How to Style Your Designer Bag (Chanel)

Introducing Chanel Pre-Spring Summer Collection 2015- Chanel Deauville Bowling Bag in Denim.


Photo shot by: @Veljanelle and loving my vertiginous heels which I hardly wear.

There’s all the hype about Chanel lowering its prices especially in Asia and fans in Asia can certainly scream for joy. You can now get your dream classic bag without having to fly all the way to Europe. Albeit Europe is still a huge draw with its beautiful architectures and the need to experience at least once in your life, but hey, now you can grab what you like in your local boutique. What’s not to shout “Yay”?

So, recently, I was reading Bagaholicboy’s blog. I’m a huge fan of his blog by the way and have met him in person. He’s a really friendly guy. If you are into designer stuffs, you can head over to his blog because his blog is all about designer products.

He introduced Chanel’s Pre-Spring Summer 2015 Collection and I fell in love at first sight at the Chanel Deauville Denim Bowling bag. There are 2 schools of people here. One- no way am I getting a non-leather bag. Two- let’s see how I can pair this denim bag with my outfits, plus it’s lightweight!

I used to own a Chanel 2.55 but I sold it away because mine was a medium and I somewhat think that it was too small for me. Eventually, I got a Chanel Boy in medium red. Lol. I love the color so much that I just had to get it. I own a fair number of leather bags and the one thing that’s not too great about it is the weight. It drives me crazy sometimes even when I use a small leather bag but it is just so heavy!

When I saw the Deauville Denim Bowling bag on Bagaholicboy’s blog and the price was at SGD2840, I just had to get my hands on it. Initially I was still a little wishy-washy because my husband and I just bought a house and I should start saving money for our house already. Actually we do, monthly we set a certain amount to go into our joint account so that when the time comes, we will have a pool of money set aside for renovations and of course furniture. Just that it will be even better if I have more spare cash lest we need it right? Thus, I pushed the thought away and wanted to bury it deep. I did share with my colleague who’s a Chanel fanatic and she was 100% more excited than I was.

One day, when I was on off, my colleague got hold of my mobile number from another colleague (didn’t realize we never swap numbers with each other before. Lol) and she called me using a private line. I thought something happened at work which needs me to rectify. In the end she called to tell me she went to the boutique at Marina Bay Sands and was told in Takashimaya, the bag I was looking at were all sold out. She asked me to quickly make my way to the boutique at Marina Bay Sands to have a look and buy it. There were 2 other colors- pink and Hahahaha!

Although I was on off that day and didn’t need to work, I couldn’t make it on that day. The next day back to work, my colleague asked if I went down. I told her I didn’t but I will be going down that day to take a look since I’ve not seen the real thing and I might or might not like it. The night she called, I made up my mind to buy it already. Hahaha… and dear husband was supportive so double yay.

So, here it goes. There are 2 other colors I saw, one is baby pink and the other is beige. They have a bigger version but I felt that it was too big for my frame. This size suits me better. The baby pink is super sweet but too sweet for my liking. Besides, light colors tend to get dirty easily so nope, no light colors for me.





Happily waiting for my purchase!



Happy shopper. Always a thrill to walk out of a boutique with a huge bag. Haha!

When I posted the photo above on my instagram @sharonachia and Facebook, I have many messages sent to my Whatsapp, mostly curious on what I have bought.

So, here it is, an entire blog post!



Photo above shot by me. ūüėõ

For those who might not have an idea how to pair this, I have 4 outfit ideas for you, mixing designer brands and items from online boutiques.



SHORTS: KENZO (bought from @theclosetraider sale)











Photos above all shot by my husband @markjonathanlai









Love the details on the back of the top I’m wearing.


                  (THINNER): KAMS SG













Photos for the last 2 outfits shot by @Veljanelle. If you’re looking for photography options, Vel is the person to go to. Ever so friendly and willing to go to all lengths to make the shoot fun and of course great pictures. I have shot with a few photographers before and she’s the one person who makes me feel most at ease and trying out facial expressions which I always fail to do in any of my shoots before. Stay tuned as I have more pictures coming up in other blog posts where she helped to shoot.

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1. Unlimited number of photoshoot sessions, subject to photographer and model’s availability.

2. Each session lasts for approximate 20 minutes.

3. You can shoot anywhere you prefer or at Vel’s recommendation.

4. Fully edited photos (5-6 photos per outfit).

Personally, she has done fashion, couple and even my post wedding (gown) shoot for me. If you like, you can even request for maternity, family, high fashion photo shoots and she will be happy to discuss with you.

So, if you would like to have some really pretty photos for keepsake, get in touch with Vel at¬†Simply quote my name “Sharon” for this promotion, ending on 30th April 2015!

The Stolen Bralet

I thought this was eye-catching enough and makes you wonder what this is about. It’s something hilarious (at least in my opinion) and I shall treat this as a welcome back to blogging post.

3 cheers for myself!

Haha.. well, I’m back to blogging and I’m still vlogging too. And say what? I’ve got my own domain name! I’ve always wanted one but I didn’t go about setting it up. So last night, my husband helped me to set up some things and to help me get the domain and wala, is born. It’s really not easy when you’re working full time and having so many commitments, and yet you have to cater time to blog and vlog. I guess my passion is still there after so many years. Blogging is just like channeling your inner emotions into words. Perhaps at times (or should I say rarely) I might have an emo post, but really, this is about my life, the things I love to do, and also, I love to share with people on the good things I come across.

So here it is. I hope you will enjoy reading my blog, and I will do my very best to update as often as I can. I took this morning to get the template up and did I say I went for a jog too? It’s nice to be able to wake up early and not having to go to work, and accomplish so many things. As I’m typing this, my video for What to Do/ Where to Go in Brisbane is out. There will be part 2,3 and maybe even a 4 coming up so stay tuned. You can watch it here!

So, back to the topic- The Stolen Bralet. For those of you who might not know, my black top, is what we call a bralet.



Bralet: La Bella Vita

Skirt: Montrose Desires

Bag: Oroton

Unicorn: Depression

Double Tour Bracelet: Hermes

Necklace: Poh Heng

Watch: Tissot

That was the one time I wore it which was a few weeks back during the Chinese New Year period and I’ve not seen it again.

It is weird, because after washing, our clothes are left to dry in the backyard, which essentially shouldn’t be stolen/lost at all. Myself, my mother-in-law and my sis-in-law searched high and low for this piece lest sometimes our clothes get mixed up, but we couldn’t find it.

I kinda whine to my husband several times over the past few weeks, that it is so weird that my top is gone.

Guess what? Yesterday night I told my husband about it again. I tried to search for it in his wardrobe because I have an entire¬†wardrobe in another room and some times I do keep some clothes in his wardrobe. However, every time I keep the clothes in his wardrobe, I’ll remember what I put inside because I will only put 2-3 pieces.

He went to open the door of his wardrobe, pulled out a box, and he showed me my bralet. I was like…



I’ve been telling him for so many weeks and finally my husband is the one who’s been keeping it. Albeit he didn’t do it purposely, he said when he sees clothes that doesn’t belong to him, he will just put it in his wardrobe because he is lazy to go upstairs to return to his sister or his mum.

So there, we have got the answer. My husband, the one who sleeps beside me, is the one who stole my bralet.

Instead of being angry, I thought that it was really funny and we had a good laugh. But, I chided him for being so lazy, and I told him to just leave the clothes that don’t belong to him and pass it to me in the future.

There, problem solved. No arguments, just laugh about it, and yes, cheers to a happy marriage. The small things that can aggravate or break a relationship. Even more so when 2 parties live together. As long as we talk things out and accept each other, we are good for many many more years together.