Ezbuy.sg (Former 65daigou)


I’m the queen of online shopping and truth is, I enjoy online shopping more than I do in retail malls because it is definitely time saving and I can browse almost anything I want online, in the comfort of my home or even on the go when I use my mobile phone.

I’m no stranger to taobao but the truth is, because it is in Chinese, I find it really difficult to use, so I don’t buy from there but I buy from other China websites in English. Ezbuy.sg is my problem solver because it is in English and it links up to Taobao. I assure you, you can find quality stuffs there and do always check out the reviews whenever you’re intending to buy something. Although everyone will have their own different standards, but I’m sure when an item have more say 10 good reviews, I’m pretty sure you’re quite safe to get the item you’re looking at.

I love to get affordable and quality things and why I get from Ezbuy.sg is because I’m shopping directly from the country of origins which helps to eliminate any importer,exporter, distributor and retail costs. If you’re always buying things from Taobao, you may wish to consider getting Ezbuy.sg prime service because for an annual membership subscription fee of S$99.00, you get a flat fee of S$$2.99 shipping fee from ezbuy.sg Prime page per checkout, regardless of the size and weight of the item(s). Say what? I mean, if I’m getting really bulky items for example furniture, my shipping cost is only S$2.99. I will seriously consider this option when I’m shopping for my furniture for my future home and my friends who are of my age and having a house, you may consider this too. I can’t wait to buy mine!

With Prime, you get an instant upgrade to SVIP membership and you get to enjoy 50% savings off agent fee on Prime orders. This includes all Buy-For-Me services such as Purchasing, Inspection and After Sales Support.

For now, let’s start off with getting smaller items for myself. I love anything marble & unicorn and I’ve already told my hubby that we will definitely get a marble table in the future. I’m also considering a marble rolling pin. I saw it on Pinterest and thought it looked really good. I’m buying this marble accessories dish tray like right now from here.


marble dish

marble rolling pinAnd I’m getting this Unicorn accessories holder as well.  You can expect to see marble and unicorn in my future home.

unicorn accessories holder

So this is what it should look like, except that it is a unicorn instead. You may view the item here.


While searching for unicorn, I found this. It took my breath away. You can get it here.

unicorn helmet

unicorn carriage bed

And omg!!!!! If I have a daughter and I have ample space in the room, this is it. I need this Unicorn Carriage Bed!!! Get yours here.

So yup, you get the gist. From finding one thing, you will find 10,000 other things and fret over what to get. You can also shop for clothes, automobile stuffs and more!

Ok, that’s all for now because I’m going to browse a little more and try to decide what I want to get from Ezbuy.sg at this instant. Oh, and to sweeten up the deal, go over to bit.ly/sharonachia65 for a $10 voucher. Thank me later.