Althea Petal Velvet Powder Review

I’ve been one of the lucky ones to have been receiving items from Althea Korea for 2 years already. It’s been a really good journey to see how much they’ve grown.

Recently, in fact on 1 August, they launched their very first in-house product, the Althea Petal Velvet Powder! It is made with micro-fine particles that minimize the size of pores and fine lines to reveal a flawless, petal-like complexion. Its translucent and perfecting qualities also create a satin finish that mattifies without dehydrating the skin.

I’m now ditching whatever powder I’ve previously used for this! My face is not just sensitive, but is ULTRA sensitive. For me to find a good product means plenty of trial and error and risking the fact that I might succumb to rashes. I don’t normally give any review before using it for a least 2 weeks, so I’m glad to say I’ve been using the powder for more than 2 weeks and so far so good!

It does help to mattify my face but due to the fact that I have combination skin and my T-zone can get extremely oily, it did help me a little to keep my face matte at least for about 4 hours before having to touch up. Here are some photos.

althea, makeup, loose powder, beauty blogger. k makeup, korean makeup

Always happy to receive a pink box. 🙂

althea, makeup, loose powder, beauty blogger. k makeup, korean makeup

Pretty media kit. althea, makeup, loose powder, beauty blogger. k makeup, korean makeup

althea, loose powder, makeup, beauty blogger, k makeup, korean makeupalthea, makeup, loose powder, beauty blogger. k makeup, korean makeup

The best part is that this powder is just S$6 and anything made in Korea, I have to admit, I’m pretty biased beccause I love Korean products. Haha..

So shop away at Althea’s website here. From time to time they do have promotions so do checkout their entire website to see what else you can get from there.




Hello hello people! Today, I’m gonna be sharing with you the multiple items I bought from EZBUY. It’s pretty much fuss free, easy to use, and I bought everything using their app. Which means I was on the go while searching for stuffs too and consolidating all my orders before carting out.

In case you’ve not heard what EZBUY is (which makes me wonder if you’re a dinosaur :P), in this day and time where everyone’s super heavy on tech, online business are booming. I pretty much buy plenty of things online, from clothes to accessories and even home items, I’m super thankful to have EZBUY because it is in English and I can never figure out those Chinese websites. They do have reference links to the main website that’s actually in Chinese, but it is really easy to use so I’ve always been buying things from EZBUY.

These are the items I’ve gotten. Pics galore!

For those of you who follows me on Instagram, you will know that I’ve gotten my new place and I’m in the midst of renovating my place.

There were many small home items which I wanted to get but sometimes shipping cost actually adds up to a fair bit. I’m really happy that EZBUY offers Prime membership, which makes shipping things into Singapore at a flat rate of S$2.99.

So this round, I got them!


The pictures don’t actually show everything because basically like those Christmas balls, I bought 3 boxes and each box contain like 10 balls.  I got the following items:

2 x leather tissue boxes

1 x Christmas star

2 x reindeers

1 x brush/bottles acrylic holder

1 x vintage glass accessories/ jewelry box

1 x packet 1300 pink pearls

1 set of bathroom amenities holder- 2 cups, 1 hand soap bottle, 1 toothbrush holder, 1 soap holder

2 x toilet bowl brush

1 x 2.1m Christmas tree

The Christmas tree photo is from the retailer I got it from. It is really big and already packed nicely in the box, I didn’t want to open up the box and having to keep it as I will need to shift house in probably 2 months time.

As you can see, I have already bought stuffs for my new place and for Christmas! I can’t wait to celebrate the first Christmas at my humble crib.

When  the items arrived, they were all packed very nicely and all goods came undamaged. 🙂

So, what’s in it for you if you’re one hardcore online shopper or if you’re like me, buying heavy and bulky items and shipping in?


These are some of the benefits from PRIME:

  1. Enjoy flat shipping cost of S$2.99, unlimited shopping
  2. 50% off agent fee
  3. Free 42 Prime wishlist (6 upon sign up, 3 each month)
  4. Shop over 4 million products from China, USA and Korea
  5. Fastest, priority shipping over air
  6. Exclusive deals and privileges

You may wish to read more about Prime membership here and sign up for Prime here.

It is only at S$9.99 for 5 days and S$99.00 for 1 year! I believe I will have more items that I want to get. Yes, I’m pretty much a shopping addict.

I hope this is really useful for you. Thanks for reading!