Luminous 1 Event with Jamie Chua & Sharon Tang

Recently, I was invited to go for the Luminous-1 event by the ever famous socialites in town, Ms Jamie Chua & Ms Sharon Tang. Both of them have got such glowing skin you’ll be really self conscious and you will too wish for their skin really.

It was such an honour to receive the invitation!

The event was held at Thong Teck building, one of the stockists for Luminous 1 products. It was a chi-chi event topping with canapes and drinks. Luminous-1 products were researched and developed in Switzerland. Each of us were given the collagen sheet masks pack signed by Jamie. In real life, she’s really nice and friendly and makes the effort to talk to you. Although she’s a socialite, she’s pretty much down to earth despite many people thinks she’s always flaunting her wealth, I must say it was fun getting to know her in person especially when she described using cheap paint for drawing her own paintings while Sharon uses professional paints but she draws cute stuffs. She also shared with us on how she used the collagen masks. Most of us would leave it for the stated time and then not wash the essence off but for her, she prefers to wash it all off as she doesn’t like the sticky feeling after.

Sharon is really very nice in person too, just as friendly as she is on social medias. Hopefully there’s a chance to meet them again! Oh, not only do they own Luminous-1, they are also the brains behind The Closet Raider. If you’re looking for branded luxury items, hop over to their Instagram account @theclosetraider or The Closet Raider website to have a look.

Made some new friends at the event as well. We 3 were the earliest so we got a chance to talk more with the hosts.

This is the PA of Jamie who’s very hardworking and helping to take pictures of the event.

Below are some of the lucky girls who won the meet and greet passes.

At the event, there was a special one time offer of 10% off for all products, so I decided to get The Elixir to try out. 🙂 The Elixir with Tomato Stem Cells protects the skin from pollution, premature ageing and sun damage. A firming day and night serum formulated to hydrate, lift, tighten skin cells and boost vitality. It is luxuriously formulated with a patented Lycoskin Defense, obtained from tomato stem cell culture, that lifts and tightens, while assuring cellular vitality and longevity. Unique extracts of multi-vitamins and Vitamin B3 amalgamated to effectively deeply hydrate, smooth and refine overall texture. Skin imperfections are reduced and freckle lightened. This deluxe formula is enriched with a natural lightening complex property that further targets skin pigmentation disorders. I’ve not tried it yet though as my skin’s giving me some problems right now and I don’t wish to try a foreign product on it currently to aggravate any situations. I honestly can’t wait to try it!

Don’t forget to check out Luminous-1 to have a look at their products. Also, do follow @Luminous-1 on their instagram for updates!