Tokyo Day 2- Asakusa & Lunch Click

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So, Tokyo Day 2. Day One was very tiring as we didn’t sleep enough in the plane and we went for the fireworks and all. By the time we were back in the hotel and went to bed, it was probably around 12 plus am. I wanted to go out early in the morning but we really couldn’t pull ourselves out from the bed. We ended up reaching Asakusa in the noon. If you’ve missed Day One,  click here.

Asakusa is the center of Tokyo’s shitamachi (literally “low city”), one of Tokyo’s districts, where an atmosphere of Tokyo’s past decaades survives.

As below, this is the Kaminarimon, which is the first of two entrance gates leading to Sensoji Temple. It is a very popular tourist spot.

Whenever I visit places with historic values, it is always intriguing on its very carefully crafted engraved walls, ceiling etc which probably means something which I don’t know.

There are plenty of trinket to buy at the Nakamise Shopping Street. A good place to buy all the souvenirs. They are open from 9am to 7pm.

It was the 9th of August that day and while I’m not in Singapore to celebrate the golden SG50, my heart is still with my home country. I came prepared to wear this red and white #ootd to match our Singapore National flag.

Even my hubby joined in the fun by wearing a red and white shirt.

Headed over to Ninja training school so that I can be a ninja and jump and use nunchucks. #justkidding

Here at Asakusa, you will see many tourists dressing up in heir yukata during summer. I’m no different from the many girls who wanna look like a Japanese for a day. Believe it or not, this is actually the part I look forward to most while I was planning the trip.

I did alot of research to see which shop I can go to for yukata rental. Initially we approved the tourist information centre and they directed us to this other store which provides rental and all, but the price was around S$80? It was expensive and the yukatas they showed me were very limited. I knew there would be shops in Asakusa itself renting but just that we needed to find. We tried using the GPS and the GPS brought us a long way to this place below… but eventually we found it! All thanks to the hubs.   

I’m afraid I don’t have the exact address anymore, but you can just google Asakusa Yukata/ Kimono rental and you should be able to find quite a few of them. This one which I went to is small, but the Japanese were very polite and they speak a little Mandarin. It costs around S$38, including a pair of socks and a simple hairdo. The rental is for 5 hours if I’m not wrong, but by the time we found this place, I’m only left with about 3 hours.

The very nice lady from the shop wanted to take a photo of me which I obliged, and she asked if I wanted a photo with my husband, which I gladly agree.

We were famished by then so we started looking for food.

While searching for food, we passed by areas which were pretty so more photos were taken.

This is a historic place, therefore wearing a yukata/kimono has got such ‘feel’.

The ever famous #followmeto series. The photographer plays a huge part in taking a nice photo, which my hubby took a few tries to achieve what I wanted. Thanks hubs!

This must be a very good temple, so many people were praying, and taking photos!


This is where you write your prayer.

LUNCH!!! We searched quite a while before deciding on this place. The food looks enticing and relatively affordable. Besides, we were too hungry and tired and hot from all the walking.


The food was good but the sushi was kinda weird. We didn’t like the sushi.



This has got to be the best because we were so hot and this really made us feel a whole lot better. Shaved ice to the rescue.

After a hearty lunch, we continued to take a walk and we ended with with really quite alot of souvenirs.

Spamming my yukata pics. It’s not everyday you get to wear  yukata and not have people stare Sorry!











After an exhausting many hours at Asakusa, it was time for dinner. I think we bought KFC back o the hotel to eat.

While on the way back to the train station, we caught the Tokyo Tower.

Back to Ebisu area, where they are holding an outdoor movie event.

Oh yes we finally made it back!

The next day we need to checkout already, so more pics of this beautiful place.






It was 9 August right, so I brought along my SG50 McDonald’s Hello Kitty as my additional travel companion. The kimono one I got it at Asakusa. Drinking our champagne before knocking out.

Prior to bed, we inhaled the city view of the city lights, spotting the Tokyo Tower once more.



Till the next post! Muacks!

Tokyo Day 1- Obon Festival & The Westin Tokyo

It’s been a couple weeks since I returned from Tokyo. It’s been a great trip except for the weather which was really hot. Seeing Tokyo for the first time in my life is pretty much what I imagined- kawaii girls on the streets, yummy ramen, Disneyland, Shinjuku scramble etc. I’ll break down my 10 days trip into different posts because I really have way too many pictures and I need time to sort and edit them.

I took a midnight flight so that when I arrive in Tokyo the next day, my day can start! It’s always a joy to step into Singapore’s Changi Airport, where your shopping can literally start because there’s no tax. I try not to spend too much time walking around in case I wanna start my shopping spree. Haha!

Spotted a gigantic pair of golden wings. It’s sooooo Victoria’s Secret I just had to take a photo! Albeit I’m a tad less sexy than the VS model. Oh well. 😛

We went to the airport’s Long Bar by Raffles, window shop abit and off to the departure gate.

I’ve been to Terminal 3 many times but this is the first time I set my foot at Long Bar and discovering they had a view like this. Awesome or what?

Hey, my partner in crime!

My hubs looks so tired… Time to sleep and we’ll wake up to Japan.


We’ve safely touched down and here we are in Tokyo! We took an airport limousine to head straight to the hotel. We chose The Westin because we are very much attached to the hotel branding since we held our wedding banquet at Westin Singapore. Also, it was the Obon festival and all hotel prices jacked up by quite abit, and we realized that the price we are paying for Westin equates to the other hotels too, so why not Westin right? It was alot of work researching and planning our itinerary.

We were greeted by a spectacular lobby. Westin never fails to impress.

Mystical creature…

Super love the 3 angle mirror!

Westin gifted us with a bottle of champagne and some chocolates. Check out the fireworks on the chocolate.

I love their bathroom the most. Usually I won’t take photos of myself in the bathroom but this is really beautiful.

By the time we settled down and headed out, it was almost 2pm. We explored our surrounding area and wanted to find food. Opposite our hotel is the Ebisu Garden. A really lovely place in the day as well as night. Peaceful and eateries all around.

Then we went into a mall (sorry I don’t remember the name of the mall) and we settled down at this place.

I’m like spotting all the girls wearing yukatas and stalking them. :X

After lunch, we headed straight to Tokyo Bay, where they are having fireworks display for the Obon festival. The estimated number of people who will be at the Obon Festival is like in millions. Indeed, the trains were jammed pack with people and I salute to them how they are able to squeeze in the train.

What is Obon Festival?

It is a Japanese Buddhist custom to honour the spirits of one’s ancestors. This Buddhist-Confucian custom has evolved into a family reunion holiday during which people return to ancestral family places and visit and clean their ancestors’ graves, and when the spirits of ancestors are supposed to revisit the household altars. It has been celebrated in Japan for more than 500 years and traditionally includes a dance, known as Bon-Odori.  -source Wikipedia.

We went to Decks shopping mall where we shopped abit first and trying to decide where we can watch fireworks because apparently it is not free. Those public areas that you can watch are all closed thus the only way to watch is to pay. We decided on this restaurant because it is one of the cheapest we found. Each person is close to S$90 for a set meal and where you can watch the fireworks in peace.

The food looks good but the rice tasted strange. It’s like some sweet rice.

The fireworks were very pretty and it lasted for over an hour. Pretty worth it if you ask me. I didn’t manage to capture the super beautiful ones but this will suffice too.

After the fireworks ended, we stayed around abit more to wait for the crowd to ease. We went outside the deck to have a look.

By the time we reached back our hotel, we were really tired. So that concludes our day one in Tokyo!