#sharonmarkwedding Anniversary

On the 12th day of July 2014, Mark and I got married at the Westin Singapore. I should have blogged about our wedding really, and I might just do that, if I have enough time. As a full time working executive, it is at times really trying to have to juggle work, house work, social events and my blog. However, I do honestly love blogging so, pardon me if I don’t update as much, but do trust that each post I do is full of love and honesty.

This year, we spent our anniversary together with my in-laws at Phuket, so I will be blogging about that another time. We were there from 9-12 July so when we reached home, it was already 9plus at night, and we had to head out to collect the cake for our anniversary dinner the next day. While the hubs is ok with celebrating our anniversary anywhere, I thought that it will be nice if we can go back to where we held our wedding dinner. I chose Cook & Brew as we’ve been to Westin’s lobby lounge and Seasonal Taste to eat before, so Cook & Brew is the only place we have not been.

To put in an extra special touch to our anniversary, I’ve gotten 2 sponsors and 1 store to collab with and they are Bicil Bakes, Polly Parrot Kids and ShopAndBox.

View from Cook & Brew level, overlooking the lobby lounge on the 32nd floor of the Westin Singapore.

Into Cook & Brew. Let’s go.

They gave us a window seat and to my pleasant surprise, there were balloons decorations on the table. Such a sweet gesture from Cook & Brew!

One thing would have been better was that if we could have cut the cake in the restaurant without a charge, because there is a $15 cake cutting fee. Just so you know.

The cake, as mentioned, is from Bicil Bakes. I’v not seen any cake with such detailing before. I mean, there are pretty nice looking fondant cakes out there, but this is like a lot of hard work have been put in. I requested Diana to inject these colours into the cake and they are prussian blue, mulberry and basil. I wanted an enchanted garden kinda feel and I saw that Diana has made one with leaves but it was a cake with hues of pink and yellow. So I told her roughly what I wanted and she recreated this version that’s superbly pretty.

The leaves were made of chocolate and oh boy, the lines on the leaves look so real, that my hubby asked me if the leaves might contaminate the cake, thinking that they are real leaves. For a few moments, I almost thought they were real too but I knew it has got to be edible. The purple swirls made it all the more better as my hubby likes the colour purple and I love the marbling effect.

Thank you so much Bicil Bakes, you have no idea how this cake has made my life complete. Oh, in case you ‘re wondering, the flavour was vanilla cake with hazelnut buttercream. This would cost between $85-$100 (depending on what’s your requirement, the details and the flavour), good for about 8-10 people and it is 1.5kg.

To make the setting even better, I have Polly Parrot Kids to get the gold glitter topper done. Since my birthday while I was doing research for cakes, I’ve already set my mind to get a cake bunting for my birthday and my wedding logo for our anniversary. You may read the post on my birthday here. I wasn’t sure if anyone could do it though because as you can see, it is extremely intricate. I was in contact with 2 other shops but they were not able to re-produce the logo. While cake toppers are trending now, this goes to show Polly Parrot Kids are awesome in their work. It is so pretty I cannot.

Why did I choose our wedding logo is because this logo means alot to me. Everyone knows I love unicorn for they are so magical, therefore my wedding logo consists of 2 (that’s a union), and the crown is pretty much like royalty. The logo was created by Dreamweaver, a wedding partner of Westin 2 years ago. I’m not sure if they’re still the merchant handling Westin’s portfolio, so just in case if you’re wondering who created this for us. My hubby pretty much went along what I wanted and liked, so it was quite a breeze without having much differing ideas.

Polly Parrot Kids topped it up by giving us a gift on our anniversary- another logo (which I didn’t request for), with our names on it. Thank you for the extra stencil! It’s soooooo pretty!!!

They are giving my followers & readers a special 10% off when you quote “SharonxPollyParrotKids“. Make your cake extra special by personalizing what you want for your cake topper and forget the default “Happy Birthday” tag. My wedding logo cost would start from $28, but the price will be different depending on the complexity of the design and cut. For the one on the card, the price will be $20.

Everything was made even better when my hubby went out earlier in the day to fix his car and he came back and asked me to open the door for him. When I opened the door, he was there with a bouquet of flowers. Surprise!!!

Don’t you think the flowers matches everything? They look really gorgeous together. I was supposed to work with a florist too but unfortunately our schedule couldn’t match. I guess God has it all planned out :).

Anyway, later on,  I asked the hubs why he didn’t have his keys. So apparently, he was really locked out. Hahahah…. Oh well, guess it worked well for him too.


So, on the table sits a cake with topper, my Coach bag, which is a present from hubs and a collab with ShopandBox (more on that towards the end of the post), flowers from hubs, a car audio system from me to him, a dog soft toy in fabric for the hubs, 2 cards for each of us, and balloons from Cook & Brew.

Thank you hubby for loving me for who I am. I’m truly like how I am at my own home so I guess he’s seen my true colours in and out. Haha…

While we were so busy with photo taking, the food finally came. For the appetizer that’s on their special menu for the night, a duck terrine ($26) which comprises of foie gras. Well, we didn’t really taste the foie gras though, although it tastes good. I ordered 1 Passion Baby drink ($11) and hubs ordered a coffee ($7).

We shared a pork chop and this is a whopping 500g of meat ($39). It was nice too, but probably a little too much for us.

We also shared a Hawker Burger ($34). I think it was too much meat overall. We should have picked one fish instead.

Photo with my pretty flowers a must. While eating, we were discussing about those people who were still at work and we were secretly happy that we weren’t any of them. 😛

Dinner with a view.

Not forgetting an #ootd shot.

I’m wearing

Dress: Herve Leger

Bag: Chanel

Heels: Stuart Weitzman

After which, our little dessert courtesy of Cook & Brew. I’m normally not a great fan of chocolate but this chocolate cake is the bomb. I finished the half I shared with my hubby.

Starwood Preferred Group (SPG) clients get a 15% off the total bill, so do sign up to be an SPG client for your perks.

Time to leave! A view of the lobby lounge when the night comes. It looks even better at night.



Thanks to the staff who took this photo for us. He took 2 shots and asked us if we wanted to take from any other angles. A pro-photographer must be.


Back home, it’s time to re-light our unity candle. Lighting of the unity candle symbolizes the unity of two individuals, becoming one in commitment. Every year, we will do it to remind ourselves the commitment we have with each other. I was telling my husband that probably in our lifetime, the pillar candle (the largest one) will still be there because it’s so huge and we only light it once a year.



Time to unwrap my present (even though I already knew what it is).

Thank you ShopandBox for this collab coz this helped my hubby to save his moolah! He saved more than S$200+! As we all know, Coach in the USA is definitely the cheapest, comparing to any other countries. You can actually read my blog post on the DisneyXCoach collaboration here with the price comparisons. ShopAndBox offers a service where you can literally get anything in 25 countries they represent! There will be a personal Boxer assigned to you so you will be communicating with the Boxer. I had Boxer Yan as my personal Boxer and communication with her was literally fuss free. While getting the item, I wasn’t aware that I can actually personalize the bag with a bag tag until Boxer Yan told me. She could have just gotten the bag without asking me, so I have to say that she has went the extra mile to provide great service for her customers. I asked hubby what he wanted to put on the bag tag, so he came up with this, M. <3 S. (Mark <3 Sharon).  So apt for our anniversary. 🙂

On top of that, ShopAndBoxx gives you samples, together with your purchase and they gave me a lippie from Too Faced, an eye shadow from Colorpop, a primer oil from Smashbox, a sample from Atelier Cologne and candies from Air Heads Candy. I mean, if you buy something from the boutique, you won’t be given all of these right? Most importantly, you actually save money if you happen to be buying brands like Coach. Or, if you want, you can also purchase many other things which you can’t get from your country. This service is almost worldwide, so it doesn’t apply to just Singapore residents.

To guide you along, here are the steps to get going on ShopandBox.

  1. Sign up for an account at www.shopandbox.com
  2. Go to “My Wishlist”, choose ea hopping country. Add ANYTHING you want to your Wishlist (even items not on their website).
  3. Select the item(s) you wish to purchase, fill in the name of your order and hit the ‘Submit Order’ button.
  4. You will be assigned your very own Boxer who will shop for what you want and ship it to wherever you are in the world.

Sounds pretty easy isn’t it? I declare that I am a shopaholic and this service literally means that it gets me closer to things that I want from any where in the world. Like for real.

To end off the post, here’s me with my Coach bag. Plenty of love to all sponsors for our anniversary and thank you hubby for EVERYTHING!

With lotsa love,


Disney X Coach Collection Launch

Hello there! Today’s post is about the upcoming Disney X Coach Collaboration and boy, I’m looking forward to see the launch which is happening on 24 June in Singapore!

You see, I’m a huge fan of Disney, ranging from the cartoons to going to various countries’ Disneyland just to relive childhood, therefore, this collab is definitely something worth going ga-ga over.

What I like about this collab is that Coach, being a designer brand, spells things with a touch of class. Thus, don’t expect anything too kiddy and I promise you what you’re about to see are all wearable for grown ups. Plus, the collab is solely on Mickey Mouse, yes the iconic mouse from Disney and nothing else, so if you’re a Mickey Mouse lover, you need to get this! I’ve selected what I like from this series to share with all of you.

Starting off, this is my favorite of the lot. This is the Mickey Dinky Crossbody in Glovetanned Leather. I like that the bag is very wearable on a day to day basis, depending on what you like to pair it with. I pretty much like how the bag is styled because the leather jacket and pants make this look kinda rugged and cool and this is probably how I will pair it as well. However, I can also imagine pairing the bag with a dainty long dress and the good thing about this is that the strap is detachable, therefore, you can even use it as a clutch. The size of the bag is just nice for me, so yes, this is definitely a bag I see myself carrying.

There are 5 colours available for this bag and they are chalk, black, red, flax and 1941 saddle. The whole of this series come mainly in these 5 colours, with some designs coming in only like 2 colours and etc. This is one of the bag which carries all 5 colours.

Mickey 22

While picking a bag, what is printed on the bag is something important isn’t it? For me, I chose chalk not only because I like the colour, but also because I think the Mickey is cute. He looks like he is jumping or his butt got poked and he jumped up in the air and I actually think that is cute. The one in black is also nice in terms of its colour because it is something that is extremely easy to match and I love the contrast in the colour of the trimmings. However, if you look closely, the Mickey looks crossed and I don’t want to look at my bag feeling crossed all the time. Lol…

Mickey 46

Mickey 21

Mickey 20

Mickey 19

Mickey 18

Mickey 17

Retail price

SGD825, USD395

Of course, if you were to ask me, it makes more sense for someone to get it from the US but unless you know of someone or yourself is heading there, to save the hassle, just get it in Singapore.

Second favourite item is this Mickey Kisslocked Bag in Glovetanned Leather. This bag is a no brainer for Mickey fans. The ears tell it all. It is eye-catching and the spotlight will definitely be on your bag.It’s a tough choice to choose what colour I will take but I think I’m going with red, for I like the added touch of the bag tag and the whole colour scheme is contrasting and pretty. Red, black and white.


Mickey 04

Mickey 01

Mickey 02

Mickey 03

Retail price

SGD825, USD395

Since I’ve mentioned the bag tag, here are the 4 Mickey Profile Hangtag in Glovetanned Leather. I will choose the first on the left. No apparent reason, I just like this.

Mickey 40

Mickey 41

Retail price

SGD60, USD25

A  saddle bag frees you from holding anything in your hands and it is crossbody, which makes it perfect for use in case you’re afraid of snatch thieves especially if you travel to a country with lesser security.

Here’s presenting to you the Mickey Saddle Bag in Glovetanned Leather. This comes in 4 colours and I will pick the 1941 saddle colour because a saddle bag needs to be in saddle colour. Pun intended.

I’m just kidding. Why I picked the 1941 saddle colour  is because I do honestly like saddle bags although I don’t actually own one. Think cowboys, boots and horses will ya? It seems like the right colour for a saddle bag plus the Mickey is wearing white gloves and the white really stands out. While the rest are beautiful as well, I’m going for the 1941 saddle please.


Mickey 08

Mickey 06

Mickey 06-1

Mickey 07

I don’t own any backpacks, except for times when I was in school because no one will want to steal your textbooks and notes unless you’re top in your class or cohort and I’m not one of them. While backpacks are great as it evens out the weight on both shoulders, I’m someone who may not be all that alert and I don’t want to find out that someone has taken things out from my bag without my knowledge. Moreover, I’m mostly in clothings without any pockets, which means it makes it difficult for me to reach for my phone if I’m using a backpack and I need to keep my phone in my bag. Otherwise I will forever be holding on to my phone in my hands and one day if it slips my mind, I may eventually forget to take my phone because I’m busy browsing the Disney x Coach collection in the boutique and I happily forget about my phone.

That being said,all points above are just pointing to me as an individual, though I can’t help but gush at the Mickey Rainger Backpack in Glovetanned Leather this collab has because it looks so classic! I selected this to put on my blog because I think they are nice looking, just that it isn’t meant for me. There are two sizes available in the US but only one size is available in Singapore. This is pretty much unisex so you can even get them like a couple bag maybe?

Mickey 28

Mickey 26

Mickey 23

Retail price

SGD1335, USD850 (bigger size)

For the smaller size (US only) USD695

The Mickey Crossbody Clutch in Glovetanned Leather is up next. Comparing to the Mickey Dinky Crossbody, I prefer the latter because it has an interlock opening whereas the clutch is a double zip bag. It is still nice, but if I were to get one, I will still go for the Dinky. I’m picking this colour Flax because I think the Mickey image goes well with the clutch and hey, he is roller blading!

Mickey 44

Retail price

SGD495, USD225

A smaller item on the list includes this dainty Mickey Envelope Key Pouch. Comparing the 4 colours available from US but Singapore carries only 3 colours, I’m picking Chalk as the contrast looks better, with Mickey’s yellow shoes and its interior is also yellow. Time to store my keys properly maybe?

Mickey 42

Retail price

SGD270, USD125

The Mickey Skinny Tote in Glovetanned Leather acts as a great document bag for some jazz to an outfit. Work outfits need not necessarily be boring when you have some grown up Mickey on it. It is still classy looking but there’s a tinge of childlike in you.

I’m going for the colour 1941 Saddle because I think I’m just biased against the angry Mickey in black. Moreover, it is nice for a change to ditch black an opt for some neutrals instead. Like the model, you can actually match a mustard top or bottom and it all blends in quite well.

Mickey 12

Mickey 10

Retail price

SGD1190, USD595

Fancy a pair of Mickey C101 sneakers? 2 pictures above shows the model’s styling with the Mickey silhouette while the one below shows the Mickey yellow shoe. I think it’s fun because you can sort of customize to your outfit with the additional purchase of the Mickey Hangtag Set of 4. Ssneakers are generally great for walking and I can’t say no to functional and stylish shoes can you?

Mickey 30

Mickey 29

Retail price

SGD545, USD245

This is what I’ve mentioned, the Mickey Hangtag Set. You can hook on almost anything or if you like, you can even hook it onto a chain or choker and it becomes a pendant. There is no hard and fast rule about the usage I guess, it all boils down to your imagination and fashion sense.

Mickey 43

Retail price

SGD315, USD150

Yes, yes and yes to a Mickey Motto Jacket!!! I’m a sucker for one and I’m always on the lookout for unique designs. I would wanna think that Mickey’s got my back you know, quite literally. Enough said.


Mickey 33

This damage will be

Retail price

SGD3500, USD1995

One of the priciest of the lot.

For a lady who loves charm bracelets (and I am one), this calls out to you. While charms are like girlish and all, I like that the Mickey Charm Bracelet comes in a mix of gold and black, which is every bit classy and think Great Gatsby. The bad thing is that although there’s a chain to hook for different wrist sizes, you’re pretty much bound by the size of the bangle. I won’t reckon this is a one size fits all but I think you really need to try on to have a feel of it.

Mickey 35

Retail price

SGD250, USD125

I’m certainly loving these Mickey Bookmark in Glovetanned Leather for I’m a bookworm actually. I can’t tell you how many bookmarks I have and I can’t seem to use them all, but I keep buying like nobody’s business.

If I have to pick one only, I will choose the one with the glove. You know why? If I happen to be reading a book with numbers, it might point me to some inspiration numbers and who knows, I might strike a lottery because of it! Totally kidding. I like the uniquely shaped glove. Yup.

Mickey 38

Mickey 37

Retail price

SGD80, USD40

As I’ve not chosen anything black yet, I’m finally picking one item out- Mickey Luggage Tag in Glovetanned leather because it will be on my luggage and if it is on my check-in luggage,, it needs to be back or else my luggage tag will turn out really dirty after taking a plane ride.

I don’t think anyone can be crossed if you’re going on a leisure holiday trip would ya?

Mickey 36

Retail price

SGD145, USD65

I like the fact that this collection added in things for home use and because I am getting my own place soon, I’ve been looking at home items. Isn’t the Mickey Coaster Set something you want your guests to take note of when they’re at your home? The coasters come in a set of 6.

Mickey 32

Retail price

SGD450, USD200

I wanna sit on a Mickey Bean Bag!!! Looks pretty cool for home and not too cutesy but the not too good thing is that if there happen to be any insect or like cockroach on it, I’m sorry you may not be able to see it. That’s the theory I have and have been telling my husband not to get any black rugs or carpet so that if there happen to be any insect, I will be able to tell immediately. Otherwise, this bean bag makes a very good home accessory.

Mickey 31

Retail price

SGD2600, USD1500

Last but not least, the collectors item- Large Mickey Doll. You need this to put on your bed, as a display piece, maybe in your car if you like. There’s a Mickey Bag Charm as well (not featured here).

Mickey 39

Retail price

SGD2600, USD1500

The one above is the large and they do have small and medium, in different colour clothings. Of course, the price for the smaller ones are cheaper too.

There are still a number of items I’ve not listed as I only picked those that I like. By ‘like’ it means that it is worth mentioning because it looks good, but my cash don’t drop from the sky. I simply gave my most honest opinion of all the products here.

If you like what you’ve read, don’t keep my blog a secret. Share with your friends and all Mickey lovers!



PS: All images except the first credit to Coach and all opinions are solely mine.