Mum Will Say Yes To This Shopping Indulgence

I thought I needed a more intriguing title as opposed to the normal ones I usually put coz, well, just to intrigue you!


Cut the crap, I just wanna introduce Jewel of the Orient Part II Collection which is launching tomorrow (31 Jan) at 8pm!

I’m super in love with part 2’s collection especially the crochet top!

Shop at:

I’m sorry I’ve not been blogging lately because I’m really overwhelmed with things going on. I promise to blog real soon, maybe even tomorrow if I can, on the happenings around.

Till then.


Indulge the Shopaholic In You!

Jewel of the Orient Collection Launched + Revamped site of!

Took us a couple of months to have the website ready. It really wasn’t that easy to come up with something new and repackaging the whole site. We are still in the midst of slowly putting up the older products and yay, you’re all gonna be in a treat coz the prices are gonna be SALE PRICE!

Everybody loves a sale right?

Hop on to right now and shop away!!!!!

There are some things that’s happening that didn’t quite make a great start to this new year. In fact, so many changes and it’s taking a toll on me. My stress level is at all time high (I believe) and the things I want to happen are ALL NOT HAPPENING.

I’m trying to think positively, but sometimes it’s really, really hard. But I’m glad to have someone to support me when I’m down and talking to me to let me see the light of things.

Thank you dear for being there for me whenever I need you.

Add oil please Sharon.