Pan Pacific Hotel High Tea Review

So yesterday, my husband and I went for a high tea session at Pan Pacific Hotel. We are sort of regular customers there as we like the food at their marketplace and thought it will be nice to try out their high tea. Contrary to what people thinks, eating at hotels may not necessarily be that pricey. We always get the Klang bak kut teh set and it is around $15-ish ++? Great ambience if you’re looking for a quiet evening in a hotel. Isn’t that what we are paying in restaurants anyway?

Sorry, I sidetracked so yep, the high tea.

This is the pretty looking dining area at the Atrium.

We chose the $38 per pax, one English and one Peranakan set to have the best of both worlds. Their tea and coffee is re-fillable and if you like you can always switch to another drink later. I had 1 mocha and 1 chamomile tea. 🙂

On the entire table, a high tea session is always so instagrammable.

Nowadays I think we prefer Peranakan or Chinese set more than the English. Usually English comes with alot of sweets and the savoury sometimes can be a little of acquired taste. However, when it is 3-tier, your heart just goes soft and you will just want to get it nonetheless. Haha…

My favorite from the English set has got to be the bottom tier, 2nd from the left. I’m normally not a fan of chocolate but sometimes when I say I like a certain chocolate piece, it has got to be really good. It tastes like tiramisu to me, but I can’t find it in the menu. The macaron is pretty good too.

The one which I like the least is on the top tier, 3rd from the left. I don’t really know what that is, it is sticky and chewy and I didn’t really like the taste of it. Needless to say, I didn’t finish it. We have tried better high tea at other places but I think it is still worth it to go. Perhaps you can choose the Peranakan set? Hee…

Finished al

most everything.

Pretty Peranakan tin boxes in the background.

Favorite from the Peranakan set is the curry chicken! The curry is really fragrant, chicken is fresh and nice. The thing that could have done better is the bread. It wasn’t toasted enough.

The Keuh Pie Tee wasn’t crispy but surprisingly, the whole of it tastes very good. Kueh Dardar was awesome too! The Ang Ku Kueh’s skin was kinda thick but taste is pretty good too. I like the macaron from the Peranakan set more than the English set because it is Bandung (Rose) flavour!

So if you can only choose one set to go for, perhaps you can pick the Peranakan. If you are hungry and you’re there with a friend, try both and tell me which one you like better.

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At a pretty place means I will take some photos of course.

A Better Florist sent me their lovely rose bouquet. Thank you so much! Receiving flowers always makes my day!

In case you did notice, I tied my hair up. 😛

Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore

7 Raffles Boulevard

Marina Square

Singapore 039595

Tel: 6336 8111

Their afternoon high tea on a weekend is pretty popular, do call them to make a reservation. Recommendation: 3.8/5.

Thanks for reading!