A Better Florist

Very much in love with A Better Florist‘s bouquets! Exuding a luxurious and delicate feel to its bouquets, it was a tough choice having to pick one from their list on the website.

Here’s showcasing The Emilia, a bouquet of sweet pastel roses, elegant calla lilies, luscious matthiola and stunning protea. It is their biggest bouquet just yet and I’m sure the person who is on the receiving end will definitely love it to bits. Guaranteed. 

I can’t stop looking at the gorgeous bouquet. The customer service team that attended to me were very on the ball in terms of their communication and it was almost hassle free. Although they were slightly late by their stipulated time frame to deliver the bouquet because of a mis-communication,  over their emails I can feel their genuine sincerity. So all is good. 🙂

There’s nothing that’s over the top right, florals and flowers. Hehe… 

And this also makes a beautiful table flatlay if you like. Thank you A Better Florist for The Emilia and I look forward to the flower jamming sessions in time to come.

Stay beautiful everyone. 🙂