Victoria’s Secret Pop Up Store

Many readers would have known when I started blogging way back in 2003, I’m in love with Victoria’s Secret. I’ve been really faithful ain’t I, because 10 years down the road I’m still loving Victoria’s Secret! It’s a pity a part of my life I became so busy I couldn’t upkeep my blog then and have to start all over again.

But thank you, for those who’ve been faithful and have waited for me to start my blog all over again. I love you all!!

So, I was naturally super thrilled to be able to go to the Victoria’s Secret Pop Up Store media event located outside of Wisma Atria, thanks to Reiee and the good people from Touch Comms.

At the pop up store, oh yes, the very lovely screen where you get to watch those sexy angels. Lol!

With my partner for the day.

I love all things pink and sexy, so that’s definitely the lure of VS. On top of that, they never fail to amaze me each year in December whenever they showcase their fashion show. That’s like a must watch.

At the same time, I have soooooooooooooo many VS things it’s uncountable! Ok, it’s countable actually but I think easily more than 20-30 items. From fragrance to mists, makeup, lingerie, makeup pouches, bags and even their clothes.

I’m in love with the passport cover!

They have iPads around where you can answer a few questions and you’ll know what angel you are. Me and BFF are Romantic Angels! So true of us!

Just last night when I was having dinner with Reiee, only then did I know she’s a Pisces like me! So, Pisces, this horoscope is a die-hard romantic. Hahahah! Apparently the questions they ask and the answer is quite accurate eh?

Bumped into sexy angel Asyiha!

At the pop up store, they have a photo booth as well so you can camwhore as much as you want!!! Having fun with the girls.

We were given this tag which smells oh so good! I love sweet fragrances and VS’s fragrances are all sweet. That’s the reason why I have so many of their perfumes!

Oh did I mention, we stepped into a huge present? Teehee!! That’s how the popup store look like, pic below from todayonline.

Ooooh… holding on to Noir Tease, one of the fragrance I have! I love that it’s like those ancient perfume where you have to press the huge bubble like thingy to release the fragrance.

My outfit of the day is from Montrose Desires. My current fave hair style is a hair donut!

Each attendee were given surprises from VS! Love, love, love all the items! They even ave us a massive size VS fragrance, Night, which is their newly launched perfume.

Victoria’s Secret pop up store is on from now till 24th November, right outside Wisma Atria. Be sure to grab your girlfriends and boyfriends there to check out their items great for Christmas gifts and boyfriends to get the hint from your girlfriend that she wants something from VS k! Hehehe!!!

Something irrelevant, I finally got a chance to buy Krispy Kreme! After 2 tries to check on the queue on both weekends which is crazy long, after the VS event, fiance and I dropped by Tangs and saw that the queue isn’t that long that day, so yes must buy! We bought 2 boxes, one original glazed and the other is assorted.

Sorry to say, but I honestly think it’s over-hyped. It’s not bad, but not something which I will constantly go and buy. Maybe once in a while. Just my humble opinion. 🙂


Ahh… sorry for the lack of updates on my blog. First thing first, my Instagram’s been hacked, which is really sad, so I’ve already restarted on a new account about a month ago. Find me @sharonxiee ok!!! I can login to my old account but I can’t update anything else because it’s somewhat security protected. I can’t like, comment, change anything on my profile. So technically speaking, it has become a useless account.

I’ve been really quite busy. Went to Italy for 2 weeks on 21 Oct to 5 November. It’s been one of the best trips I’ve made.

And ha, I just have to declare, I’m officially engaged!!!! My bf (ah hem fiance now) proposed to me while in Venice. I would love to describe more in details but I shall wait till I find the time to edit the pics and all to post it up.

The trip to Italy was like this. Rome 3 nights, Pisa 1 night, Florence 2 night, Venice 3 nights, Milan 4 nights. So, the pictures taken were like crazy many, so I really need time to filter. That being said, I’m still behind time for my Melbourne. Omg.

Prior to leaving for Italy, we had to launch a collection for Montrose Desires, so I was quite busy with that as well. I found some time to attend a couple of events too especially since it was the Fide Fashion week, I really can’t miss that right?

Now that I’m back, I’m busy with an upcoming flea event in-conjunction with ST Classifieds. It will be held in Zouk.

Montrose Desires will of course be there and there will be discounts on past-season items. Goodie bags will be given to those who pre-register for the event, so go and sign up now if you have not! Closing date is by 14 November! Here’s the link.

Hope to see you all there!

Meanwhile, I hope to come up with a solid entry. Not sure should I continue with my Melbourne first or start on my Italy. And I have so many fashion events I wanna blog about it too. I am also busy with wedding preparations and in the midst of looking for a banquet venue. *Stress* We have booked our bridal studio so one step’s cleared.

Bah. I need more than 24 hours a day. Teehee!  Tomorrow I have a media event for my favorite brand, Victoria’s Secret!!!! Can’t wait to meet up with Reiee.

Till then, see ya!