, it’s naturally scented and one which my hyper sensitive skin can use. The problem with me is that my skin is so sensitive, I cannot use anything scented. Usually I can only use a product for 2 days before symptoms like dry, itchy flaky skin comes about and I’ll have to stop the product. So far, I’ve been using this body wash twice a day and it’s been awesome! Besides, there’s eucalyptus, geranium, lavendar and peppermint mixed together with all the goodness this bottle brings, I’m pretty much sold. It’s a plus because there’s eucalyptus. I love the scent where it reminds me of going to a spa in a resort. I’m giving  this a 4.5/5

6) Nila Essence Tranquil Hand Lotion with UV Protection




Scented- Plus point. Eucalyptus- Plus point. UV protection- another plus point. Oh, did I mention that this lotion is non-sticky? There are alot of lotions out there where after you use, you feel like there’s a layer of something on your skin and I totally hate that. This lotion is very absorbent and it just kinda disappear into the skin, so much so that I don’t feel like I’ve applied anything on me, yet I smell and feel great. I use it for other parts of my body as well because it just smells too good and I did to hydrate my entire body.

I alternated this product and Nila Hand Cream and both of them served its purpose. To moisturize and it gives me baby smooth skin! This product deserves a 4.5/5!

You can purchase Nila products at

Nila Nailspa

7 Circular Road

Singapore 049363

Tel: 6438 7822/ 9119 7822