Montrose Desires Spring/Summer Story

Happy is the name I call when it comes to shopping. I love online shopping as much as I love looking through the glassy window displays, which urges you to part with your dollar.

Coming to you this season is Montrose Desires Spring/ Summer 2013 Collection. It boasts of florals and colors but at the same time, it also caters to another crowd who so love the darker hues.

Presenting to you….

There are so many clothes to love!!! Throw away the old in your wardrobe and fit in these lovely pieces!

My picks for this collection. Disclaimer: Of course I like all of them, but let’s just say if I have to choose 5, which is a tough call, it will be:

Mary Multi-prints Dress. I love the prints!!!!

Floral Shine Dress

Geraldine Grails Dress. It’s oh-so-sexy!

Baroque Prints Playsuit

Sherry Sequins in Beige Top

You can shop the rest of the collection here.

Enjoy your shopping and also, there’s an Instagram & Pinterest contest going on.

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Lotsa luv,