Cozycot x Olay White Radiance celLucent White Eye Roller

The other day when I received the email from Cozycot, I was pretty much excited because I was invited to try out a new product from Olay!

Here it is!

Introducing the all new Olay White Radiance celLucent White Eye Roller. I’m the privileged few who got the chance to try it out even before the product hits the market. *Blessed* This eye roller serves to brighten the eye area. I’m so in need of one because on and off I think I have dark eye circles. Moreover, I do have alot of skincare but the one thing I neglect on my face is actually my eye area. I don’t use anything at all!!!! So Olay, thanks for coming to the rescue!

This is the tip of the eye roller. Comes with 3 point to massage the eye area. Soothing!

I picked up this eye roller from Cozycot’s office and we had to shoot a short video. Thanks dearest for accompanying me so I can have some behind the scenes photos!

My first time stepping into Cozycot’s office. It’s so pretty. Check out the lovely pink and the Hollywood mirror. Glam!

Seen here with the host. She’s very pleasant and I feel totally at ease when talking to her.

Here, she’s showing me the product I’m about to try…

Videographer trying to take a close up of the product when the host applied the eye roller to test on my skin.

And thank you! It was done super fast!

Last shot.

So, I tried the eye roller for a few days already and here’s my review.

I like how the 3 points help in massaging the eye area, which is pretty soothing. The essence of the eye roller is almost fragrance free, which is great because I have ultra sensitive skin. So whenever I use a new product on my face I’m always checking to see the next day if I have any skin irritation. If there isn’t, the product is here to stay. So it seems Olay’s White Radiance celLucent White Eye Roller is going to be included in my daily facial care regime!

I’m still constantly using this and I hope my dark eye circles will fade. I don’t expect a product to work like a miracle but I’m sure with constant and religious usage, you can tell the difference sooner or later. 🙂

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Lastly, thank you Cozycot and Olay for the chance to try out this new product. Muacks!