Organic Makeup from Pretty Fresh Shop

This is the 3rd time the Pretty Fresh Shop sent me their things from their shop and boy, am I loving it! As always, I will test on the products first before giving my review so that it is my most honest form of sharing with each and everyone of you out there.

Whenever you receive a pretty looking box, it’s always a joy. I love receiving parcels. It’s pretty much like receiving a surprise right to your door step!

The first item is t he liquid foundation from FitGlow. I use makeup on an almost daily basis, so it is important to find one that doesn’t clog pores and one which can last me throughout the day. On a typical work day, I start my makeup regime at around 6.30am. By the time I’m home from work, it is usually after 9pm, and that’s essentially over 14 hours of makeup on my face. If you talk about how lasting the foundation is, I would say it is very lasting because for one, I’m usually very lazy to do any touching up when I’m out, only when I have oily t-zone that’s when I need a blotter and if I have any zits, I would touch up the spots only. Other than that, I don’t really touch up my makeup. Therefore, the conclusion is that this liquid foundation lasts me throughout the day and what I love about it is it nourishes skin with certified organic aloe juice, carrot oil and neem oil. It is also rich in antioxidants and vitamins and it is so much more than a regular foundation but it is a powerful step in fighting free radical and UV damage. Also, this is great for rosacea and sensitive skin. Isn’t it wonderful?

The texture of the liquid foundation is a little dry, so do take some time to blend it into your skin.

The FitGlow Conceal + helps to conceal any imperfections on the face. For me, I use it on my zits and sometimes reddish-looking skin caused by my zits surrounding the nose area. As I have an oily t-zone, my nose tends to have more zits than any other parts of my face. Sometimes I think I look like Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer but thankfully there’s foundation and concealer to save the day. I prefer using my fingers to apply foundation and concealer; although the blending may not be as good, but I think it is actually cleaner because using the same brush or sponge daily means that it gets dirtier by the day and all the bacteria may build up over time. The texture of the concealer is creamy so just take your time to blend, blend and blend. 🙂

The next item is FitGlow Good Lash Mascara. Whenever I use a mascara, I need 4 things. Length, volume, curling power and waterproof. This mascara has it all and that is sometimes difficult to find. I’ve used many mascaras before and alot of them don’t actually promises what they are advertised. I’ve used branded brands mascara before but it is too heavy on the lashes and instead of helping my lashes curl, it makes my lashes droop instead. Argh…. the agony. With so many hours out, it is important that the mascara don’t smudge, so finding one that stays on the whole day out is really important. Don’t forget we may go out for dates and we might watch a sad movie or something and we may cry so yea, you don’t want to have panda eyes when you walk out of the theatre. 😛 Good Lash natural formula with organic rica bran oil coats lashes with vitamins and anti-oxidants, enhancing the condition of your lashes and promoting growth. Say YAY!

Sorry, it was kinda difficult to take a close up pic of my lashes, but basically, it is able to hold my lashes after using the curler and it doesn’t smudge a single bit!

Last but not least, the item up on the list is from Lippy Girl. It is Vegocentric- A vegan lipstick. I’ve never used any vegan lipstick in my life before and from the moment I used it, I’m sold. Initially when I see the colour of the lipstick, I was thinking it is kinda dark for me to use on a regular day, more like what a vampire would like (in a good way, think Kristen Stewart in Twilight) so I was finding a chance to use it. Finally, yesterday I had a Christmas dinner with my family and I thought it might actually suit what I’m wearing for the day, so I took it to try. I was truly expecting it to look exactly like the colour that I see, but when I applied it on my lips, it was a softer hue and I could apply it onto my entire lips without having to blot anything off! Major love!!!!! You know how some lipsticks can be so drying on the lips after some time? Apparently this lipstick is none of that. It has jojoba seed oil, shea butter and more as its ingredients but those 2 are famous for their goodness so I’m pointing out those 2 ingredients. It moisturises my lips so well, I’m thinking of using this colour for work. The name of the lipstick colour is Girl Boss. I love the name. Haha!

My done up look. PS: I always use falsies but it is important to put mascara first before the falsies so that your falsies will look like your real lashes!

With just a couple more days to Christmas, if you desperately need to find any gifts or perhaps something to pamper yourself, log on to to get yourself or someone a gift! They have many items up on their site so slowly browse through it. Happy shopping!