Last Day of 2013!

It’s that time of the year again where people make resolutions and what not. I fail at every year’s resolution made so I’m not gonna do it again. Lol! Maybe I didn’t manage a few items but some I did it though.

Anyhow, I believe it’s time to give thanks too, and to remember the blessings which God has given.

It’s been a while but I’ve not felt such energy surging in my body and the excitement I’m feeling. I have a very good feeling about 2014! For me, there is gonna be 2 major changes in my life which I’m so looking forward to.

Next year, I’m gonna tie the knot with the man I love! It’s been an incredible 3 years journey with him, coupled with the ups and downs we face. The difference whenever we meet a downtime is that, he will ALWAYS talk it out, although sometimes it can be rather frustrating to wait for a good 30 seconds before he give a reply or answer, or he choose to keep quiet for a while. Then I always need to prompt him and ask him to reply me. That being said, I’ve always been someone who sweeps things under the doormat sort, refusing to speak up if I’m upset and probably wait till the volcano erupts, and that’s when it’s too late. My fiance has taught me not to do that, and seriously, I’ve became so vocal that sometimes I’m scared of myself. Hahaha…

So, I’ve finally found the man who completes my life, who makes me whole, and a better person to boot. As we embark on this new journey, which is both exciting and scary, but hey, what’s life without a little change right?

On another note, besides that one big thing, I’m making a career move as well. So that’s 2 big things happening in my life! Friends whom I’m close to will know where I’m moving to, and honestly I can’t wait! I’m looking forward to the new challenge yet one big thing I’m gonna miss is the flexible timing I have here! I can’t find it anywhere else!

As we step foot on the last day of 2013, I wanna give thanks for the things happening/ that has happened in my life. Well, this year my health hasn’t been all that great, although it’s already alot better now towards year end and I’m thankful for that. As such, I didn’t miss all the feasting, going to Christmas parties etc. But anyway, I hope my health will be even better in 2014! Besides that, of course settling down and making a career move are the 2 big things I’m thankful for. I also thank God for blessing my family with great health, my sister for finally buying a condo on her own (that’s very awesome, I think she’s a super woman). I thank God for letting me win the Bonia Inspiregram contest, where I got a pair of SQ tickets to Milan, so fiance had a chance to propose to me in an absolutely amazing Venice, one which I will never ever forget in my life. Other bigger wins this year like a Furla Cookie bag, a Y3 keychain, a Seiko watch, and smaller wins like vouchers and cash prizes! I’ve never one a lucky person honestly, but I guess it’s God’s blessings and the power of attraction! And quite possibly, my fiance 旺 me too! Lol! I’m not a contest junkie, I don’t join ALL the contests I see. Unless it’s something I’m interested in, and I weigh the chances of winning as well. Hehe… That’s one tip for you! But of course, you can go by the law of large numbers too. Just as everyone who actually buys some 4D or Toto for a little hope in their life…

And maybe, maybe, I might just get lucky too and win some Toto leh? Hehehe!

May all of you have a fantastic 2014, where in this New Year you forgive mistakes, forget sorrows, love truly and laugh endlessly! Make it rocking! Happy New Year my friends!!

San Remo to Geelong (Australia)

Working hard to put up more posts for you all! This is Day 3. The next day, from San Remo, we depart to Geelong. Before checking out our beautiful resort apartment, we had to take more pics! We are so in love with the apartment that all of us didn’t wanna leave!!!

My dad has this signature pose which he learnt from a trip long time ago when we went Taiwan. Lol!

Before we reach Geelong, we went to the Ashcombe maze. It was a morning of fun trying to get out of the maze. Lol!! I’m pretty sure my parents had fun too!

My dad’s signing on the guest book. Haha…

Ok let’s start!!

This is a candid shot, believe it or not. Haha… Only my mum is ready for the cam. I wonder what my sis and I were looking at?

Alright, timer set, say cheeze!

Along the way, we have gnomes to spot!

We completed the mazes available and it was time for lunch.

Two sets, to share again. Haha… Their portions are definitely humongous!

And we continued our journey on… and reached Sorrento. The area seems really nice, and a very well-to-do place. People here all look rich and chic.

It was super windy and cold. I had to pull my beret really low so it won’t fly away. Thankfully I have my warmth beside me all the time!!

I simply love the scenery. Why so pretty one.

And to shorten the time travel on the road, we took a ferry. A ferry which allows cars to go in. Yeah!

In the ferry… time for more pics. We wanted to take the ferry partially because we were hoping to spot whales or dolphins but they choose not to appear. 🙁

Semi art piece shot. Lol…

Oh even dearest also learn the pose now.

Very rocky. Need to hold on to something for balance.

And then we reached Geelong after about 50 minutes on the ferry.

Checked in to Mercure Geelong. Dearest looking so cute and happy!!! Usually he looks so cool and serious.

Ok, get aside please. I want to have a shot of the room. Our room with a view 🙂

And it’s dinner time. Chinese again.

Ok, this meal we didn’t order the fried banana or perhaps they didn’t have it. I can’t remember. Shall post up another entry soon (hopefully!).