My New Clozette

I’ve been a Clozette member for quite some time and recently I’ve became their top Star Clozetter because I’ve been very active over at Clozette! I love looking through the pages on fashion, beauty, travel and living tips, and looking at fellow stylish and fashionable Clozetters profiles. With their website facelift, here comes a sleeker and cleaner design and oh-so-pleasing to my eyes! If you’re someone who loves all those things I’ve mentioned, it is time  to join the Clozette community.

So anyway, yesterday was Clozette’s tea party at Nigiro Cafe, located at Esplanade. It was smashing! They had many sponsors which includes Creme Simon, Elyse & i, Etude House, GHD, Meitu, Fleuriste, QTTiE, ROOS, Zalora, Skin INC, Klarity and CLEO so yup,  you got that right, we bagged home a bag full of goodies! There was also Dora from Dora Prints and Paper Goods who was there to give us our very own customized calligraphy prints!

Here are some of the pics over at the event. There were really so many beautiful bloggers/ influencers!

Thank you Dora for the beautiful calligraphy work!

All things girly. And x CLEO gave plenty of girls some beautiful flowers. Can’t say no to flowers. Haha…

Girls getting their hair done at GHD booth.

Me and my blooms. Those balloons look pretty much like the ones I had for my birthday party! Yay to pink!

Brought my friend Ally to the event with me. Don’t you love her mermaid-ish hair?

Grabbing some bites and this photo was taken using the meitu mobile. We don’t need to do photo editing anymore as the phone gives us auto meitu photo enhancement. Dream phone!

Snippets from my Snapchat. Follow me on my Snapchat at @sharonachia. 🙂

With them gorgeous girls. Melissa!

Sheena, who was my bridesmaid when I got married!

Fiona babe!

Bumped into more babes but didn’t have a chance to take photos with them. So, do join the Clozette community and you will get to see more pretty babes ok!

Last but not least, these are the goodies I’ve received. My friend Ally won one of the luck draw prizes and she received a Minkpink sunglasses from Zalora. Lucky lady!

There were alot more vouchers and an invite to CLEO’s Eligible Bachelor’s party which I didn’t manage to take a pic of.

Thank you Clozette for your kind invitation. I look forward to meet all of you again!



Waft Perfume

Undeniably one of the most fragrant fragrance I’ve ever owned in my life, I’m so stoked to receive a customized perfume from Waft to my liking and a bottle that no other will have. If you’re like me, one who loves customized stuffs, you’re in for a treat.

The easy to navigate website makes ordering a breeze. I actually placed my order using my phone so yup, it is indeed very user friendly. First, they show you a screen that says Design My Fragrance.

You choose either

  1. Masculine (for the men!)
  2. Unisex (Wanna share the bottle with your beau?)
  3. Feminine (Yes that’s what I’ve picked)

Then you choose your fragrance for Day or Night use. I chose Night. I wanted something a little sexy, alluring and glamourous.

And you choose again.

  1. Sport
  2. Social
  3. Work
  4. Dating

Next up, you set the mood.

  1. Fresh
  2. Sexy
  3. Elegant
  4. Relaxed

I chose Elegant. In the event I want to use for day and for work, it won’t be too intense.

Personal style.

Classic or trendy? You got me right. I chose Trendy.

Finally Waft.

  1. Subtle- A mild, personal fragrance just for you to enjoy, not to be shared with the rest of the world
  2. Balanced- A scent that encompasses you and entices only those in your close proximity
  3. Daring-  A bold and vivacious scent that makes a lasting statement wherever you go

While I chose Night which may be more intense, but usually I’m mostly out since morning for work and for work, it will be too much for strong perfume, so I chose Balanced.

Then you pick a whole list of ingredients that appeal to you. I chose alot of floral, something very fresh like the ocean, and wood.

This is the outcome.


So, not only are you getting a full sized 100ml customized fragrance, you also get 2 additional 15ml mini bottles to layer on. Perfection.

To be honest, initially I was more sold by the fact that I can customize my own bottle more than the scent because I won’t really know how to scent is like. When I received the package, I was gushing about the bottle being so pretty and the moment I spritz the perfume, I fell in love.

I told my husband, this is the perfume of the year.

Normally when I buy a fragrance, I will ask my husband whether this smells good or not. But this perfume, without me asking him, he told me it smells really great and why he don’t have it. Haha…

Yes, the customized bottle. I love mermaids and it’s no secret, so it was easy to name the fragrance. You can literally name it anything you want (but there are characters limitations of course). You may even customize it like “Will you marry me?” or “Be My Valentine”. Teehee…. ideas for you ya.

So there’s a mermaid quote and I put my IG handle. This belongs to me and only me. I told my husband after I finish the perfume, I’m going to put some decorative pearls in the bottle and display it.

Another glance of this amazing perfume. I wish you can smell it while you’re reading my blog. Haha…

Now, I smell like a Mermaid and you can too. You can smell like eh Lee Min Ho or Supermodel or Snoopy. 😀

Head over to to personalize your perfume and get a 10% discount when you quote <SHARON10>, applicable only if you place an order for the full sized fragrance 100ml. The fragrance retails at S$149 with free shipping in Singapore. If you’re not quite sure and would like to test out the scent, you can place an order which costs only S$19 and you will receive 5ml sample spray based on the preferences you had given, and the accompanying 2 scents Freshen and Dare, both at 5ml each as well.

This post is sponsored by Waft. All opinions are my own.

Thank you for reading and have a pleasant week ahead!