My Enchanted Underwater Mermaid Theme Birthday Party

This party came about because I’ve always been regretting not doing one when I was 21. 21 was a time where alot of my friends held big celebrations but I didn’t really want to do so because, yes I was lazy and I didn’t want my parents to pay for my party since I just started working and I didn’t have much savings. Hence, my 21st was a small celebration with a few close friends and I was happy.

Some years I was too busy to plan anything and last year I wanted a celebration with my loved ones and perhaps some friends, and that sort of didn’t happen because my own family wasn’t able to attend. My dad had a major operation and he was then still in hospital. Thee date was pre-planned way before the surgery date. He was actually discharged on the very day the dinner was supposed to happen but he was running a fever still hence my whole family couldn’t make it. I was contemplating to go ahead with the celebration or not because I wasn’t feeling really happy but my in-laws were already ready to celebrate for me. So, the dinner still went ahead. It was good nonetheless, but without my own family, it just feels different.

This year, I was determined to have a party because I really wanted my entire family (in-laws inclusive) to be part of the celebration and for every one to be merry. Planning started about 2 months back when I was conceptualizing the theme. I thought of unicorn but there’s this unicorn cake that’s been going round the internet and I thought it has become too common. Mermaid is like some kind of fantasy and I thought it will be nice and well, pretend I’m a mermaid or something. Hahaha… Plus, Legend of The Blue Sea started airing and I was head over heels over the drama. I’ve always like mystical creatures and the last movie which I really love was Mermaid Got Married, and the stellar cast had Ekin Cheng, Christy Chung and Takeshi Kaneshiro. The movie was in the 1990s and I’ve watched that umpteen times coz I love it so much. So yes, Mermaid theme. Set.

I searched through the internet, from using Google to instagram hashtags to Pinterest for ideas, and started to buy things online as shipping will take some time. I knew I didn’t want a party planner because I prefer things alacarte, and I can create the look I wanted by myself.

First was the invite.

Picture’s from the internet and I love the colours and all.

Prior to the party, my lovely husband accompanied me to buy the necessary party needs and drove my round Singapore to collect various items. This party happened and was successful and my husband played a huge part in it by being so supportive and helpful. Not once he complaint and because I have extremely dry hands and ezcema prone skin, my husband also helped me wash so many things. So grateful and blessed.

Finally the day came and we went to pick my dad & mum before heading over to Bedok to have lunch and to get finger food for the party. I needed help to carry stuffs so my parents helped me. My in-laws helped to collect the balloons and to carry the drinks from home. My other in-laws helped to get ice for the drinks so thank you too!

I made alot of arrangements for the party but I’m glad my logistics worked out pretty well. I chose Sofitel as the venue because I wanted a suite where they allowed a small party to happen. To be honest I enquired with W Hotel too. My sis-in-law had her 21st party there but when I was enquiring, communication was slow, and they insisted it couldn’t be done until I told them about my sis-in-law’s birthday. They came back with an indemnity form where the terms do not seem favourable to the guest at all. Sofitel’s service was way above W’s, thus I selected Sofitel Sentosa.

I shall not post too many pics of the hotel as I want to keep that as a separate entry. So here comes the party!

This is my dessert table setup. It is right in front of a sofa, so I really couldn’t push the table further, otherwise there won’t be sufficient space to stand. Everything was setup by miss truly.

I bought the backdrop from aliexpress for USD32. I have people who are interested to get the backdrop so good news, I will be renting it out! It’s $10 per day and self-collection at East area. Easy peasy and you can save some money too. I got the chalkboard welcome signage from ezbuy for about $6, tablecloth from Textile Centre. $5 per meter and I bought 4 meters. Balloons from a carousell seller $1 per balloon and I wanted gold strings and 2 weights, so total came up to $19.20. The flowers was meant to be my bridal bouquet which I didn’t use, so here it comes to good use. The dessert glassware are also from ezbuy. Total 3 glasswares (but I only used 2) at about $32 for all 3. The glasswares were meant for my future home but well, this party needed it, so I brought them out to use. I have 2 treasure chests, one from Baros Maldives and the other was from NTUC. I’m pretty happy with the entire setup to be honest. What do you think?

The following desserts are sponsored.

Can’t do without macarons right? Seashell macarons with black pearls and the blue marble cookies are from Beikeryy. All the desserts weren’t too sweet and suits my tastebuds. I love that the shells were a little crunchy.

This…. where do I begin. 2 words. Sooooooo good! Communication was easy and she could understand exactly what I needed with the few sample pictures sent to her. She made a twist from the original pictures and created her own.

These gorgeous cupcakes are from mav.is_l3p (Mavis). I love those seashells and the glitter on them. My photos don’t do her cupcakes justice because the real thing really looks so much prettier. She really thought through the design of the cupcakes and she asked me if her ideas are ok. I didn’t have to change anything because they were perfect! She had many flavours to choose from as well and her specialty is actually chocolate. As I don’t take chocolate, I chose Lychee Rose Pistachio & Pandan Gula Melaka. So flavourful my tastebuds went crazy with delight! There’s the real lychee fruit in the cupcakes too. Craving for more!

These other cupcakes are from zizou-_cake_boutique. I love the pretty seashells macarons with shiny glitter! It is strawberry mascarpone flavour. The cupcake is fine and delicate and is very tasty, without being too sweet. Her cupcakes are very intricate and these are certainly instagram worthy. I simply showed Azizah what I wanted and left it to her to design. When I collected the cupcakes, I most certainly could not contain my excitement and happiness because the cupcakes really look super beautiful!

The largest cake I’ve ever had in my life other than my wedding cake which is faux by the way, this real 2 teir cake nearly made me cry from happiness. It is so so so gorgeous, and the strawberry flavour is super delicious! Totally under the sea kinda vibe with the mix of colours which I love. Got to give it to Yati from SapphireTouch because she was so sincere in her work. She didn’t have the molds for starfish and shells, so she actually went to buy the mold just so she could create this for me. I’m so touched by how she actually wanted to ensure that she is giving her best and her all to make my dream birthday cake. She also did a sketch as below and as you can see, initially the shells and stars were chocolates but after she bought the mold, she made fondant ones instead so that the colours will pop instead of having to colour the chocolates and the colour may not look as vibrant and chocolates will actually melt.

As for the gorgeous cake topper, it is from PolliePapeterie, previously known as Polly Parrot Kids. Likewise, I also showed them roughly how the cake topper I wanted to look like with the mermaid, I didn’t expect that they will include a seashell as well and making it super beautiful! The last time they did a topper for my anniversary cake as well and you can have a look here. It was my wedding logo and was so intricately done. They showed me 2 sample photos of the final product, and I chose this. I’m going to keep this topper too!

For the white based desserts stands and plates, these are from Absolutelyj from Carousell. She does rental of the stands so you can actually rent them for our party or dessert table. Saves you space and you don’t need to always keep using the same things over and over again. Plus, her pricing is very reasonable, so do find under user Absolutelyj on Carousell. Communication with her was very easy as well, and pick up location is at Yishun. I got the 14 pieces rental but if you like, you can rent a smaller number of items too if you think 14 is too many, depending on the scale of your party.

So here you can see the treasure boxes. I love the ocean, the sea and the enchantment under the sea, so Maldives was the pick for our honeymoon. I bought the treasure chest from Baros (the resort we stayed in) and I knew I will certainly use it one day. Those pearls in them I wish were real, but till then, they are just for decor sake. The other treasure box is from NTUC. I bought it when I was buying stuffs for the lunar new year and thought this will be a great add on to the party.

These labels I got it from Carousell as well. I showed the person the design I got from the internet and basically it’s done very well! Love it! It costs $20 for 20 labels. These are the door gifts for my guests. Nothing too expensive, but a little gesture to thank them for coming.

Some other food I got were like finger food like kuehs and from Old Chang Kee. It was for tea time so I didn’t prepare much food nor did I want food wastage. I’m so happy every ate everything!  

There were more food I suppose but I didn’t take a photo of them plus the drinks. There were wine and moscato too!

Should have placed the wine there for picture taking but I was already too busy talking to guests.

Side track a little, this is Prestige Suite room 312 and a peacock came to visit us. My dad & mum arrived together with us and they were thrilled to have a peacock outside, so here’s a picture of them with the peacock. Haha…

Right. So the birthday girl needs a photo on her own right?

This man. What will I do without you. I know I’ve thanked you many times but I will do it again. Thank you for all your effort and I know you really wanted me to be happy. Though it was tiring, but you halved the load and in the end you were very tired too. I love you sweetheart with all my heart.

With the fam. Thank you all for being healthy and I want to celebrate many more birthdays with you all. And, hey, we have a new addition to the fam! Hehe!

With the best in-laws one can have. My mother-in-lw especially who helped me to much for the party. From washing the disposable cups and helping me bring so many things. My father-in-law for driving them around and bringing additional wine, and my sis-in-law for helping me pick up the balloons and helping to wipe those cups too.

My other in-laws whom I see so often, I’ve become closer to them. 🙂

My favorite girl Ling. The most supportive, always wanting to create peace. A beautiful girl inside and out. Love you dear Ling.

My glam fam from Branche. It’s their working hours but Kai (salon director) actually gave them time off to come to my party. I invited Kai too but he already had an appointment so he couldn’t come. Thank you so much Branche team! I wouldn’t have nice hair and pretty nails if I don’t have you!

My favorite guy friends of my husband’s, Kelvin & Weiqiang. Thank you for coming and let’s plan for our monthly dinner! Mortons yes?

Alvin & Geraldine. Thank you for making the time and effort to come down to my party! Those with kids from our group wasn’t able to come because their respective partners had to work and it is tough looking after a baby alone. These 2 are gonna wed in October this year so congrats to you guys!

My sis gets to take a pic with her bf coz they came early and I know the backdrop is too beautiful. Hahaha….

Pretty well organized to get all 20 in a frame. Thank you everyone for coming!!! I would have loved to invite my colleagues and more friends to come but through the liaising with Sofitel, they only allowed up to 15 people in the suite and I have already exceeded that number. I don’t think it will happen but I don’t wish to be evicted from the room or something, so I had to keep to the number. My ClubSEWS guys couldn’t make it as one is in Japan while the other’s wife is gonna be popping any time soon, and Sentosa is quite out of the way for them to come. Dear Reiee had to work so these are my 20 peeps.

We took photos first before the cake cutting and then it was time to start on the desserts yes?

As it was Safori’s actual day birthday (19th), I got everyone to sing her a song, make a wish together and to cut the cake. It’s more fun to have someone to share with you the happiness right?

Never tried cutting a 2 tier cake before. Heh.

The two guys who helped. Thanks!!

You can watch part of the birthday celebration here.

Thank you everyone for coming to my birthday party and for the awesome presents!

Thank you Sofitel for the lovely venue, sponsors Sapphire Touch, Pollipapeterie, Mavis, Beikeryy, Zizou Cake Boutique & Absolutlyj.