I’m super stoked to further my sponsorship with BRANCHÉ from hair to my nails too. I’m so fully pampered by them and each time I fix an appointment to go there, it’s a bliss. It’s what I call the ultimatum of self-pampering.

Their one and only nail artist Safori is of course from Japan. If you have not read about BRANCHÉ, read it here. BRANCHÉ, in short, is a luxury hair and nail salon, hailing a team of highly professional hair stylists and a nail artist. Its lavish salon spans at 1400 square feet is designed by their Japanese interior designer and even Her World Plus is giving them credit as one of the 3 instagram worthy place to be in.

So, I was there one month ago to do my nail for the first time at the hair & nail salon.

Cheers to BRANCHÉ!

When I first saw this card, I was very impressed by their personal touch. I mean, I’ve been to a good number of nail salons before but this is royalty treatment really.

Not forgetting, they serve you awesome drinks and Japanese bites.

Another thing to wow, which is how they remove your gelish and as explained by Safori, she will do a gel base so that in the future she will only be removing the nail polish but not the gel base, therefore it is non-damaging for the nails. The instrument used is somewhat like what a dentist would use for your teeth polishing.

Meet Safori!

Their nail polish bottle. Everything is imported from Japan and all in its premium quality.

The royal treatment.

Safori was very cute. I came back from Japan and bought each staff something, and she wanted to take a photo with all the treats I bought. Lol!

My beautiful nails! Thank you Safori. If you see my nails upcoming, it will all be in pastel hues. The reason is because of the nature of my job, I am not allowed to have very fanciful nails. So I need to keep it simple and classy and only pastel colors are allowed. As much as I would like to try darker colors, unless I’m no longer working in this job/department, then well, I will be keeping to this.

The next time I went for my nail appointment was exactly one month later, which was yesterday. I’m impressed that my nail didn’t chip except for one index finger which was because it has grown quite abit. Everything else was intact and still shines. Safori is really dedicated and because of the quality of products used, your nails can last longer.

Yesterday was the second time I visited Safori. She’s on my instagram and it’s so nice to have this card each time I’m there! She even noted that I got a Snoopy cake for my husband’s birthday! It is very thoughtful and sweet.


There are catalogues where the nail designs in the book are designed by Safori and some of her friends in the nail industry.

There are some new small bites and I’m having my favorite teatrico pineapple drink.

My done up nail! I’m loving its simplicity but classy look. Even my colleagues who saw my nails before commented that it is pretty and the shape is very well done.

For my first nail look, it costs approximately $270 in total, and for the second look it is at $250. Don’t forget to quote my name “Sharon” for a whopping 20% off and you get to have your champagne, Japanese treats, great nails to last you for one month, and a much needed pampering princess treat.

I understand that most will compare prices and all, which I don’t deny the price might be a little steep. However, if you are ready to splurge, do look for Safori. Just like how we buy luxury bags for its quality and the whole experience, BRANCHÉ is it. Enough said.

Last but not least, here’s a short video of my nail experience.

To book your appointment:


13 Stamford Road

B1-33 Capitol Piazza

Singapore 178905

Contact: 67023036

Have an awesome week ahead lovelies!