BRANCHÉ Head Spa & Christmas Nails

I think readers would know by now that my call of taking sponsorships or doing a review is definitely something that I’ve used for myself and what exactly do I see myself benefiting or not benefiting from it.

About 1.5 months back, I was at BRANCHÉ to color my hair, and Kai suggested that I try the head spa. The head spa is done by hair tech Kento, who specializes in this area. Kai helped me do a new autumn color which I so love, he mixed ash and purple to get the autumn shade.

I went to the salon looking like this. My hair is super fine and limp, and that’s something I can’t change. Some people likes my hair because they think it is very easy to manage, while personally I long for very voluminous hair.

This is quoted in one of Singapore’s magazine as one of the instagram worthy hair salon. True that.

As you can see, at the top left corner or my head, the hair is more sparse and because of my very fine hair, it makes it look even worse. So I picked promoting hair growth head spa for the day.

I was in the mood for a champagne.

Always love browsing through their vast range of magazines but I will always choose those Japanese magazines first because my work has Prestige and Tatler already. 🙂

Kento on the left and Kai on the right. Massive treat that day. 😛 This is my first time talking to Kento and he’s really kinda shy. Haha! Anyone wants a Japanese boyfriend? He’s single and available and do super super good head spa! Talk about relaxation huh.

My second drink for the day, my favorite pineapple teatrico.

Then I was whisked into their hair wash area where I swear it was so relaxing I almost fell asleep like perhaps 8 times during that 1 hour duration?

The place is kinda dark for that relaxation so some photos I took were a little blur. Pardon me. Kento asked me to choose among 3 which I wanted so I picked the relax scent.

This is used together for the head spa. I think it is sea salt.

Strawberry shortcake head.

Kento in the process of massaging the goodness for my head was not captured, but it is seriously so very relaxing, I really don’t mind doing it everytime I’m there. Lol!

My hair is styled by Kai, called the Motemaki Hair.

I like the soft curls. Since there’s a full shot, here’s my #ootd for the day.

Top: Abercrombie

Shorts: Montrose Desires

Shoes: Tory Burch

Watch: Coup De Couer

Bangle: Victoria’s Secret

And hey, it’s definitely all good! The reason why I took so long for this post is because I wanted to see what’s the effect of the head spa. It helped me to reduce hair fall which is awesome, and I’m seeing some baby hair growing out. The one thing that was suppose to come with it was a 30 days homecare set which I didn’t get, but if that came in together, probably it might have worked even better. Thank you Kai for the awesome cut and color and the motemaki hair styling as well as Kento for the head spa I’ll probably never forget for the rest of my life. Lol! The head spa + cut + 30 days home care set + microscopic scalp analysis costs $580. If you’re in need to save your scalp and reduce hair loss and have the urge to splurge abit since Christmas and bonus is coming, please do contact Branche!

On another day, which is about a week back, I went to Safori to do my nails. When I went in I saw some samples she made and I fell in love with one of the set and it was a Christmas set. As usual, dearest Safori would write a card which is very personal, and now I’ll ask to keep the card because I’m sentimental like that. I think it takes effort for a person to get to know the other person and be genuinely interested as well. Thank you Safori for your friendship and of course, the fabulous set of nails.

Yes, is teatrico again.

Caught sight of a new art work in the salon. Chanel anytime! Recently I’m very much into art because my hubby and I are slowly sourcing things for our new place.

When Ichi delivered the drink, I saw his nail and marveled at it. Work is done by Safori of course. As you can see, even though it’s grown out already, it is still not chipped or anything. Safori has the best skills really.

Art on the nail.

The Japanese men has a way to have nail art on their nail but still look manly. How so??? Hehe!

With the awesome & cute Safori. For the full write up on the my first experience with Branche Nails, click here. For Branche Nails, first times get 20% off so rememeber to quote my name “Sharon”. Also, they are having a jewelry promotion, up to 30% off! The jewel can be reused so you can keep it and the next time you can always come back and use the same jewel again.

Check out my Christmas nails. The real thing is definitely much nicer because it is so shiny and all that my picture don’t do its justice.

Head over to


13 Stamford Road

B1-33 Capitol Piazza

Singapore 178905

Contact: 67023036

XOXO! Pamper yourself this Christmas!!

SOIGNÉ The Label By Jessica Tham @tippytapp & Off The Hooq Launch at Monochrome Bistro

A couple of weeks back I attended the launch of  Soigne The Label launch together with Off The Hooq at Monochrome Bistro by a popular blogger in Singapore, Jessica or better known as Tippytapp. Her designs were minimalist, elegant and classy. The setting of the place and her clothes pretty much gelled together.  

The food from Monochrome Bistro was really delicious. I’m waiting for the chance to go back to the bistro to dine proper.

With my partner in crime.

This one below is oh so good.

While guests entertained themselves with food and mingling, finally the show started. This top pretty much caught my eye and I knew I had to get it. Her designs are exactly the clothes Jessica would wear herself.

The designs below are from Off The Hooq.

I like this jumpsuit! It’s elegant, edgy yet a touch of class and sexiness entwined together.

Pic below is from Off The Hooq. Can you spot me trying to take a picture?


You have to check out the model’s earcuffs. So pretty!

This playsuit is also very elegant and I’m loving the sleeve. Apologies I couldn’t capture a very good close up.

The ladies who made the event possible.

Then, it was time to start shopping as there was a special 20% off for all guests that night.

Bumped into Tricia. I was kinda sad that I couldn’t make it to Tricia’s launch for the media invite for her label as I was in Japan, but I’m looking forward to your next launch!

A pic with the lovely lady boss. Can you see I’ve already started shopping? :p

Spot Jemma!

Goodies bag from the event. They gave us vouchers to Monochrome Bistro, so I told the hubs let’s go back there to eat some time.

What I wore to the launch that night. The Geek top was a huge thing some time ago but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear it again just cause it may not be in trend anymore. Personally, while going for trend may not be a bad thing, don’t be a blind follower. What you have in your wardrobe can still be worn if you really like it. Don’t worry too much about trends really. Wear what you love and be comfortable. 🙂10658744_10153037934680683_1926922323575110233_o

To showcase the top I bought from Soigne The Label, here it is. I wore it last week to Digital Fashion Week. I’m loving its unique and wearable design.

Sorry, took me a while to put up a new entry. Blogging while holding a full time job ain’t easy but I will persevere, because I really do love blogging!

Have a wonderful Deepavali!