BRANCHÉ Nails at Capitol Piazza

It’s been a great journey with my esteemed Japanese Hair & Nail specialists from Branche and today, I have decided to put up a post which showcases some of my favorite nail designs from Safori- Branche.

If you’re looking for a cute Japanese lady nail artist who speaks pretty good English, Safori is your go to.


Kawaii right? ^_^

CNY Nails

This has got to be one of my top favorite set of nails. I showed Safori some pictures and told her what I wanted for my Lunar New Year nails this year and this was what she came up with. I have a male colleague and he was sharing with me that he don’t normally take note of ladies nails but those posts which I posted on my instagram did catch his eye and he told me rarely he will compliment someone’s nails but my nails are really very pretty. I guess Safori did a fab job!

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There are times when I wanted simplicity. IMG_0853


Those frosty ones are gorgeous!

Frosty Nails


Sometimes, I’m inspired by top fashion houses.

Chanel Airlines Fashion 01

Chanel Airlines Fashion

This year, Chanel had this Chanel Airlines collection and boy, was I smitten! I love anything to do with airlines- there’s always something intriguing about it and perhaps it was a dream unfulfilled when I wanted to be an air hostess when I was much younger, thus, anything to do with airlines will get me sitting up and take a good look at them.

I showed Safori pictures of Chanel Airlines and this was what she did for me.


Love or what?

Next, I came across these gorgeous embroidery bags from Dior and they inspired my next set of nails. The 2 images below credits to Brilliant Luxury.

Lady Dior Bag 01

There was this pilot whom I met at work and he commented that my set of nails are really beautiful and this set indeed caught the eyes of many, men and women alike.



Dior Nails

Last but not least, my recent set of nails inspired by Enchanted Garden.


Everything is hand drawn by the talented Safori. My husband says some looks like digital prints and it’s really a form of art. Even he, is impressed.

Thank you so much Branche for your sponsorship thus far. I love you all! Looking forward to the next trip to Branche for my tresses maintenance and I’m gonna be searching for new inspirations for my nails. Any suggestions? Drop me a line at or comment on my post.

For first time customers, mention my name “Sharon” and you get 20% off nail services.


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Thanks for reading!