Top 10 Destinations To Go To In My Bucket List

Something different which I thought I wanna share would be the Top 10 Destinations to go to in my Bucket List. I’ve travelled quite abit in my opinion, but of course comparing to many others, the places I’ve been to may not be all that many, but I have to say I’m already fortunate enough to have visited places where they were previously on my bucket list like Paris, London, Rome, Venice, Milan, Maldives, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Tokyo, South Korea etc. All places below are my personal choices and it would really be awesome to tick them off one by one.

Here, I’m going to share where else I would love to go to and at the same time, it might also be in your bucket list too!

1. New York City

Hail those yellow cabs and sashay in those fashionable outfits you see in Sex & The City. I’ll be really honest. The reason why all the places appeal to me is because we see so much of it in movies. I would love to think The Big Apple as a super romantic place other than Paris & Venice. I think 3 main reasons which make me wanna visit this place would be because of the movies Serendipity, Sex & The City and lingerie giant, Victoria’s Secret.

And of course, how can I forget about catching sight of the Statue of Liberty?

NYC-Statue of Liberty

It’s strange why our Singapore taxis are not iconic, unlike New York’s yellow taxis and London’s London cabs. πŸ˜› However, if you were to ask me, if I’m not a born and bred Singaporean, Singapore would actually be a place on my bucket list. I think Singapore, being a tiny dot, has achieved so much. Looking at Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, Resorts World, Sentosa, these are good enough reasons for someone to fly here isn’t it?

Ok, I digressed. Back to NYC.

NYC- Sex & The City

All girls secretly love Sex & the City. Yes it’s true. It’s about the fashion and the sex. Admit it.


The Manhatten.

Next, the movie Serendipity stays in my head long since after my husband and I watched the movie outdoors at The Jewel Box for Valentine’s Day, probably in year 2011? It’s been 5 years, but I have to say I still love the movie. The scene at the ice-skating rink at Central Park is sweet and beautiful. I would wanna ice-skate here while there’s slight falling snow!

NYC- Serendipity Ice Skating Rink

NYC- Serendipity Actors

Needless to say, if I ever go to NYC, I will have to visit this cafe. It’s a MUST! The movie was named after this iconic cafe.

Don’t these look mouth-watering?

NYC- Serendipity Cafe Food 01

Of course, not forgetting NYC’s Victoria’s Secret flagship store which is another must visit place for me. Those who knows me know I love VS to the core.


Perhaps, just perhaps, there will be a supermodels outing there. That will be my dream come true!

Β The only thing that deters me from going is the number of hours I need to be in the plane. I’m really not that huge a fan taking planes for too many hours. Perhaps when I do make the trip eventually, I would need a place to stopover for a night before continuing my flight.

Lastly, I would love to visit NYC during their Christmas season because their Christmas spirit is probably like no other.

Don’t forget the Rockefeller Centre Christmas tree light up.

2. Las Vegas

Las Vegas 01

Las Vegas 02

Las Vegas, besides for their Casinos, I don’t have much impression of the place except that I would like to see a place with that many Casinos, other than Macau. It’s pretty much chi chi too I feel, or maybe movies made the place this way. I would love to explore this place and see what I end up with. I’ve never done research about Vegas too, so I can’t say for much what do they have.

Let’s not forget about the famous line of “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” It’s like a place to be naughty in. For the definition of naughty, I shall let you define your terms.

One thing I would wanna do is to watch a Broadway in Vegas. Actually I can do that in New York too. When I was in London, I wanted to watch one too but time wasn’t in our favour then. Or how about magic shows in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas 03

3. Los Angeles

It’s a no brainer if you are here. You need to see that Hollywood sign and take a selfie as all tourists would do. Perhaps you can spot some Hollywood celebrities too.

LA- Hollyood

LA- Hollyood 2

Let’s take a walk on the Hollywood Walk of Fame would ya?

To get a bird’s eye view of LA, you can come up to the Griffith Observatory.

La- Griffith Observatory

Then, there’s the pretty lamp posts good for a photo spot at the County of Museum of Art.

LA- County Museum of Art

I think LA, as compared to NYC, is a quieter and more peaceful place to stay in. It would be a place worth exploring and I would wanna come here when I go to the States. According to my friend who have stayed in LA for a period of time, she told me LA is a much better place to live in than New York. I think New York is all about how the movies made it up, still, I would want to make a trip there.

4. Iceland

The only reason I would subject myself to extreme whether condition is to see the Northern Lights. I think it’s worth seeing it for just one time in my life. It will certainly be an amazing moment which I will probably never forget.

Such is the wonderful nature of life that God has created. Perhaps I can do Finland- Christmas Village too to see the Northern Lights. Hmm.

Iceland 03

Iceland 01

Iceland 02

A must see in Iceland would be Gullfoss Waterfall. Isn’t it amazing that our mother Earth has such a magnificent place?

Iceland Gullfoss

5. Spain- Barcelona

I’m not sure why I want to visit Barcelona actually. The name just strikes me. Maybe it’s a football club and footballer I used to like came from Barcelona.

My previous trip to Europe, I had wanted to include Spain but because we didn’t have enough time, so we strike it off from our itinerary.

Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain

I think their architectures are one of a kind, which is worth a look.

Barcelona 02

One place not to miss in Barcelona would be the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia. If you’ve been to Europe, I’m quite sure you would have step foot into one of the Basilicas to have a look. They all look amazing by the way, and maybe because I love the old churches alot, thus Basilicas appeal to me. If you look at their intricate artwork, you will be awed.

While you’re there, hopefully there will be a soccer match. I think it will be really cool to watch a match there, even though I’m not a huge fan of football. I think, to soak in the ambiance and everything. Why not?

Barcelona 03

6. Switzerland

I love this place for its serenity and peace. Everywhere you go to seems so calm and beautiful. I heard that Switzerland is also safer in terms of travelling in Europe. Again, this was a place we wanted to plan in to our itinerary previously but we didn’t manage to do so.

Switzerland 02

Switzerland 03

Switzerland 01

This is Old Town Lucerne, which has the vibes of Venice if you were to ask me. I wouldn’t mind sitting at the alfresco area sipping a cup of coffee.

Switzerland 07

This would be Mount Pilatus, apparently a place to check out.

Switzerland 06

Why aren’t our libraries built like this? This is Abbey Library. I can be a librarian here really.

Switzerland 05

7. Greece

One of the reason why I wanted to see Greece is because I have a friend who is a Greek. He told me all the stories of Greece and how beautiful it was. From what he said, I can tell he is very proud to be a Greek. Therefore, places like Santorini and Mykonos are not foreign to me.

Greece 01

Santorini in the day above and sunset below. How beautiful it is.

This is the Parthenon on the Acropolis of Athens.

Shall I stay here?

Β 8. New Zealand

This shall be checked off from my bucket list soon because it’s high chance I will be going in September this year! I can’t wait! I love Australia like alot, but my husband keeps telling me it’s because I’ve not been to New Zealand. The scenery is the kind I would like, only that it is much, much prettier.

As I will be travelling with my in-laws and they have been to South New Zealand before, so this trip we will be heading to the north. Although most people says that if it’s your first time going to New Zealand, it’s better to go to the South first. To me, it really doesn’t matter. πŸ™‚

I mean, take a look at this. I don’t mind spending my retirement time here really. Singapore, although is nice, is just so stressful. I like the simplicity of life.NZ 01

This Waitomo Glowworm Cave is I can’t even…

Yay to Lord of the Rings fan because Hobbiton is at North New Zealand! And yes, this will certainly be in part of our itinerary.

9. Turkey

I think Turkey is quite an interesting destination, having one foot in Europe and another in the Middle East. There is some mystery about the place that makes it very intriguing. I just asked my husband if he would like to go to Turkey with me. He said no though because it’s not a place he is interested to go to. I shall spend more time convincing him that we should go there one day. One fine day.

Turkey 02

Turkey 01

I mean, look at the pictures. Don’t you wish that you can too visit this place?

Turkey 03

I’ve always liked hot air balloons. But somehow it scares me because I’m afraid what if the balloon collapses? It will be such a great experience to take one and fly up into the sky, together with the many other balloons.

Turkey 04

I think this looks really interesting and I like the nickname of this place called the Cotton Castle. It does look like cotton! This is Pamukkale Travertine Terraces.

Turkey 05

10. Dubai

I was contemplating whether to put Egypt in but eventually I took it out because I think although Egypt seems like a cool place to have a look, I’m afraid of going into the pyramids. I trust that I do not wish to disturb the dead and let them have their peace instead. However, to experience a desert, Dubai seems like a good choice. Moreover, they have 7 stars luxury hotels for accommodation, I think Dubai makes it into the list!

One thing to note is their modern infrastructures.

Dubai 01

The Burj Al Arab is not to be missed.

Dubai 02

Dubai 08

Below is the Atlantis the Palm Dubai Hotel. All of them look so grand!!!

World best underwater hotel.

Dubai 10

Dubai 06

Yes to this room please!

Dubai 07

With such relaxing stay, I will go to the desert to have a feel and to have a meal there, all for the experience.

Dubai 05

Dubai 04

Dubai 03

Why I love to travel is that it really opens up one’s perspective of life. Different places have different cultures, you see the rich and the poor. For the many people who always complain about our Singapore’s train systems and train faults, you’ve not met situations where workers go on strike, dim lit stations which feel so ghostly and scary, even if you’re with a group of people. Trains that are sardine packed which is 5 times worse than our peak timings. Well, this is just an example.

As much as we complain sometimes, without a doubt Singapore is a relatively safe and clean country to stay in, despite the high costs. When we talk about high costs such as buying a house, what about Hong Kong and Japan, who are our Asian counterparts?

Food for thought.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Top 10 Destinations in my Bucket List and you can make your own too. I just spent 3.5 hours on this blog post. Wow.

Thanks for reading!



*PS: All images used are found from the Internet and all images I credit to their respective owners. Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos.

ASUS ZenFone 2 Selfie Review 2

The ZenFone 2 Selfie is certainly a phone I will keep in mind if I ever wanna get a phone if my focus is on taking selfies and pictures as well and watching movies for its screen size. It is great to play games with too because the screen is big enough but I’m not exactly a gamer. The photos which I took all turned out very well except for low light because most phone cameras are not meant to take pictures under low light, unless you use flash but direct flash will never make a picture pretty.

For my first review, click here.

All pictures below are self-taken and I actually used a camera to take the photos which I took using the phone. I took plenty of examples to showcase pictures under different lighting.

Indoor yellow lights.

Outdoor evening.



Low light. I was trying to take a photo of my dog wagging its tail happily.


In a restaurant with my parents.


Selfie! I love how the beautify function beautifies us immediately. Say yay to smooth skin!



Selfie in the car in a carpark.




Bright and sunny day.








All pictures are un-edited. No photoshop, no meitu. The pictures quality are definitely great because both the front and back camera is 13 megapixels. For the back camera, it comes with laser auto-focus, as quick as 0.03 seconds and it can focus on what you want to take.

What I like about the phone is that it is affordable. In the market, it is around $200-$300 without a telco contract. Moreover, the phone battery is removable, thus if you ever need to replace, a battery, it is easy and you don’t need to bring a portable charger along with you.

When you need to switch on your camera, all you need to do is to swipe an ‘S’ motion, and your camera will turn on!

The size of the phone is average I would say because I think it really depends on personal preference. Some people like bigger screens while some would probably like it small and sleek to put it into your pocket or a small bag.

For a full charge, it takes about 2.5 hours, so having an extra battery while on the go will help! I think if you’re not a heavy internet user, the phone can last you an entire day without having to charge your phone.

As mentioned in my first post, this phone comes with 3 colours and I’m pretty sure if I’m the one buying, I will have a headache because all the colours are just too pretty. Even if you’re a guy, you can always explore more colours isn’t it? πŸ˜›