BRANCHÉ Volume Rebonding & Refine Hair Colour Review

Whenever my tresses get a little out of hand, I have the awesome stylists behind Branché to fix it. If you wish to find out more about Branché, do read my very first post about them here.

In short, they are a Japanese luxury hair salon located in Capitol Piazza, otherwise known as the old Capitol Theatre. This time, my hair was getting frizzy already and I was told my hair color was a little too bright for work. Zzz… So I decided to tone it down. Actually, almost all my photos are color enhanced and it really depends on the lighting too. If I’m under blue light, essentially I will have blue hair no?

Anyway, I wanted a new hair color too. My stylist Kai couldn’t make it for my appointment, so he had Ichi to help. Ichi did my hair styling for Singapore Fashion Week for the Love Bonito x Tex Saverio show and I love it very much! You can view my entry here.

After their consultation, it wasn’t wise for me to do both volume rebonding and coloring on the same day so we did the volume rebonding first.

Ichi working his magic.


Tada! My fabulous hair.


One of my friend commented that Ichi’s dress sense is very good which I totally agree. I love how he pair his scarf like a tie yet he’s looking all dapper! Very fashionable hair stylist. I like!


This is Naz, a very nice receptionist unlike alot of salons I’ve been to previously who were really kinda stuck up at times.

The following week, I went back to the salon to do my coloring. Ichi did refined hair color for me. He picked highlight in ash, lowlight in dark brown and base colour in ash brown. All 4 photos below are un-photoshopped with bright lights shining onto my hair.


My Before hair colour.




My after hair color. It is really kinda difficult to capture the real colour so just look for me to have a peek at its true form ok. 😛


Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

And…. My mother-in-law decided to come with me and that’s the reason why Kai did her hair while Ichi did mine. My MIL enjoyed the process tremendously and of course she got the 30% off as well. By right, the VIP room is used only for customers who spend $500 and above, Kai very kindly allowed my MIL to use because she injured her leg and it was abit inconvenient for her to be walking to and fro to the hair wash basin. Thank you Kai for being so nice!!

Check out my MIL Before Hair.

After! All of us exclaimed that her hair is super nice! Thanks Kai for your fabulous touch, making my MIL a happy woman.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Lastly, we had to enjoy a glass of champagne before we leave. Till next time!Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

I’m loving my new hair colour and my hair isn’t so flat anymore as compared to usual hair rebonding. Also, going to the salon is always a pampering treat!

Don’t forget to quote “Sharon” to get your 30% discount for all alacarte services for 1st time customers and to look for Kai or Ichi.

13 Stamford Road

B1-33 Capitol Piazza

Singapore 178905

Contact: 67023036

Give them a ring now to find out more and ask for a quotation 🙂

Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine Hong Kong

Singaporeans are mostly foodies aren’t we? Always in search of good and interesting food all over the world. My reecent trip to Hong Kong was mainly about food, and it’s not even shopping. I’ve been to Hong Kong too many times (I’ve lost count) but each trip I’ll make it a point to try food that we’ve never had.

So this trip was also about exploring new place to eat and I chanced upon this place, the Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine while I was doing some research. Being somewhat a Hello Kitty fan (I’m a sucker for all things cute really), I just had to go there after looking at the photos and even after reading reviews online about their food being just so-so, I just had to try it. Mostly, it was also for instagram worthy pics I wanted to take.

I went on the last day I was in Hong Kong because it was a Monday and I reckon the queue should be shorter as compared to weekends.  I reached the place at around 1pm. Being the summer season, it was SO HOT. Like really hot, hotter than Singapore. Can you imagine?

The wait wasn’t too long thankfully, it took us about 15 minutes. However, the restaurant was really quite small, therefore they didn’t have enough space for those in the queue to be in the restaurant and we were literally baking in the hot sun outside.


While being baked, of course there would be photos opportunities.


Uh oh… more people going in!!



Of course, before taking photos, we took a queue number first.


Interior of the restaurant.


Check out these people who are waiting for their seats. It was really too hot outside so we squeezed into the restaurant too for some air con. Stuck near to the entrance, there were some items in the cabinet for us to have a look.



The wait was about 15 minutes and we got a seat.


Everything was nicely done, with the table having a Hello Kitty face to the teapot, plates and later on, discovered that the dim sum ‘long’ also had Hello Kitty imprinted on it. Do note that their menu is entirely in Chinese so if you do not know Chinese, I guess you will need to be adventurous or play it safe by selecting those with pictures.


Their mains.


And their too cute dim sum.


Our seat was just beside the place where service staffs clear the food and normally I wouldn’t sit close to the area because I don’t find it all that clean but ass it was full house, I had no choice but to sit. Unfortunately, the thing I least wanted to happen happened- a staff was clearing the food and some water or maybe soup splashed on my feet. Zzzz… However, I’m mostly a nice person so I just took a tissue and wipe it off. If you can, do try to avoid sitting at the place right beside where the staffs clear the food.


In the background, people were taking pics of a huge Kitty.


Soon it was my turn before the food comes.



The first item that came was Char Siew Sou (Barbeque Pork Baked Pastry) at HKD48, SGD8.40. Having read multiple reviews being the food was really just alright, I didn’t set my expectations all that high and I was pleasantly surprised that it actually tasted good. My husband thinks it was nice too so yeah, you can be convinced now.



Next up, there’s Har Gao (Shrimp Dumpling) HKD 68, SGD 11.90 and Liu Sha Bao (Chinese Molten Salted Egg Bun) HKD 62, SGD $10.85.



The har gao was also nice! Only one had the kitty face, so my husband let me eat the one with the face. He wants me to be cruel and destroy the kitty.


The liu sha bao’s taste was good too but don’t expect the salted egg to be dripping kind. It’s a little dry if you ask me.


When I took this photo, my husband asked me not to post it because it looked quite gross. It feels like I’ve just cut off part of the Hello Kitty’s head. Indeed. So if you really love Hello Kitty, think twice about eating them. Hahaha! Just kidding!! It’s just food ok, don’t take things too seriously. I just wanted to show you, the salted egg really wasn’t dripping kind, the way it was meant to be. It is named ‘Liu Sha’ for a reason.  IMG_5730

Side note, if you spot a can of coke, it is mostly mine. Whenever I travel, I need to drink coke. Don’t ask me why. Sugar rush maybe?


The beef kway teow HKD 108, SGD18.91, with the egg shaped like Hello Kitty’s bow, was a disappointment. Forget this main course until you find somewhere where someone’s review says that it is nice (obviously after my post because it means that they have improved :P). The kway teow was hard and was probably under-cooked. Although the taste wasn’t all that bad but the texture was really just erm….


Last item on the list was a Prawn Cheong Fun (Prawn Steam Rice Roll) HKD48, SGD 8.40. In Singapore’s context, it is commonly known a Chee Cheong Fun. We took the one with prawns. The rice roll was abit too much to my liking but my husband loves it so I guess this is subjective and different people has different tastes.

Before we left the restaurant, I took a clearer pic of the items in the cabinet which I believe is for sale. As I’m going to Japan next month and I’m 100% sure I’m going to get something Hello Kitty, I decided to save the money.



How to get there? It is actually walkable frorm Tsim Sha Tsui although it is a distance because when we went off, we ecided to explorr the surroundins and saw signs that pointed us to Harbur City (located at Tsim Sha Tsui). To make things easier to get to the restaurant, just take a MTR straight to Austin Station, and you take Exit F. Once u reach this part ass below, just exit at Bowring Street and you should be able to see the restaurant.


Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine

Shop A to C, Lee Loy Mansion. 332-338, Canton Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Contact: +852 8202 8203

Opening hours: 11am-11pm Daily

Queue tickets are issued till 3,30pm, and cleaning starts at 4pm is their cleaning hour. The last order is at 10pm)

*This post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own.