Robe Raiders x Curated Edtions Featuring Carte Blanche X Pop Up Event!

I’m highly excited for this event that’s well, already happening! It’s today, 29 June from 11am to 4pm! Sorry, I couldn’t find the time to blog about it so if you have time, do drop by the event before they close!!! 
This time, Robe Raiders and Curated Editions are featuring my favorite Carte Blanche X! 
Well, in case you’re not aware, Robe Raiders are the ones who are in the quest for fabulous finds. They have got so many items under their belt at really affordable prices, ranging from Chanel, Gucci, Rag & Bone, Giuseppe Zannoti and more! Some items are pre-loved while some are brand new. Personally I have bought clothes from them before and I love it! 
Curated Editons have always been one of Robe Raiders partners, therefore they will be there as well. They have super edgy accessories so do check them out too! 
Also, Prep will be there too! They are the first in Singapore to have a blowout salon in Mandarin Gallery. While shopping, you can also gtet your hair prepped and done! 
Last but not least, the event is held at the much talked about Bacchanalia Restaurant. Location is at 23A Coleman Street.
I’m sorry I only have 10 minutes to write this entry so it’s really short, I will update again when I’m back. Rushing to go to the pop up store now!!!
So be there or be square! See ya!

Zardozë Audi Fashion Festival

Audi Fashion Festival is always the talk of the town. I simply love going to the Audi Fashion Festival. It boasts of glamour and I love fashion shows as you all know by now. I have been going to at least one of the shows in previous years.

This year I attended 2 shows. One of which is Zardozë. Invites were from Silver Ang and sent by Estelle. So thank you both and Zardozë of course for having me!!

Got this in my mail box. Happy! 

Audi Fashion Festival 2013 was held at the Tent at Promenade, away from the past years venue which was at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza. We had the joy of looking at really pretty scenic views before and after the show!

Check out the Singapore flyer and the beautiful sky! Captured this before we go into the Tent.

Zardozë’s show was a night of glitzy glamour. A-list local celebrities were spotted, with some of Singapore’s top bloggers as well. Zardozë is a home grown fashion label and they were unveiling their Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection. It was their very first time to participate in the region’s premier fashion event and I was really looking forward to see their showcase.

Most photos are from Zardozë’s Facebook page and

Let’s check out some back stage photos first as we slowly unveil the night.

Models getting ready for the show!

And here we are in the Tent.

Our photo on

Front row celebrities include Fann Wong, Rui En, Linda Black, Oli Pettigrew, and Zhang Yaodong who was seen with DJ Nicole Chen. 

Dick Lee chairs the Audi Fashion Festival. He can wear color contrasts so well!

Nicole Chen & Zhang Yaodong.

Fann Wong is seen here with Raveena Lal, co-founder of Zardozë.

While at the waiting area before the show began, Rui En was just standing in front of me for the longest time. I had eye feasting! She looks really gorgeous in the bespoke Zardozë Panthea gown.

Alan Wong & Oli Pettigrew.

Linda Black and Oli! They make a gorgeous pair!

The show finally started with an upbeat tune of Macklemore’s Can’t Hold us. As models strut in Zardozë’s Autumn/Winter 2013 ready-to-wear line, with lots of snakeskin and leather, I can;t help but fall in love with some of the designs. 

Check out the video from Razortv for the first part of the show!

Next was the highlight of the night. We have one of Singapore’s top model, Charmaine Harn to open the couture Panthea Collection.

Zardozë has a flair for making the show so dramatic, enchanting and hauntingly beautiful. They chose the best song ever. Ok, because it’s my favorite tune for now. Lana Del Rey’s Young and Beautiful. 

You can watch the 2nd part which RazorTV has here. Sorry I had some issues with the embedding so I’m linking it instead. Otherwise, you can watch the youtube version here from glitzchannel.

As if their ready-to-wear isn’t mouth-watering enough, their Panthea Collection is to die for! From the intricate embelishments to the flowy chiffon-like dresses, with the glamourous shades of red, black and gold, all the pieces are really beyond beautiful! Some can even be worn as a bride’s evening dress!

Last but not least, the dress which is the price of a HDB in Singapore which costs $500,000, on Indian Celebrity Nethra Guha née Raghuraman. The dress was handmade in an atelier in Paris. The finest lace fabric is from a haute couture fabric shop Janssens & Janssens. Not just the fine fabric used, the dress is also adorned with 130 carats worth of diamonds. Of course, therefore the price tag!

You can have a look at how the dress was made. Lots of details, time and patience was put into the making of this dress.

Raveena Lal & Creative Director John Paul Rangel.

With the rest of the team. 

Some other celebrities were spotted as well. May with her cute daughter!

Jade Seah

 Fann Wong again, being interviewed.

Bloggers we have:

Dawn Yang. She walked right in front of me. I had a good look at her dress. It’s really pretty. She’s wearing a Zardozë Panthea 2012 dress. 

The F Word girls, Audrey & Jem, Renee of Beautyfool.

Here’s Agri.

Extreme left: Silver Ang. Extreme right: Miranda, had a hi-bye moment with her.