Carte Blanche X

Recently, I bought a pair of earrings from Carte Blanche X. If you don’t know already, Carte Blanche X is by Arissa Cheo and her partner. And if you don’t know who is Arissa Cheo, I don’t know where you’ve been. :X

Arissa Cheo is a Singaporean heiress and apparently, her boyfriend is Vanness Wu from F4. I love her sense of style to bits! Plus, it helps that she is s.u.p.e.r. gorgeous.

On top of that, I guess I like her even more as she always line her eyes. Since after my poly days, I’ve been using eyeliner almost daily so long I’m out.

The rich family.

So anyway, I ordered my earrings and it came 2 days later via registered mail. Registered mail is included in the price I paid for.

Woo! <3 the packaging!

Pretty??? This is called Razors Edge Earrings. It’s out of stock already.

It’s unique, and the quality is good. That’s the price too. S$156.

I like a number of their items but the price is kinda steep to be always shopping there. Besides, I have been splurging lately. Gotta cut down or else my pocket’s gonna burn. They have a couple of apparels too, but mainly accessories.

Do checkout Arissa Cheo’s online store Carte Blanche X ^_^

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Massive XOXO and have an awesome Sunday! Rest well after all the crazy Halloween parties!

Salon Runway @ Millenia Walk Singapore

Hair woes! That’s what I have, sad to say. I wish for hair that has more volume and no more dry hair!!! Silky silky please!

I’m sure more than 70% of us would have done some form of chemical stuffs on our hair, be it straightening, rebonding or colouring. I’m a victim of all. Hah. And that explains my super dry hair.

Furthermore, I have sensitive scalp and fine limp hair. No thanks to my genes that I do not have a luscious head of hair either. You might not be able to tell from pictures and you have absolutely no idea how much hair spray I need to spray onto my hair before I head out. Imagine my envy whenever I see hair that looks like this:

Cheryl Cole looking so pretty!

One of the hottest singer/model right now, Lana Del Rey.

And of course, my current favourite actress Sonia Sui.

Lol… those deceiving ads with shiny locks. But in reality, if we do have somebody who can help us blowdry   and style our hair, we can actually achieve hair like these right?

Er no…. because it is still highly damaging to be blow drying your hair everyday. So, we need treatments to help our distressed scalp to keep it healthy!

I’m so happy and honoured to be given the chance to try out the Shu Uemura Cleansing Revival Treatment at Salon Runway at Millenia Walk! Special thanks to Salon Runway!!!

As we know, Millenia Walk is more of a chi-chi atas place so I was pretty excited to go to Salon Runway. Just as I thought….

Already the outlook of the salon looks so pretty.

I was immediately greeted by Linda the lady boss who looks gorgeous (sorry no pics of her :X), a number of hair stylists and their assistants before I was ushered in to a private room.

Yes you heard me. A private room. Atas not?

Before heading in to the room, this is the common area.

Very nice! I love the simplicity and wood-like decoration.

Here’s the private room named Studio Room. The room is built specially for the Shu Uemura treatment. There’s only 2 seats in there and 1 hair wash basin.

There’s even a coat hanger in the room. What?

Sorry, this pic was taken while the room is kinda dim, I had to brighten and change the exposure. 
The treatment I had is pretty much like a spa sorta treatment. They dimmed the lights, played soft music and I recognised 2 songs, The Look of Love and also Late Night Alumni’s-Beautiful. The experience was far above amazing. 
A leading hair stylist, Joshua came in to the room after his assistant Jaslyn was with me for a short while. Jaslyn asked me what drinks I wanted and I only chose water because water is the best thirst quencher and I was really thirsty at that time. Just so you know, to make you feel like a VIP, they have a whole list of drinks for you to choose from a menu. 
Jaslyn did the massaging, putting of the hair treatment essences and washing of my hair while Joshua explained each and every single step to me. 
The service is impeccable! This hair treatment is done in such a way that it is really spa-like and highly relaxing. I almost fell asleep while Jaslyn was massaging my head. Lol!

And, I guess it’s a plus when you have a very, very stylish hair stylist doing your hair. Haha… Have you seen a hair stylist who wears a trendy blazer while at work? I have not. Joshua is the first. But then again, I hardly have any male hair stylists and most of the time I don’t take note of them, which could also mean they wasn’t that eye-catching to me. The thing is, I prefer to look at pretty girls than guys. Don’t get me wrong, I’m perfectly straight ok? I’m quite sure I’m not the only lady who likes to look at people of the same gender. Erm sorry digressing. Heh.

I’m too shy to ask Joshua if I can take a photo of him, but I found this from their Facebook page.

This is Joshua and the photo was for Salon Runway & Karl Lagerfeld for Shu Uemura Holiday Collection. 
You can tell he is a stylish man.
So anyway, I got my drink and magazines and I took a photo of Jaslyn while she was doing the treatment for me. She’s a very nice girl and only 19!  
And tadah! This is the final look. Hehe, a bunny girl to cover the unslightly. :p

My wavy hair look was entirely done using a hair dryer while Joshua was blow drying my hair. No tongs, no curlers!
Some of Shu Uemura’s products.

I decided to get this shampoo because I have oily scalp and the one I’m using currently does the trick but it dries my hair ends real bad. Shu Uemura purifying shampoo boasts the fact that it can help oil control and not make your hair dry! So amazing! 
And hey, it’s a Cosmo Beauty Award winner k. This is not sponsored. I paid $69.55 for this 400ml shampoo.
Although Salon Runway is situated at Millenia Walk, and while I was talking to Jaslyn, she told me alot of Tai Tais like to come to the salon like thrice a week just to wash and blowdry their hair, the price range is actually not that pricey.
Checkout the price list!

Looking forward to try out my new shampoo!

Thank you Joshua for doing my hair so prettily and taking the effort to explain the products used and Jaslyn for the superb massage skills! Also, thanks Linda for being so nice & pleasant!

Do try out Salon Runway’s services and ‘like their Facebook page! You can visit them at

9 Raffles Boulevard, 
Millenia Walk
Singapore 039596

and give them a call to fix an appointment at

Tel: 6837 8178