Chanel Beauty Lounge at Changi Airport Review

The Chanel Beauty Lounge is the first and only in the world and aren’t we lucky it landed in Singapore? Located in Changi Airport Terminal 3 Departure Transit Central Store, you will literally need an air ticket to get in here. Not only that, the Chanel beauty lounge is strictly by invitation and I’m glad I get a chance to try out the services from the lounge.

The invitation card reads that it is best to make an appointment prior to visiting the lounge, just in case they may not have enough staffs to render their services.

From the phone call and making the appointment, it was a breeze. My invitation is open to 2 pax, so of course I had my travelling partner with me, who’s none other than my hubby.

Walking up the beauty lounge already seems so much like a VIP because it is so exclusive and there weren’t that many people, comparing to the hustle and bustle below the lounge. 

This Chanel Number 5 mesmerizes me.

The ladies from Chanel were polite and offered to keep my extra baggage for us and making sure we are comfortable. As the husband sits there to wait and because my invitation is for 2, the beauty advisor managed to convince my husband to go for a head & hand massage while I opted for a makeup service because I didn’t put on my full makeup. I gave them 20 minutes to complete because we were kinda rushing for time.

As they prepare, I had abit of time for some photos.

The lounge basically spells class and elegance.

This is my tired face as we left home at 7.30am and our flight is supposed to be at 10.10am. We left early because I wanted to spend some time at the lounge and we wanted to have our breakfast as well.

The beauty advisor prepped my face and lips with moisturizer and the mist smells so heavenly! As I’ve done my eye makeup, the lady helped me to put foundation, blusher and lip colour. Quite unfortunately, I didn’t have time to take a photo of my finished look although I did a snapchat video, I forgot to download my clip and after 24 hours it was gone :(.

As I embark on a pre-flight luxury discovery on their skincare and makeup, the hubs had a relaxing head and hand massage done by a Thai masseur. After which, he kept telling me his hands smelled really good. Hahahaha!

I have to say their service was excellent and it was what I would expect coming from Chanel. Due to the exclusivity of the place, the beauty advisors were highly attentive and sweet. I’m also very much ecstatic that they invited me back to the lounge! Hopefully, with my next upcoming trip in September, I will have the time to hop over to their lounge again and I hope this time round, I will be able to show you all my finished look.

Last but not least, thank you Chanel Beauty Lounge for this little gift for my hubs and me. Chanel stickers and eye mask. Time to put to good use for me to sleep.

Thanks for reading.