Selfie Stick from (Sponsored Post)

Hello there, it’s been erm a while. I’ve been most active on my instagram and then of course, those who know me knows that I’ve started a Youtube channel, channel name is SharonAChia. I’m now documenting my life in videos so that in the future when I look back, it will be of moving moments instead of still images. Haa…

So anyway, today, I’m introducing the selfie stick, which well, in Singapore is hardly a new thing already but perhaps, if there are anyone out there who still doesn’t know what’s a selfie stick, you’re in for a treat.

Selfie sticks allows you to take really selfie photos with bigger background area or you can have more people squeezed into a picture.

When you’re alone and you want to have a good picture taken, it is exceptionally useful. Overall, it is definitely easy to use and when you keep it, it is about the size of A4 paper length, therefore if you have a bigger bag it will definitely fit.

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