Carte Blanche X

Recently, I bought a pair of earrings from Carte Blanche X. If you don’t know already, Carte Blanche X is by Arissa Cheo and her partner. And if you don’t know who is Arissa Cheo, I don’t know where you’ve been. :X

Arissa Cheo is a Singaporean heiress and apparently, her boyfriend is Vanness Wu from F4. I love her sense of style to bits! Plus, it helps that she is s.u.p.e.r. gorgeous.

On top of that, I guess I like her even more as she always line her eyes. Since after my poly days, I’ve been using eyeliner almost daily so long I’m out.

The rich family.

So anyway, I ordered my earrings and it came 2 days later via registered mail. Registered mail is included in the price I paid for.

Woo! <3 the packaging!

Pretty??? This is called Razors Edge Earrings. It’s out of stock already.

It’s unique, and the quality is good. That’s the price too. S$156.

I like a number of their items but the price is kinda steep to be always shopping there. Besides, I have been splurging lately. Gotta cut down or else my pocket’s gonna burn. They have a couple of apparels too, but mainly accessories.

Do checkout Arissa Cheo’s online store Carte Blanche X ^_^

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Massive XOXO and have an awesome Sunday! Rest well after all the crazy Halloween parties!