75CL Tasting Lab- Singapore’s Leading Online Wine Company

Recently, I was invited down to 75CL for wine tasting. I’m a wine lover, and whenever I’m overseas at countries like Australia & New Zealand where vineyards are pretty common, my in-laws and I will always pop by the vineyards to check them out and to get a bottle of wine. We practically drink a bottle of wine every single night whenever we are overseas.

75CL is an online wine company which incorporates what consumers are looking for when they wish to get wine- cost-savings on premium wines and being able to taste it before buying. They operate on a direct e-commerce wholesale model to ensure customers get the best wholesale price and because they work directly with wineries, they are able to pass all the cost-savings to consumers. Isn’t that great?

Now, 75CL‘s model is rather interesting. I love the fact that one is able to try out the wine first before getting it, and what’s best about this place? They give you a stored value card for wine tasting worth $20 for free. Say what?

Despite its location at 8 Jalan Kilang Barat, I was surprised that there were  some people at the place when I popped by. Truth be told, I’m writing this not because this is a sponsored post, but, I honestly like the place very much. Even my husband, who is very critical when it comes to almost everything, finds the entire atmosphere of the place perfect for wine tasting and he enjoyed it thoroughly.

When we reached the place, there was an RX8 parked outside. #random

Yes, this place is not a bar, although I think alot of people who, once stepped into this place wishes that it can become a chillout place, because it is a really nice place! I can’t exactly describe the atmosphere because sometimes feeling is something indescribable, you need to feel it to know it, but I reckon this place is somewhat similar to how I feel when I’m overseas in a vineyard. Perhaps that is the reason why I love it so much, as it instantly brings me to somewhere overseas even though I’m still in Singapore.

This place is gorgeous, and those bottles of spirits make it look even better. Even the music they picked which was playing softly in the background was enough to make the whole place light up.

We were given a tasting card each, with a stored value of $20 per card to taste the wines available. Bahrin introduced the place to us as well as sharing with us which wines to try. He was very knowledgeable and I trust that you will learn something from him.

75CL consists of 2 storeys and this is the second floor.

How it goes. There are 56 wines available for tasting in rotation of every 2 weeks. You slot in your tasting card, pick the wine you wish to try, and the machine dispenses the wine. How often do you find a wine dispenser? I want one in my house too!

Sit and chill. Wines for tasting starts as low as $2. With the stored value tasting card, you can try a couple of glasses already.

This lounge area is nice to chill at!!

Did I mention they have like 1600 wine & spirit labels from all over the world. Literally spoilt for choice!

While we all know how some wine tasting is expensive, too chic, polished or even pretentious at times, at 75CL, they certainly don’t give me any of those vibes. It is casual in a well concocted environment. The class is still there, minus the stress.

Some of the spirit bottles are so eye-catching.

Some red wine please?

Sipping the wine and thinking how much I love this place!!

Once you taste the wine, you can actually buy it there and then, or if you like, you can also use their computers to buy it online. With every $150 purchase, they offer free delivery. If it’s under $150, there will be a delivery charge of $30. If you would like to get the wine urgently, they can also do an expedited delivery at an additional $30.  If you’re hosting a party and you run out of wine, get it from 75CL. They promise to deliver.

Time to order some wine.

Wines that are available for tasting usually comes with a discount as well. Check out the prices as below.

They even provide coffee upon request to wash off the taste of the wine so that your taste buds can start brand new.

The hubs is enjoying himself.

This is Bahrin and my husband, being someone who doesn’t like to talk much to strangers, actually talked to Bahrin more than I did. Bahrin made the whole experience even better, with his patience and knowledge and the wines which he recommended to us were all tip top.

My favourite has got to be the Riesling. I love white wine and the Riesling is sweet and my taste buds just screams happy.

If you’re throwing a party, you can consider getting the wines and spirits from 75CL since they offer free delivery above $150 purchase. Hassle free, just click and buy and payment is a breeze. Hey, Christmas is coming right?

If you like, you can also go their tasting lab to taste the different wines available and pick from there. You can even consider it as a date when you bring your partner along because you can sit there for a while while you taste the wines and soak in the ambiance.

The next time I need to get good wine, I know where to get it from.

Last but not least, the spirits and wine bottles make a good place for an #ootd. Haha..

So, navigating the website is smooth and easy. They also provide you FAQs and a popup chat for you to ask questions. The tasting lab itself won my heart.

You can pop by at

8 Jalan Kilang Barat


Singapore 159351

Mon-Fri 10am-8pm

Sat 10am-6pm



+65 6479 4506

Lastly, thanks 75CL for your invite and I look forward to come back to the tasting lab again. Thanks for reading everyone!



Kohepets- Singapore Leading Online Pet Shop

Everyone knows I have a pet bunny named Timmy and how much I adore him. He is my very first pet and needless to say, my family and I will always buy nice things and food for him. Kohepets.com.sg is going to be my new go-to because, they have everything I need; fuss free, plenty of selections and they can deliver straight to your doorstep in 2 working days! Goodbye to having to carry heavy things. Even though we are driving, sometimes it is actually cumbersome to even bringing the things to the car yes?

I think Timmy is super happy.

Processed with VSCO with e1 preset

Processed with VSCO with e1 preset

Don’t touch. It’s mine.

Processed with VSCO with e1 preset

The owner (me) is also super delighted too! He is drowning amidst the treats.

A closer look at each individual item I got for Timmy.

Marukan Dried Tropical Fruits for Small Animals 70g $5.50

Timmy loves dried fruits so yea, 2 packets for him. Of course, please do not feed your bunny excessively. Don’t forget his/her staple food!

Marukan Healthy Rabbit Lactobacteria Supplement 350g $9.90

I’ve not tried this before but from the description, it says that it helps to promote healthy immune system, reduces stool odour dramatically. Although Timmy’s poo doesn’t stink but I think it is important for pets to get some form of supplement, just as humans do.

Pettyman Small Animal Treats- Mixed Fuit 100g $4.60

Yes, another fruits treats. This is currnetly out of stock on site.

Pinkin Small Animal Teething Biscuits- Carrot Sandwich 80g $4.20

Although my bunny isn’t young anymore, I’m pretty sure he likes these. He loves his biscuits!

Marukan Hull Oat Crispy Crackers for Rabbits 15g $6.20

Timmy’s never tried this before either, let’s open him up to more food options.

I can’t find the information on the website anymore, it could be out of stock.

Marukan Hull Oat Stick for Rabbits 70g $6.20

Oxbow Bunny Basics/ T Adult Rabbit Food 10lb $20.40 

Timmy’s been eating this so yup, this is one of his staples.

American Pet Diner Timothy High-Fibre Hay $16.00

Timothy hay is a must and I’ve always been giving Timmy Oxbow’s. Time for a change!

Marukan Chamomile Shampoo Towel for Rabbits $6.90

Last but not least, shampoo towels for Timmy. I will actually bath Timmy, sometimes wet, sometimes dry. Because I don’t bath him all that often since they are actually very clean and they know how to clean themselves, I have plenty of shampoo stuffs left. I thought food is the one that diminishes the fastest, so most products I have picked are all food. This shampoo towel seems very easy to use for Timmy, thus let’s try  this!

Kohepets website is super easy to use and they have a search bar for you to search a specific item if you know the name. they have everything for dogs, cats, small animals like rabbits, hamsters, chinchilla, guinea pigs and birds and certainly no lack of products.






Kohepets is having a contest right now on their Facebook page. Halloween!!!

Dress your pups up and you could walk away with over $40 worth of hampers, courtesy of Silversky Pet Products & Stellar Pets. Checkout their Facebook page for full details. I hope you win a prize!

Thank you so much Kohepets for sponsoring my bunny with so many awesome treats. Visit Kohepets now. What are you waiting for? 😛

Thanks for reading.