Disney X Coach Collection Launch

Hello there! Today’s post is about the upcoming Disney X Coach Collaboration and boy, I’m looking forward to see the launch which is happening on 24 June in Singapore!

You see, I’m a huge fan of Disney, ranging from the cartoons to going to various countries’ Disneyland just to relive childhood, therefore, this collab is definitely something worth going ga-ga over.

What I like about this collab is that Coach, being a designer brand, spells things with a touch of class. Thus, don’t expect anything too kiddy and I promise you what you’re about to see are all wearable for grown ups. Plus, the collab is solely on Mickey Mouse, yes the iconic mouse from Disney and nothing else, so if you’re a Mickey Mouse lover, you need to get this! I’ve selected what I like from this series to share with all of you.

Starting off, this is my favorite of the lot. This is the Mickey Dinky Crossbody in Glovetanned Leather. I like that the bag is very wearable on a day to day basis, depending on what you like to pair it with. I pretty much like how the bag is styled because the leather jacket and pants make this look kinda rugged and cool and this is probably how I will pair it as well. However, I can also imagine pairing the bag with a dainty long dress and the good thing about this is that the strap is detachable, therefore, you can even use it as a clutch. The size of the bag is just nice for me, so yes, this is definitely a bag I see myself carrying.

There are 5 colours available for this bag and they are chalk, black, red, flax and 1941 saddle. The whole of this series come mainly in these 5 colours, with some designs coming in only like 2 colours and etc. This is one of the bag which carries all 5 colours.

Mickey 22

While picking a bag, what is printed on the bag is something important isn’t it? For me, I chose chalk not only because I like the colour, but also because I think the Mickey is cute. He looks like he is jumping or his butt got poked and he jumped up in the air and I actually think that is cute. The one in black is also nice in terms of its colour because it is something that is extremely easy to match and I love the contrast in the colour of the trimmings. However, if you look closely, the Mickey looks crossed and I don’t want to look at my bag feeling crossed all the time. Lol…

Mickey 46

Mickey 21

Mickey 20

Mickey 19

Mickey 18

Mickey 17

Retail price

SGD825, USD395

Of course, if you were to ask me, it makes more sense for someone to get it from the US but unless you know of someone or yourself is heading there, to save the hassle, just get it in Singapore.

Second favourite item is this Mickey Kisslocked Bag in Glovetanned Leather. This bag is a no brainer for Mickey fans. The ears tell it all. It is eye-catching and the spotlight will definitely be on your bag.It’s a tough choice to choose what colour I will take but I think I’m going with red, for I like the added touch of the bag tag and the whole colour scheme is contrasting and pretty. Red, black and white.


Mickey 04

Mickey 01

Mickey 02

Mickey 03

Retail price

SGD825, USD395

Since I’ve mentioned the bag tag, here are the 4 Mickey Profile Hangtag in Glovetanned Leather. I will choose the first on the left. No apparent reason, I just like this.

Mickey 40

Mickey 41

Retail price

SGD60, USD25

A  saddle bag frees you from holding anything in your hands and it is crossbody, which makes it perfect for use in case you’re afraid of snatch thieves especially if you travel to a country with lesser security.

Here’s presenting to you the Mickey Saddle Bag in Glovetanned Leather. This comes in 4 colours and I will pick the 1941 saddle colour because a saddle bag needs to be in saddle colour. Pun intended.

I’m just kidding. Why I picked the 1941 saddle colour  is because I do honestly like saddle bags although I don’t actually own one. Think cowboys, boots and horses will ya? It seems like the right colour for a saddle bag plus the Mickey is wearing white gloves and the white really stands out. While the rest are beautiful as well, I’m going for the 1941 saddle please.


Mickey 08

Mickey 06

Mickey 06-1

Mickey 07

I don’t own any backpacks, except for times when I was in school because no one will want to steal your textbooks and notes unless you’re top in your class or cohort and I’m not one of them. While backpacks are great as it evens out the weight on both shoulders, I’m someone who may not be all that alert and I don’t want to find out that someone has taken things out from my bag without my knowledge. Moreover, I’m mostly in clothings without any pockets, which means it makes it difficult for me to reach for my phone if I’m using a backpack and I need to keep my phone in my bag. Otherwise I will forever be holding on to my phone in my hands and one day if it slips my mind, I may eventually forget to take my phone because I’m busy browsing the Disney x Coach collection in the boutique and I happily forget about my phone.

That being said,all points above are just pointing to me as an individual, though I can’t help but gush at the Mickey Rainger Backpack in Glovetanned Leather this collab has because it looks so classic! I selected this to put on my blog because I think they are nice looking, just that it isn’t meant for me. There are two sizes available in the US but only one size is available in Singapore. This is pretty much unisex so you can even get them like a couple bag maybe?

Mickey 28

Mickey 26

Mickey 23

Retail price

SGD1335, USD850 (bigger size)

For the smaller size (US only) USD695

The Mickey Crossbody Clutch in Glovetanned Leather is up next. Comparing to the Mickey Dinky Crossbody, I prefer the latter because it has an interlock opening whereas the clutch is a double zip bag. It is still nice, but if I were to get one, I will still go for the Dinky. I’m picking this colour Flax because I think the Mickey image goes well with the clutch and hey, he is roller blading!

Mickey 44

Retail price

SGD495, USD225

A smaller item on the list includes this dainty Mickey Envelope Key Pouch. Comparing the 4 colours available from US but Singapore carries only 3 colours, I’m picking Chalk as the contrast looks better, with Mickey’s yellow shoes and its interior is also yellow. Time to store my keys properly maybe?

Mickey 42

Retail price

SGD270, USD125

The Mickey Skinny Tote in Glovetanned Leather acts as a great document bag for some jazz to an outfit. Work outfits need not necessarily be boring when you have some grown up Mickey on it. It is still classy looking but there’s a tinge of childlike in you.

I’m going for the colour 1941 Saddle because I think I’m just biased against the angry Mickey in black. Moreover, it is nice for a change to ditch black an opt for some neutrals instead. Like the model, you can actually match a mustard top or bottom and it all blends in quite well.

Mickey 12

Mickey 10

Retail price

SGD1190, USD595

Fancy a pair of Mickey C101 sneakers? 2 pictures above shows the model’s styling with the Mickey silhouette while the one below shows the Mickey yellow shoe. I think it’s fun because you can sort of customize to your outfit with the additional purchase of the Mickey Hangtag Set of 4. Ssneakers are generally great for walking and I can’t say no to functional and stylish shoes can you?

Mickey 30

Mickey 29

Retail price

SGD545, USD245

This is what I’ve mentioned, the Mickey Hangtag Set. You can hook on almost anything or if you like, you can even hook it onto a chain or choker and it becomes a pendant. There is no hard and fast rule about the usage I guess, it all boils down to your imagination and fashion sense.

Mickey 43

Retail price

SGD315, USD150

Yes, yes and yes to a Mickey Motto Jacket!!! I’m a sucker for one and I’m always on the lookout for unique designs. I would wanna think that Mickey’s got my back you know, quite literally. Enough said.


Mickey 33

This damage will be

Retail price

SGD3500, USD1995

One of the priciest of the lot.

For a lady who loves charm bracelets (and I am one), this calls out to you. While charms are like girlish and all, I like that the Mickey Charm Bracelet comes in a mix of gold and black, which is every bit classy and think Great Gatsby. The bad thing is that although there’s a chain to hook for different wrist sizes, you’re pretty much bound by the size of the bangle. I won’t reckon this is a one size fits all but I think you really need to try on to have a feel of it.

Mickey 35

Retail price

SGD250, USD125

I’m certainly loving these Mickey Bookmark in Glovetanned Leather for I’m a bookworm actually. I can’t tell you how many bookmarks I have and I can’t seem to use them all, but I keep buying like nobody’s business.

If I have to pick one only, I will choose the one with the glove. You know why? If I happen to be reading a book with numbers, it might point me to some inspiration numbers and who knows, I might strike a lottery because of it! Totally kidding. I like the uniquely shaped glove. Yup.

Mickey 38

Mickey 37

Retail price

SGD80, USD40

As I’ve not chosen anything black yet, I’m finally picking one item out- Mickey Luggage Tag in Glovetanned leather because it will be on my luggage and if it is on my check-in luggage,, it needs to be back or else my luggage tag will turn out really dirty after taking a plane ride.

I don’t think anyone can be crossed if you’re going on a leisure holiday trip would ya?

Mickey 36

Retail price

SGD145, USD65

I like the fact that this collection added in things for home use and because I am getting my own place soon, I’ve been looking at home items. Isn’t the Mickey Coaster Set something you want your guests to take note of when they’re at your home? The coasters come in a set of 6.

Mickey 32

Retail price

SGD450, USD200

I wanna sit on a Mickey Bean Bag!!! Looks pretty cool for home and not too cutesy but the not too good thing is that if there happen to be any insect or like cockroach on it, I’m sorry you may not be able to see it. That’s the theory I have and have been telling my husband not to get any black rugs or carpet so that if there happen to be any insect, I will be able to tell immediately. Otherwise, this bean bag makes a very good home accessory.

Mickey 31

Retail price

SGD2600, USD1500

Last but not least, the collectors item- Large Mickey Doll. You need this to put on your bed, as a display piece, maybe in your car if you like. There’s a Mickey Bag Charm as well (not featured here).

Mickey 39

Retail price

SGD2600, USD1500

The one above is the large and they do have small and medium, in different colour clothings. Of course, the price for the smaller ones are cheaper too.

There are still a number of items I’ve not listed as I only picked those that I like. By ‘like’ it means that it is worth mentioning because it looks good, but my cash don’t drop from the sky. I simply gave my most honest opinion of all the products here.

If you like what you’ve read, don’t keep my blog a secret. Share with your friends and all Mickey lovers!



PS: All images except the first credit to Coach and all opinions are solely mine.

Centara Grand Krabi Review

And finally it’s the long awaited Krabi trip update! I admit I was kinda procrastinating when I see the number of pictures I had in my camera and it took me some time to pick those that I really would wanna share. All in all, I’m down to 50 over photos and all are edited, therefore, with a full time job, it really does take some effort to compile, edit, and lastly, to type this out. Not forgetting there are days where house chores need to be done, time to spend with family etc etc.

Nonetheless, I edited all my pics at one go, and it was rather satisfying to have achieved this for the day. I strongly believe in content creation, and not just pictures alone, therefore this post is gonna be so lengthy! Although I have to admit there are blogs that truly speaks with pictures, but personally I would prefer to read a blogpost with more information. I truly wanted to share how I feel about a certain place I’ve stayed, something I’ve used or some food that is so damn awesome, you just got to try it for yourself.

So anyway, here it is. My 4 days stay at Centara Grand Krabi! I’m so excited to share with you on this trip because it was truly a very beautiful place, lesser tourists comparing to places like Bali & Phuket, and if you’re from Singapore, you will certainly appreciate the fact that the airfare is very affordable. The flip side of it is that only budget airlines go to Krabi, so if you’re someone who hates taking budget airline planes, feel free to get a private chopper or something. Although I’m not too sure where you can land. 😛

As seen from my previous Chanel post here, I had the luxury to pamper myself at the beautiful and exclusive lounge before my flight, and the trip had already kickstarted things nicely. We took Tiger Air and we arrived in Krabi in less than 2 hours.

Upon arrival, we had the hotel staff whom we arranged for to pick us up in a private car. The perks of having the hotel staffs taking care of you, not having to feel lost and wondering where to head to to the ferry terminal and where to take taxis.

The friendly staff helping us with our luggages.

The surroundings were already quite pretty, so I shall just leave it to your imagination.

On board the ferry and not taking safety lightly. Remember your life jackets. It can potentially save your life!

When we arrived, we were greeted by this view. Happy people enjoying their swim. If you’re in need of peace, somewhere where you can chill and relax, I will certainly recommend Krabi.

One tip if you’re considering booking The Centara Grand, you may wish to upgrade to the Club Lounge because it is really worth your every penny.  It is in the affordable range from what I remembered, you can always check the rates from agoda.com because that was where we booked our room.

While the tourists (including myself and my hubby) were being ushered off to the main lobby for check-in, we had the luxury to be treated like VIPs where we were led to a different place with air-conditioning to do our check-in. If you’ve been to a beach resort, you will know that usually lobby areas are not air-conditioned.

While the staff was attending to us, we didn’t have to queue. We were asked to enjoy the mini tea-time buffet spread. The selection wasn’t plenty, but is good enough for tea. They even have different timings serving different types of food where if you’re here at like 3.30pm or something, they will serve Thai kueh kuehs. At night, there will be cocktails. Everything is inclusive of the price you’ve paid.

Their cookies are super delicious by the way, and I kept going back for more.

Cooling and enjoying the whole VIP treatment.

After our food and lazed around for a while, we made our way to the room. Definitely no complaints! Spacious, what I would expect of a good beach resort hotel, and the view is omg omg. The only thing was I spotted a stain on one of the pillow case and we called housekeeping to change. Unfortunately, throughout the entire experience we had over here calling housekeeping a couple of times, as their English proficiency wasn’t great, there are times we got a little frustrated trying to get across to them what we needed or wanted. I guess housekeeping needs to brush up on their English language so as to be able to better serve the guests. They are actually very polite nonetheless, so we couldn’t get angry at them.

This was the view I wanted. When I was reading the reviews from Tripadvisor, I kept telling my husband I only want the room with outdoor jacuzzi.

And hey, this is the outdoor jacuzzi tub!

Tranquility at its maximum. 4 days whizzed by too fast, and I can’t tell you how much I’m missing this place. They have bath salt and bath soap provided for, so you need not bring your own. It is super bubbly! I didn’t soak myself in the jacuzzi on day one actually, but I thought this picture comes in nicely to showcase the balcony area. Do get a room like this with the outdoor jacuzzi. You won’t have regrets.

Exploring around the resort and this calls for an #ootd! I had to do 2 advertorials- one for Purpur and the other was for Rent A Dress. Top and bottom pictured below are from Purpur.

This view tho.

The resort has its own private beach, therefore it is definitely not crowded and is more exclusive and clean.

We were fortunate enough to come across a wedding that was taking place, and we kinda gatecrashed it (not really coz we were standing at the side, not within the wedding reception area), and these 2 kids are super adorable! God bless the couple for an everlasting marriage.

Back to the room to have a rest and to change to something more suitable for a resort. We came back to this.

Centara Grand gave us  a lovely strawberry shortcake as my husband emailed them to enquire about anniversary perks. We wanted to sort of celebrate our monthly anniversary for our dating date and they gave us this yummy cake and fruits. Thank you so much and to my lovely husband for this special arrangement and telling the resort not to give chocolate or cheese cake. Already give you a cake for free and still so many requests. Hahaha… but, this is what we call a 5-star hotel/resort kind of service right?

At night, as we walked down to the dining area, it was massive humid. But I guess staying in a resort it’s ok to feel warm anyway. ^__^

We chose Thai food for the night. Food was delicious!!

After dinner, we headed to the lounge to get our liquor fix. This is hard liquor by the way and is so good. We went 3 consecutive nights for this.

The next morning, after a good night’s rest, we had breakfast. We had two choices- one was to go to the main breakfast area where the they had an international spread and it was a relatively large buffet area, or to go to the lounge to eat. As the lounge is small and we wanted more varieties, we went to the main area. Likewise for the second day which was a Sunday, where they had a pianist playing in the morning a the main area, so dining was a bliss.

In case you’re not aware, there are free roaming monkeys everywhere. They are pretty much harmless unless you go and attack them. Otherwise, they will be most happy to get some food from you. This monkey was eating a grape given by someone. The monkeys literally roam everywhere, even to your balcony, so my advise is that you don’t consume any food in the balcony unless you want monkeys as your companion. Also, do keep your doors to the balcony shut as there are cases where the monkeys raid the room and open the fridge door. Omg! Otherwise, they are cute little animals. I had fun watching them. But I kinda freaked out when a relatively huge one was walking by the balcony. I tried to take a photo of that monkey but he/she went too fast.

This is what I wore to channel the Coachella vibes. Photo taken in the spa area. We went through the menu and decided to take a couple spa package.

The whole day was spent playing around at the pool, the beach, kayaking (which the resort had a one hour free kayaking session), lazing around, using the jaccuzi, and it was time to head out to Aonang Beach.

I had a change of outfit.

The hubs googled to find out the ways to get to Aonang Beach. One was to take the hotel free ferry shuttle, and after which we needed to take a tuk tuk to the town area, or, we can reach by foot by taking the monkey trail.

Wanting to take a little adventure, we decided on the monkey trail and oh boy, what a wrong decision made!

Firstly, the heat and humidity was bad enough. I think I perspired more than when I go jogging. Secondly, it was nearly dusk when we started the walk. There aren’t many people around and the place looked a little creepy. On top of that, the entire trail looked like someone hammered blocks of wood for people to walk on. I was so afraid I will walk onto a plank and the plank will give way. Or I will accidentally step into space and fall through the holes in-between the steps. Scary max.

I think it has got to do with the time we went because it was getting dark and all. Obviously I was being too careful to hold my phone or camera to take any pictures. Here are 2 examples of the trail I grabbed from the net. Photos credit to respective owners.

So imagine walking through this when the sky was turning dark. I have no idea why I said ok to walk back after our dinner because by then it was dark. Like seriously. As my husband was walking behind me, I was afraid he would suddenly disappear or something. I think my mind was full of those scary movie scenes. Although the entire trail was relatively well lit, except for certain spots we needed to use our flashlight, it still gave me the creeps. If you like, you can walk the trail in the day. Unless you’re very adventurous, you may try it at night. However, it is highly not recommended for kids and old folks as the trail isn’t that easy to walk.

The good thing was before we exit from the beach to start the trail, there’s a security area and they will ask guests for their room number and likewise when we were back, they also made sure we were guests of the resort.

So anyway, we survived the trail and here’s Aonang Beach town area.

We across this stall that sells a snack which my hubby loves. Look at the number of people. It has got to be the most crowded stall!

This is like the Thai roti prata or Thai pancake. We had the one with bananas. So good.

After walking the town area and getting souvenirs, we finally settled down at this place called Thai Thai for dinner. The food was alright, not too bad, but I would say the best. And it was kinda sad that they ran out of coconuts when all along I thought that Thailand would have coconuts aplenty. Even in the Thai restaurant in oour resort, they didn’t have coconuts either.

The next day after breakfast, we spent some time taking some shots together, as well as taking my outfit for Rent A Dress. They are a luxury brand boutique where they offer a variety of dresses from day to evening gowns for rental. Here, I’m wearing a dress from For Love and Lemons which you can rent it at Rent A Dress, and it is one of my favorite brand at the moment.

Here’s a super short video featuring my dress.

Then, after the previous day watersports, it was time to relax at the spa. I read the reviews on Tripadvisor and alot of people all enjoyed the spa very much, but honestly for my husband and I, we have been to better spas. I’m not someone who enjoys massage all that much, and I went only because my husband wanted to. We had a milk bath and the tub was so small, even fitting one human in the tub is considered small already, and I’m talking about us being in an Asian size. Although we took a couple package, the bath tub was really too minute.

Even the room in the spa was nothing much to wow about.


The services provided by the masseur was good. They were nice and friendly. As I said I’m not a fan of massage so I didn’t enjoy it all that much, but it’s just me.

Then, by the time we were done, it was around 7.30pm. I wanted to get a moisturizer from them and then it was time for dinner.

We opted to have Japanese for that night. We had teppanyaki and the food was really delicious. If we had made prior reservations, I think the chef would have came out to show off his skills but the tables at the chef there were already filled. So we had our dinner without the ‘show’.

The night came too soon, we had our last bit of lounge usage before we went back to the room and prepared to go home the next morning.

We had our breakfast at the lounge that morning because the main lobby was further and we wanted air con and use of the washroom before heading to catch the ferry.

Our flight was at 11.50am and we booked the ferry at 9am. I would strongly suggest that you take an early shuttle because they took more than half an hour loading trying to get everyone, then they had to organize all the luggages and humans into the ferry, and it took around 20 minutes to arrive at the pier. From the pier, it took like half an hour to reach the airport.

We made it to the airport at around 11am. Thankfully there wasn’t any queue, so we went in rather quickly and still had some time before boarding to get some snacks.

Overall, my experience at Centara Grand was really good and if I would want to go back there someday and see how I can make the experience even better. Thank you to all the staffs for the hospitality you’ve given us.

Last photo when we landed in Singapore. My dress is what Song Hye Kyo wore in Descendants of the Sun.

Thanks for reading and I hope that my review has helped you in your travel plans to Krabi.