Trash Candy Hong Kong

Sorry it took a while because I had some problems sorting out my photos from my Hong Kong Trip and finally, I took the time to blog about Trash Candy.

It’s my second time receiving a sponsorship from them and still everything is amazing. If you like, you may read more about Trash Candy here and my outfit post for them here.

When I went in early January, they had an amazing collection which they had Sailor Moon items. Yes, that’s right. Who’s a Sailor Moon fan? I, for one was a fan when I was young and this definitely jolted my memory. I’m wearing the Luna bag. Too cute. I regretted not choosing this as my sponsored item actually.

They also have T-shirts and jackets available.

As always, their candy-coloured items brightens my day.

This was what I shortlisted. It seems to suck you in. Hehe…

Their all-time best-seller, the leather jackets.

Pondering… which should I pick?

Eventually I chose this tassel clutch because I was looking for a unique black clutch and this is something which I will use time and again.

This is also selling like hot cakes apparently. I hardly use a backpack but this calls out to me too! The only reason why I don’t use backpack is because I’m afraid someone will steal my things because I can’t see my back. Lol…

Thank you so much Yoki for your kind hospitality and also to Liz who couldn’t make it on that day.

You can ttrust that their items are of good quality and trendy. It’s actually a store I would pop in if I happen to come across it. You can find Trash Candy at:

K11 (Name of Shopping Mall)

Trash Candy

18 Hanoi Road

Tsim Sha Tsui

Hong Kong

Level B229A

You may also like to get updates from them by ‘liking’ them on their Facebook page & ‘follow’ their instagram @trashcandy_store.

Thanks for reading!


Lin “林” Rooftop Bar Review

Just last week, I saw someone recommending about Lin “林” Rooftop Bar  and I thought it will be a nice place to chill. So I dated my husband (to be exact I asked the husband to bring me there and he paid for the food hahaha) to have a meal there.

It is located on the rooftop of Link Hotel, in the quaint Tiong Bahru neighbourhood area. After a long day at work, who will say no to a good meal coupled with drinks and a pretty awesome ambiance with a relatively pocket friendly prices on the menu?

Stepping into the hotel lobby, this was what we saw.

Looking pretty stylish for a budget hotel.

Up the lift we go and we set our eyes on this.

The first time we were there, we reached around 8pm, and it was already dark. We were paying customers then and I was already ready to write a review nonetheless. So, imagine my excitement when I was invited to go there again for a food tasting session. The second time was more epic than ever.

This was just yesterday, when we arrived at 7.25pm. 🙂

I’m not too sure how is the crowd like on weekends because while both times we were there on a weekday, it was quite a nice and quiet place to chill. However, I was told by the manager of the place that some days especially on weekends, it is rather busy. When he has the time, he will PR with the customers and it was from there, we actually learnt more about the place.

If you’re looking for a venue for a party or post-engagement party kinda thing, good news to you! They don’t have any venue charge, which is very awesome because alot of places will charge you for the venue. You can quote them your budget and they will work according to your means to come up with what they can offer for you and your guests. I have to say this is a gem found because the place looks lovely, and they will actually close an area for you and your friends for the party. Isn’t that awesome?

Bearing in mind Singapore’s heat, there are ample fans that makes the place breezy enough, coupled with the occasional natural winds.

The first time, we ordered a mango juice and 2 Steak & Fries. It boasts a generous portion of a 200g ribeye steak with fries and home-made coleslaw. While the taste of the steak is good and the portion is just nice, it was a little unfortunate that they couldn’t get the doneness right. As I have a weak stomach, I will normally go for medium-well steaks, which, in general you won’t be seeing any blood. However, when I cut the steak and blood oozed out, I had to send the steak back and requested for well done instead. Steak & Fries costs $19.80, so for the price and the portion of the steak, I wouldn’t have much complaints. I mean, where can you find a 200g ribeye for the price right?

The second time when my steak came, it still wasn’t well done but it was good enough for me to eat most of it. While the manager actively apologized for it, he, at the same time recommended their signature dishes instead and that they will take my feedback seriously. I’m normally not much of a fussy eater but because I had bad diarrhea once when I ate a more raw version of a steak somewhere else, I’ve been very careful about my steak.

If you’re a steak lover who loves your steak done in medium, I’m sure they do a pretty good job at it. However, if you’re like me, then perhaps you can go for their other dishes because the second time I’m there, I’m so amazed by the food, I promise to go back there again for more.

Looking at the food pictures at lunch hour as I’m typing this, it’s making me very hungry indeed.

Happy husband. ^_^

That day I went to Branche so I had pretty hair!

Here’s my mandatory #ootd shot wearing #cmeocollective or #cameothelabel.

Pictures below were taken just yesterday. In the lift and up we go!

Yesterday, Roy, the manager recommended 2 Asian cocktails. For me, he picked Princess Lotus and for my husband, it was the Tipsy pig.

You can have a look at their menu and their prices. All mains are priced under $20, which is pretty much of a good deal isn’t it?

They also have daily specials so you can choose which day you wanna go to get the best deal!

Rustic and totally instagrammable place.

That’s my Princess Lotus. It is the perfect ladies drink created with the aim of cleansing your palette after a hearty meal. Some of the mix include vodka, grapefruit and syrup, mint leaves to balance the acidity of the grapefruit plus a few other ingredients. You can think of it as an easy version of mojito. I love this drink and its name! Haha…

This below…. OH MY GOD. Have you ever tried liquor with bacon? Or its just me coz I don’t usually take much of liquor except like wine and sometimes beer?

The Tipsy Pig, described as a gentlemen’s drink but the ladies will love it too. Bourbon, Benedictine and DOM are added into this in-house specialty to create an awesome “Lin Asian Cocktail”, designed to prepare your appetite for the mains ahead. Take note: This drink is specially served with a crispy strip of bacon freshly torched on your drink to the perfect texture.

Instructions: Take a bite of your bacon strip, and drench it with the alcohol in your mouth. The taste of the drink changes with each mouthful, thanks to the bacon-alcohol combination, who would have guessed!

This below is like my favorite. For the tapas named Yin Yang, it’s a home-made fish otah on snowy soft lotus bun topped with coconut cream, mussels and prawn bits. This is like so yummy, I kept gushing to the husband about it.

This is the Juicy Lucy Beef Burger. Roy recalled the last time what happened to the steak, so he asked me if I would like it medium well or well done. I chose well done and this time round the burger is excellent!

It comes with a 180g beef patty, caramelised onions, bacon, cheese (which I omitted) and rocket leafs which helps to cleanse your palette. All these are tucked between 2 perfectly toasted buns served with coleslaw and fries drenched in classic 5 spices seasoning.

Who would have thought oxtail stew made it to my mains? I won’t normally order this dish but since it’s a recommendation, we took it. As we don’t take spicy food, this is exactly what we want. It is non-spicy, and it boasts a tantalizing fusion-inspired dish created by marrying the western slow braised oxtail stew with Asian soup-kambing syle. The result is a tasty and easily digestible delicious stew with tender meat. Don’t forget to dip the thin baguette slices into the stew. Yes, we finished everything.

Last but not least, if you’re lucky, per table with every 2 main courses ordered, you get a slice of their home-made cheesecake. We had the oreo cheesecake which is da yums. Because I can’t really take cheese, I did eat a little to satisfy my curiosity. I’s really yummy, but would be nicer if it is colder. Haha! Then I had food coma.

Not forgetting my #ootd right?

Leopard prints can be quite difficult to pull off and if you’re not careful, you might end up looking really uncool. I hope how I paired my otherwise loud prints is well enough with a black fitting top with lace.

Top is from the de-funct M)phosis and leopard prints bottom is from Michael Kors.

For a classier look, pull hair back and put on a pair of simple dangling earrings. #sharonstyletips

Lin “林” Rooftop Bar is located at

50 Tiong Bahru Road

Singapore 168733

Contact: 94874290

I’m rating this place a 4/5. I think it’s really worth it to go there for their food and unique Asian cocktails. Plus the fact that the place is really quite pretty. Thanks for reading everyone!