Riders Cafe Singapore

It was a bright and sunny Sunday when my husband and I went to the Riders Cafe for brunch. It was also the day we started our first lesson in learning the Japanese language, so as to prepare us for our virgin Japan trip! I’ve always wanted to go to Japan for the longest time and when I was ready to go, the Fukushima incident happened and then it was pushed back for so many years, and finally, this year we will be heading there. I’m excited to the max! More about the trip in other posts.

So today, I’m sharing with you my experience at The Riders Cafe. I stay in the east so it was really quite a long drive. Along the way, the tranquility of the place made me feel really happy, away from the stress of work and being surrounded by nature.

Riders Cafe is a restaurant serving delicious contemporary comfort food in a casual and relaxing space, right in the hearts of Bukit Timah. If you’re lucky, you will spot owners with their horses for training as well as leisure riding. As this is a very popular spot for brunch on weekends, I made a reservation 2 weeks before just to ensure I don’t have to wait long for my seats. I also requested for balcony seats but they said it was on best effort and first come first served basis.


My main purpose of going to the Riders Cafe was really more of seeing horses than the food, although I must say the food didn’t disappoint.


Alighting from the car, we managed to catch sight of one horse!




I have to stress that it was quite a warm day but the fans did do its job rather well.



This is the balcony area which we didn’t manage to get but I was ok with it as the sun was glaring in and it was pretty warm already even when we are sitting near the balcony. The host was very good  though, because he knew that I wanted balcony seats and he ensured that when someone who was sitting at the balcony left, he approached me to ask me if I wanted to shift. Eventually, I declined their good offer because I was happy with my seats. Moreover, there were no horses in sight so yea… IMG_4724



For drinks, as it was a warm day, I wanted something cold and healthy so I had orange juice while my husband needed his coffee-caffeine fix, so he had flat white. Good cafes will be able to make coffee art!



The hubs ordered a Breakfast Beef Taco (eggs, cured beef, cheddar, potato hash, tomato salsa) while I had the Broiche French Toast (with burnt bananas, bacon, honeycomb butter).




It was really delicious!!! I have a sweet tooth and my food really catered to my taste buds well. The serving was huge and perhaps it was the first meal of the day and we are both not huge eaters for breakfast to begin with, so we couldn’t finish our food.




After we finished our food, we explored the place a little to see the surroundings and we spotted some horses.



Ending the post with an #ootd



Top: Alexander Wang

Jacket: Forever 21

Self-ripped jeans: Bangkok (I actually cut the jeans that very morning)

Shoes: London Rebel

Bag: Prada

Shades: Gucci

If you would like to visit The Riders Cafe, don’t forget to make a reservation (not on the same day) early so that you’ll be guaranteed seats. This place is a must visit if you would like to be away from the hustle bustle and it’s a nice cafe to bring your kids to.

They are located at

51 Fairways Drive

Singapore 286965

(Bukit Timah Saddle Club)

Contact: 6466 9819

Thanks for reading! Xoxo

 *All opinions are my own and this is not a sponsored post.



Victoria Beckham x Nails Inc Nail Polish

Latest celebrity collaboration that I’ve been waiting for is this nail polish from Nails In x Victoria Beckham. There’s no need to introduce Victoria Beckham right? Almost everyone who is savvy enough to use the internet and computer and watches tv in the 1990s will know who she is, or will know who her husband is.

A style icon and designer, previously from a well known pop girl band Spice Girls, she’s dabbled into designing and very much successful in what she’s doing.

Even the nail colors she came out with is like perfect- matches her style totally- Posh. The 2 colors are Bamboo White (essentially your nude) and Judo Red (orangey-red). Even the packaging of the box is so pretty, it’s to die for.
2bvictoriabeckhamnails_V_03dec14_pr_bWhen she came to Sephora to launch the nail polish, it was on a Tuesday morning. I was sooooooo sad that I couldn’t make it to see her as it was a working day and looking at my schedule, it’s unlikely my leave will be approved as there wasn’t enough people to work on that day. Being responsible like that, I’m not one to get an MC even though it was an event that I really, really wanted to attend. This is work ethics. 🙂 However, having friends everywhere is definitely a plus because I managed to get a personally signed box by Victoria Beckham. I chose the Judo Red because usually I will paint my toe nails myself because I like to change toe nail colors very often and I prefer brighter or darker colors. Being quite rough at times, my finger nails have to go for gelish so that my pretty nails can last longer. By the way, this pretty nail polish retails at $39 a pop.




My not too pretty feet/ toes but with a pretty color to save it. Hahaha! I use Face Shop base coat and top coat.



Overall, I’m loving the color because it is really bright and the texture is great. I just painted my toe nails yesterday and I’m expecting it to last at least 8 days or more without chipping since it’s on my feet and not on my hands. So today, I shall make the effort to wear non-covered shoes to show the pretty color.

Hope that you are enjoying your week thus far. It’s mid-week already!

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