Ettusais Aqua Splash UV x Cosmopolitan Opinionator

Hello all!! Today I’m gonna talk about the one product that does miracle to my oil filled face. And I mean it. Bearing in mind, I have ultra sensitive skin and there are a ton of products which are deem unsuitable for my skin.

Say hi to Ettusais Aqua Splash UV!

Ettusais Aqua Splash is a facial mist with UV protection. It makes touching up on sunscreen which is so so essential in Singapore’s context in a really convenient manner. Our unforgiving sun often does damages to our skin without us really knowing until it’s too late, therefore, slapping on sunscreen is a must before we head out, even on rainy days. Why? Coz our weather is so unpredictable that one moment it is rainy, the next is sunny hot again. Besides its multi-functional power-in mist formulation, it moisturizes the skin, keeping it soft and supple throughout the day.

I have got a chance to try this product out all thanks to Cosmopolitan Magazine Singapore. Muacks!

I was definitely thrilled to try this product because I have an oily T-zone and no mater what skincare I put, after a few hours my T-zone shines! So when Cosmopolitan contacted me to choose between a facial mist which can potentially rid the oil on my face versus a serum, I picked the former and I’m glad I did!

Pardon whatever I’m wearing. This is my home clothes and no falsies! Lol…

Verdict: 9/10!

It’s that good! You can read part of my review here on Cosmopolitan Magazine blog here, before they take it down that is or maybe they will archive it. But, I’m sharing with you all how I find this product.



As you can see from my Before pic, my T-zone is quite shiny. Usually I have to blot my face twice a day at least otherwsie my face shines like mad. I sprayed the mist (remember to spray it 10-15cm away from face so that there won’t be the white residue left on your face) and after around 15 minutes or so, I began to see the difference (see After pic).

I find that my face is less oily as compared to 15 minutes before and I really do like it that it is lightly scented and that it is such a convenient way for me to touch up on sunscreen. Blotting often takes away some skincare in the process so this facial mist definitely makes touching up sunscreen and maintaining whatever skincare I have on much easier!

Moreover, this facial mist not just combats sebum, but it also helps to keep me more awake on a sleep afternoon. I highly recommend this product to my family and friends!

You can get it at Ettusais counter for $35. Go get it now or, try your luck at winning one when you visit the Cosmo link I provided above and refer to their instructions. Good luck!

Ice Vault 18

It’s with great pleasure today that I’m helping my friend to advertise her new Taiwanese dessert shop!

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Founded on April 11 this year, Ice Vault 18 is a dessert store which provides the good taste of Taiwan’s authentic traditional ice dessert and bubble tea! Their mission is to present only the freshest, best tasting and having top notch quality desserts which Ice Vault 18 insists on, and saying NO to artificial colouring and preservatives!
The origins of how the name Ice Vault 18 came about is from an ancient Chinese history. During Qing dynasty, 18 exorbitant ice vaults were built with warrant from the emperor for storage of ice and consumption of ice was a privilege, only for the royal families and noble ranked officials issued with ice vouchers. 
So there, visit Ice Vault 18 and feel like a royalty. Bask in the super nice tasting desserts and melt the Singapore heat!
Haha, there’s a super baby in the house! We (Sec school mates) visited her shop!

All their ingredients are hand made! Therefore, it is extra tasty and more Q Q!

With so many choices to choose from, we were all taking our time to choose what we want! They also have a point card where you accumulate 1 point with every $3 spent. Accumulate 10 points to redeem a free dessert/drink pried at $3 or less. T&C as below.

These are what we ordered.
I ordered the Aiyu jelly. I was still having stomachache but was slightly better, so I requested to go without lemon too so that it’s less acidic. 
To be honest, I don’t usually go for Chinese desserts as I prefer the English cakes and ice-cream, but I have to say that this aiyu jelly is really nice! As I’m typing this entry in the hot afternoon, I can already feel the heat and I so wanna eat this again! 
The texture is just nice, super Q Q, and it’s really refreshing. 

Next up is Grass Jelly Number 2 with jade jelly and Jiufen taro & sweet potato balls. Verdict, the sweet potatoes are so Q and sweet, it’s ultra mouth watering! And the sweet potatoes freshly came out from the steamer oh!

This is Silky soycurd with honey golden pearls and honey pineapple. It was also smashing licking good.

This is grass jelly number 3 with honey red bean, honey sweet potato and jade jelly.

Bf ordered this drink. Blended fresh taro milk. He LOVES it!

 Last, Anqi had black sugar milk with grass jelly pudding. She too, loves it!

This is written not because the owner is my friend, but really because the food has got standard. That is also one reason why I don’t quite like to order Chinese desserts from say food court, because usually it doesn’t taste good.
Ice Vault 18 changes my opinion on Chinese desserts and I can’t to go back to try more! 

Yumy yummy! Bf trying out my dessert and also thinks it’s nice!

Lao Ban Niang smiling so happily!

That day was also a celebration of June & July babies birthdays, so we decided to go to Lao Ban Niang’s store to cut the cake just so that she can be with us to celebrate!

Max is a June baby and Anqi is a July baby. The real baby Jayden is joining in the fun because he is a baby!

Jayden looking intensively at the cake!

Our group pic at the boss’s store front!

We made the lady boss to give out the ang bao gift to the birthday babies from all of us.

Do visit Ice Vault 18 at:

476 Tampines Street 44 
Singapore 520476 

Daily opening hours: 10am- 10pm

Also, do like their Facebook page here for promotional updates!