Happy New Year!

How did you spend your NYE on 2016?

I had a quiet NYE. I spent half a day at work, and went to the Singapore Botanic Gardens, to be a tourist in my own country and went home to a pizza delivery meal. It was a good way to spend my NYE instead of hustling in the crowd which sometimes I feel I’m a tad old for this. Sometimes. Haha…

The year passed by with supersonic speed and as things get really busy in December with all the festivities and work’s been really crazy too, I’m glad to start the year on renewed gusto and hope. As we round the year up, looking back, it was a year of ups and downs. First half of the year wasn’t fantastic. It was a worrying time for my dad who was in hospital for weeks and he went through a major surgery. However, with God’s blessings, he is all well and there’s nothing more important than spending time with your loved ones really.

Work was just alright in the first half of the year because some things you really wonder why it is so, but through many people’s encouragement especially my husband’s, one day I just snapped out of the negativity and I managed to pick myself up. Things seem to look up from the second half and I’m really thankful for that. I truly believe everything happens for your higher good, so I guess that is what’s happening. Even kinship and friendships can turn sour, and it really does take alot to break out from all the things that made me sad. I stopped asking myself “Why?” but I believe I’ve done the right things, by not letting them hurt me further. With the year’s reflections, I’m determined to start 2017 as a new person, doing my best at everything and not complain.

I’m thankful for many ¬†things in 2016 too. For having my beloved family and in-laws as well as a few close friends with me, to have my readers and followers support and I really do want to create better content for you all. I’m thankful for the various sponsorships offered and taking nice photos and writing is what I love to do, since a long time ago. I’m thankful for the many trips made for I’m pretty much a wanderluster.

Secretly I do have some New Year’s resolutions but instead of writing them here, let’s see how far I can bring this to. Will it last till December 31 2017? I certainly hope so!

So anyway, on the first day of the New Year, it was a simple day but it felt really fulfilling. I lacked sleep like really. Work has been madness, and my brain just kinda stopped working when I’m like super multi-tasking and it just used up all the battery. I’m glad I had the chance to recharge. Packing up the room can be therapeutic too, seeing space on my cluttered floor. We went mass also and it was good to be in church. At that moment, it just dawned on me to forgive everyone who’s not been kind to me and I just kind of let it go. It was such an awesome feeling.

With this, I hope to have more time to do the things I love and to share more good things with you. Stay positive, love one another, keep peace and may 2017 be beyond fabulous.